Best Ka Gaming Casinos Australia 2024

Ka Gaming Pokies
KA Gaming is a Taiwanese gambling company that provides land-based and online casino software. Today, the supplier's products include about 270 gambling games, of which just over 200 are pokies.

Provider games are in high demand. The provider's products are mainly focused on Australia - most local casinos offer visitors games from this developer.

We have done a full KA Gaming review. In the article, you will learn about all the advantages and disadvantages of the provider, popular pokies for 2023, game features, etc.

All KA Gaming Games are Available in Demo Mode.

  • Number titles currently on the market: over 400 titles - (385 pokies / 29 Fish-Shooting games / 8 Other-special games)
  • Online machines are constructed with facile or reasonably complex gameplay and rules.
  • Products are offered on a playing field with varying layouts and all types of win ways: 1, 5, 25, 30, 50, 60, 243, 1024, or 4096.
  • Pokies come with assorted volatility (Low/Medium/High) and RTP between 95.8-96.7%, captivating features and a great many bonuses.
  • Dual pokies rendition: The Studio delivers games 1) with attractive math models, and 2) capable to generate huge incomes for the players.
  • Themes and design: Although the company is mainly focused on the Asian market its portfolio represents a colourful, yet a balanced mixture of different cultural motifs, as well as a patchwork of classic and modern pokie attributes, with well-known or innovative traits.
(Play in the demo)
7 heroines slot logo
7 Heroines  96%  average  
777 vegas slot logo
777 Vegas  96.06% average
88 riches slot logo
88 Riches  95%  high
a girls best friend slot logo
A Girl's Best Friend  95.95%  average
a thirsty crow slot logo
A Thirsty Crow  96% low
africa run slot logo
Africa Run  95.99% average
age of vikings slot logo
Age of Vikings  95.98%  average
aladdin slot logo
Aladdin  95.89% average
alexander the great slot logo
Alexander the Great  96% average
american burger slot logo
American Burger 96.12% low to average
angry piggies slot logo
Angry Piggies 95.80% average
archer robin hood slot logo
Archer Robin Hood 95% average to high
arctic storm slot logo
Arctic Storm 95.45% average
ares god of war slot logo
Ares God of War 96.02% average
artificial intelligence slot logo
Artificial Intelligence 96.02% average
artist studio slot logo
Artist Studio  96% average
atlantide slot logo
Atlantide 96% average
aurora slot logo
Aurora  96.01% average
ba wang bie ji slot logo
Ba Wang Bie Ji  95.96% high
bakery sweetness slot logo
Bakery Sweetness  95.77% average
baseball fever slot logo
Baseball Fever  95.99%  average
big apple slot logo
Big Apple  95.99%  average
black rider slot logo
Black Rider  95.99%  average
blocky block slot logo
Blocky Block 96%  low to average
blocky block 2 slot logo
Blocky Block 2  96%  average
bollywood romance slot logo
Bollywood Romance 96% low to average
bombing fruit slot logo
Bombing Fruit  96%  average
bonus mania slot logo
Bonus Mania  96%  average
bonus mania deluxe slot logo
Bonus Mania Deluxe  96%  average to high
bonus vending slot logo
Bonus Vending 95.95% low to average
book of mummy slot logo
Book of Mummy  96.1%  average
boxing roo slot logo
Boxing Roo  96%  average
boy toys slot logo
Boy Toys  96.02%  average
bubble double slot logo
Bubble Double  95%  average to high
bull stampede slot logo
Bull Stampede  96%  low
bumble bee slot logo
Bumble Bee  96.03%  average to high
butterfly lovers slot logo
Butterfly Lovers 96.1%  low to average
cai yuan guang jin slot logo
Cai Yuan Guang Jin 95.9%   average
calabash boys slot logo
Calabash Boys 96% average
california gold rush slot logo
California Gold Rush  96.06%  average
can can slot logo
Can Can  96.15%  average
candy mania slot logo
Candy Mania  96% average to high
candy storm slot logo
Candy Storm  96.01%  average
captain pirate slot logo
Captain Pirate  95.99%  average
catch the thief slot logo
Catch The Thief  96% low to average
charlottes web slot logo
Charlotte's Web  96%  low
charming sorceress slot logo
Charming Sorceress  96%  average
chi you slot logo
Chi You  96%  low
chinese ancient tomb slot logo
Chinese Ancient Tomb  96.2%  average
chinese opera slot logo
Chinese Opera  96.04%  high
chinese valentines day slot logo
Chinese Valentine's Day  96% low to average
christmas candy slot logo
Christmas Candy  95%  low
cocorico slot logo
Cocorico  96.01%  average
come on rhythm slot logo
Come On Rhythm  95%  average
cowboys slot logo
Cowboys  96.02%  low
crazy circus slot logo
Crazy Circus  96.24%  average to high
cu ju slot logo
Cu Ju  96%  average
cupid and psyche slot logo
Cupid and Psyche  96.08%  average to high
da guan yuan slot logo
Da Guan Yuan 96.19% low
da vinci slot logo
Da Vinci  96% average 
daji slot logo
Daji  96.1%  average
dark fortress slot logo
Dark Fortress  96%  average
deep sea adventure slot logo
Deep Sea Adventure  96.03%  average
dia de muertos slot logo
Dia De Muertos  96.03%  average
diamond power slot logo
Diamond Power  96%  average to high
dim sum slot logo
Dim Sum  96.01%  average
don quixote slot logo
Don Quixote  96%  average
double fortune slot logo
Double Fortune  96.02%  average
dr geek slot logo
Dr. Geek  96.15%  average to high
dracula slot logo
Dracula  96%  average
dragon boat slot logo
Dragon Boat  95%  average
dragon gate slot logo
Dragon Gate  96.05%  average
dragons way slot logo
Dragon's Way  96.4%  high
dreamcatcher slot logo
Dreamcatcher  96.05% average 
earth god slot logo
Earth God  96.45%  high
easter egg party slot logo
Easter Egg Party 96% low to average
egyptian empress slot logo
Egyptian Empress  96.1%  high
egyptian mythology slot logo
Egyptian Mythology  95.99%  low to average
eight treasures slot logo
Eight Treasures 96.75% average
emoji slot logo
Emoji  96.1%  average
emperor qin slot logo
Emperor Qin 96.14% average
enchanted slot logo
Enchanted  96.11%  low to average
erlang shen slot logo
Erlang Shen  95.97%  average to high
fairy dust slot logo
Fairy Dust  96.03%  average
fairy forest tale slot logo
Fairy Forest Tale  96%  average
fantasy 777 slot logo
Fantasy 777  96.06%  average
fantasy park slot logo
Fantasy Park  96.02%  high
farm mania slot logo
 Farm Mania  96.02%  average
fast blast slot logo
Fast Blast 95.99%  low to average
fastbreak slot logo
Fastbreak  96% average 
fire dragons slot logo
Fire Dragons 96.15%   average
fire hit slot logo
Fire Hit  96.11% low to average
flaming 7 s slot logo
Flaming 7's 96.08%  low to average
flower goddess festival slot logo
Flower Goddess Festival  95.55% low to average
fluffy buddy slot logo
Fluffy Buddy 96.02%  average
fortune beauty megaways slot logo
Fortune Beauty MegaWays 95.77% high
formosan birds slot logo
Formosan Birds  96.02% average
fortune fu slot logo
Fortune Fu  96.10% low to average
fortune ganesha slot logo
Fortune Ganesha  95.99% average
fortune god slot logo
Fortune God  96.10% low to average
fortune lions slot logo
Fortune Lions  95.24% average
fortune piggy bank slot logo
Fortune Piggy Bank  95.99% average
four beauties slot logo
Four Beauties  96.1% low to average
frankenstein slot logo
Frankenstein  95.55% average to high
fruit party slot logo
Fruit Party 95.84%  low to average
fu lu shou slot logo
Fu Lu Shou 96% average
genghis khan slot logo
Genghis Khan  95.99% low
ghostbuster slot logo
Ghostbuster  96.24% average
giants slot logo
Giants  96.01% low
glacial epoch slot logo
Glacial Epoch  95.99% low
glass slipper slot logo
Glass Slipper  96.05% low to average
go go monsters slot logo
Go Go Monsters 96.44% average
god of love slot logo
God of Love  96% average
gold magic slot logo
Gold Magic  96.22% low
golden ball slot logo
Golden Ball  96.37% average
golden bull slot logo
Golden Bull  96.01% average
golden fish slot logo
Golden Fish  96.22% average
golden shanghai slot logo
Golden Shanghai  96.01% low
happy indian chef slot logo
Happy Indian Chef 96% average
happy thanksgiving slot logo
Happy Thanksgiving 95.55% average to high
hat seller slot logo
Hat Seller 95.55%  low
heng and ha slot logo
Heng and Ha  96.24% average to high
holy beast slot logo
Holy Beast  95.99% average to high
honey money slot logo
Honey Money  96% low
hong kong 60s slot logo
Hong Kong 60s 96% low to average
horoscope slot logo
Horoscope 96% average
hou yi slot logo
Hou Yi 96.44%  low
hu hu fighting slot logo
Hu Hu Fighting  95.99% low to average
hu yeh slot logo
Hu Yeh  96% low 
hua mulan slot logo
Hua Mulan  96.12% average
imperial girls slot logo
Imperial Girls  96% average to high
jade power slot logo
Jade Power 96% low
japanese 7 heroes slot logo
Japanese 7 Heroes  96% average
jellymania slot logo
Jellymania 96%  average 
jingwei slot logo
Jingwei  96.14% average to high
joker fruit slot logo
Joker Fruit  96.75% average
joker slot logo
Joker pokie 95%  average
journey to the west slot logo
Journey to the West 95.58%  average
jungle slot logo
Jungle 95.84%  low to average
king of dragon slot logo
King of Dragon  96% low
kitty living slot logo
Kitty Living 96%  low
kungfu kaga slot logo
KungFu Kaga 95.88%  average
kungfu kash slot logo
KungFu Kash  95.89% high
lantern festival slot logo
Lantern Festival  96.10% low to average
last fantasy slot logo
Last Fantasy  96% average
legend of dragons slot logo
Legend of Dragons 96.05%  average
legend of fox spirit slot logo
Legend of Fox Spirit 96.01%  average
legend of paladin slot logo
Legend of Paladin  96% low
legend of the white snake slot logo
Legend of the White Snake 96.10%  low to average
leprechauns slot logo
Leprechauns 96.01%  average
lion dance slot logo
Lion Dance  95.89% low to average
lion king and eagle king slot logo
Lion King and Eagle King 96.10% average
live streaming star slot logo
Live Streaming Star 96% low
lost realm slot logo
Lost Realm  96.01% high
lounge club slot logo
Lounge Club  96% average
love in memory slot logo
Love in Memory 96.10% average
luck88 slot logo
Luck88  96% average
lucky casino slot logo
Lucky Casino  96% low
lucky cat slot logo
Lucky Cat  96.45% average
lucky lucky slot logo
Lucky Lucky 95.98%  low to average
lucky penguins slot logo
Lucky Penguins  95.99% average
luxury garage slot logo
Luxury Garage  96% high
magic apprentice slot logo
Magic Apprentice  96.77% average
magical store slot logo
Magical Store 96.12%  low
mahjong master slot logo
Mahjong Master  96% average
masquerade slot logo
Masquerade 96%  low to average
mayan gold slot logo
Mayan Gold 96.04%  average
mazu slot logo
Mazu 96%  low
medal winner megaways slot logo
Medal Winner Megaways 95.89%  high
medieval knights slot logo
Medieval Knights  96.04% average
medusa slot logo
Medusa 96% low
meerkats family slot logo
Meerkats' Family 96%  average
meowfia slot logo
Meowfia  96% low to average
mermaid seas slot logo
Mermaid Seas  96.03% average
mexicaliente slot logo
Mexicaliente  96% average to high
milk girl slot logo
Milk Girl  96.01% average to high
millennium love slot logo
Millennium Love 96.10%  low to average
millionaires slot logo
Millionaires  96.04% average
ming imperial guards slot logo
Ming Imperial Guards 96.02%  average
mirror house slot logo
Mirror House 96.20% low
miss tiger slot logo
Miss Tiger  96% low
modern 7 wonders slot logo
Modern 7 Wonders  96% high
monkey and crab slot logo
Monkey and Crab  96.45% average
monkey maniac slot logo
Monkey Maniac 96% average
monster parade slot logo
Monster Parade  96.01% high
moon goddess slot logo
Moon Goddess 95.89%  low
muay thai slot logo
Muay Thai  96.35% average
muscle cars slot logo
Muscle Cars  96.40% low
musketeers slot logo
Musketeers 96.15%  average
mysterious pyramid slot logo
Mysterious Pyramid 96.05%  average
mystery alchemy slot logo
Mystery Alchemy  96% high
mythic slot logo
Mythic 96%  average
mythological creatures slot logo
Mythological Creatures  96% high
neanderthals slot logo
Neanderthals  95.43% average
nezha slot logo
Nezha  96.01% average
nian slot logo
Nian  96.10% low
nine lucks slot logo
Nine Lucks  96% low
ninja slot logo
Ninja  95.55% average
nvwa slot logo
Nvwa 96%  high
origin of fire slot logo
Origin Of Fire 96%  average
owl in forest slot logo
Owl In Forest 96.25% low to average
panda family slot logo
Panda Family  95.55% low  to average
pandoras box slot logo
Pandora's Box 96%  average
party girl ways slot logo
Party Girl Ways  96.10% low to average
persia bonanza megaways slot logo
Persia Bonanza Megaways 95.77%  average
peter pan slot logo
Peter Pan  95.89% high
pets slot logo
Pets  96.10% low to average
phoenix rising slot logo
Phoenix Rising  96.25% average
pied piper slot logo
Pied Piper 96.10% low
pinata slot logo
Pinata  95.55%  low to average
pinocchio slot logo
Pinocchio 96.48%  low to average
pirate king slot logo
Pirate King 96.15%  average
po chi lam slot logo
Po Chi Lam 95.55% low to average
polaroid slot logo
Polaroid 96%   average
polynesian slot logo
Polynesian 96% average
poseidons treasure slot logo
Poseidon's Treasure  96.01% average
primeval rainforest slot logo
Primeval Rainforest 96.03%  low to average
princess wencheng slot logo
Princess Wencheng  95.99% average
pumpkin win slot logo
Pumpkin Win 96.45%  low to average
quadruple dragons slot logo
Quadruple Dragons  96% average
quick play candy slot logo
Quick Play Candy 96.05%  low
quick play jewels slot logo
Quick Play Jewels 96.05%  low
quick play mahjong slot logo
Quick Play Mahjong  96.30% high
rarities slot logo
Rarities 96.09%  average
  Red Boy 96%  low to average
red cliff slot logo
Red Cliff  95.55% average
red riding hood slot logo
Red Riding Hood 96.01%  high
rich squire slot logo
Rich Squire  96.40% average
robots slot logo
Robots 96.15%  average
rouran khaganate slot logo
Rouran Khaganate  96% low
route 66 slot logo
Route 66  95.91% average
royal demeanor slot logo
Royal Demeanor 96%  low
safari slot logo
Safari  96.10% average
sailor man slot logo
Sailor Man  96.20% average
samurai way slot logo
Samurai Way 95.98%  average
santa bumble bee hold and win slot logo
Santa Bumble Bee Hold & Win  96.10% average to high
sante slot logo
Sante 96%  average to high
Sea Story 96.02%  low to average
secret of ocean slot logo
Secret of Ocean  95.80% average
shadow play slot logo
Shadow Play  96% low
shopping fiend slot logo
Shopping Fiend  96.15% average
siberian wolves slot logo
Siberian Wolves 96.45%  low to average
silk road slot logo
Silk Road  95% average
sky force slot logo
Sky Force 96%  low
sky journey slot logo
Sky Journey 96.10%  low
snow leopards slot logo
Snow Leopards 96%  average
snow queen slot logo
Snow Queen  96% low
snow white slot logo
Snow White  96% average
sns friends slot logo
SNS Friends 95.94%  average
soldiers slot logo
Soldiers 96%  low
space storm slot logo
Space Storm  96.01% average
speakeasy slot logo
Speakeasy  96.01%  average to high
spinning in space slot logo
Spinning In Space  95.43% average
spring blossom slot logo
Spring Blossom  96% average to high 
stocked bar slot logo
Stocked Bar 96.03%  average
stonehenge slot logo
Stonehenge  95.99% average
street racing slot logo
Street Racing  96.25% low
sunny bikini slot logo
Sunny Bikini  96% low to average
super bonus mania slot logo
Super Bonus Mania  96%  average to high
super slime slot logo
Super Slime  96% average 
supershot slot logo
SuperShot  96.04% average
supershot 2 slot logo
SuperShot 2  95.80% average to high 
sushi ninja slot logo
Sushi Ninja  95.55% average to high
sweet maid slot logo
Sweet Maid  95.55% average to high
sweetopia slot logo
Sweetopia  95.99% average to high
tai chi slot logo
Tai Chi 96.1%  low to average
taiwan black bear slot logo
Taiwan Black Bear  96% average to high
the apes slot logo
The Apes 96.01%  average
the door gods slot logo
The Door Gods 96.15%   average to high  
wild vick slot logo
Wild Vick 96%  average

You can try some of the others KaGaming games in the table below:

(Play in the demo)
Animal Fishing  -  -
Baccarat  98.96%  -
Cai Shen Dao 96.01% low
Fishing Expedition  - -
Fruit Mountain  96.01% low

Why You Should Play at KA Gaming Casinos

All games supplied by this company are developed using HTML5 technology. Therefore, the products work well on desktops, browsers, and mobile devices. KAGaming also supplies its products to land-based casinos.

Here are the main characteristics of the products of this developer:

  • the technology used is HTML5;
  • types of games - board games, pokies, Fish/Shooting;
  • license - yes;
  • graphics quality is high;
  • demo version - yes;
  • mobile platforms - supported;
  • browser is supported.

Games from Ka Gaming have the following features:

  • Wilds are special symbols on the reels of pokies that give the punter additional winnings.
  • Scatters are symbols that allow the punter to trigger a bonus round or from 1 to 10 free spins.
  • Multipliers are a special feature that increases winnings.

Developer Benefits

Here are the main advantages of this supplier:

  • Great variety of games. The total number is 270, of which approximately 200 are represented by pokies.
  • All pokies have high-quality graphics.
  • Games are developed on HTML5 technology, loading quickly on mobile and desktop devices.
  • The average RTP is around 96%. This is slightly lower than other developers, but the difference is not critical.
  • Users can bet in various currencies, including Australian dollars and cryptocurrencies.

There are also disadvantages. For example, KA Gaming does not provide Live Dealer Games.

What Bonuses and Promotions Does KAGaming Offer?

The provider does not have a bonus program. But it is in a casino that offers games from this provider. The bonus can be anything: deposit increase, free spins, or cashback - it depends on the gambling site. Therefore, we suggest you read our reviews of popular Australian casinos. In them, we always pay attention to the bonus system.

In addition, games have many thematic designs related to various holidays. Therefore, most casinos use the pokies of this developer on certain holidays. For example, they offer free spins that can be spent on specific  games.

Mobile Device Compatibility

KA Gaming has optimized its products for all mobile operating systems, particularly Android and iOS. Also, this developer's games work perfectly in browsers (including mobile ones) and desktop casino programs. This compatibility was achieved through the use of HTML5 technology.

What Types of Games Does KA Gaming Offer

The developer's assortment includes about 270 gambling games. Of these, approximately 200 are pokies. The company also offers traditional table games, arcade games (for example, Fish games), and video poker. Only live dealer games are missing.

All games have a random number generator. The honesty and transparency of the work of pokies are confirmed by the seal of a reputable test company - Gaming Labs International.


The pokies of this developer have many themes, for example, Ancient Egypt, the Wild World, etc. But most pokies are still designed with Asian themes. Users often see symbols depicting Chinese dragons, deities, temples, and other attributes of Asian culture.

Today, pokies from this provider are offered by many casinos. To play some KA Gaming Slots, you can filter the games by the developer's name on the gambling site.

The company's assortment includes pokies with 3 and 5-reels and with a large number of pay lines.

Fish/Shooting Games

One of the reasons why KAGaming products have become popular with many users is that the provider has started offering the much-loved Fish/Shooting games. The most popular games in this category are King Octopus, Golden Dragon and KA Fish Hunter. These games open the amazing underwater world to the user. The punter here appears as a hunter. Register at a suitable casino and test Fish/Shooting Games in a demo version.

Board Games

There is only Baccarat in this category. The game is very popular among users of both land-based and online casinos.

The supplier also developed the Super Video Poker game. But it is a variation of the classic Jacks or Better.

Main Types of Online Pokies

Pokies from KA Gaming differ from each other by the volatility of the design theme. Let's take a look at the most popular categories.

High RTP Pokies

Most pokies have an RTP of 96%. However, some pokies have a higher rate. Wu Song is the one to consider if you are looking for a KA Gaming Pokie with a high win percentage. This figure in this game is 96.27%. However, remember that a high RTP does not mean that you will immediately start getting big winnings. There are also losses, so we recommend paying more attention to your bet management strategy.

Here are the five Best Paying Games:

  • Wu Song (96.27%),
  • Pirate King (96.15%)
  • Zombie Land (96.11%),
  • The Origin Of Fire (96.1%),
  • Daji (96.1%).

Pokies With Wild Symbols

This feature of pokies allows you to get some additional winnings. Most pokies in the Ka Gaming range offer users combinations with wild symbols. For example, these are the games Magic Apprentice, Legend of Paladin and others.

Pokies With Scatter Symbol

Regardless of the pay line, these symbols give you some reward (most often free spins or the ability to start a bonus game). The feature is available in almost all pokies.

The Best Pokies From KAGaming

When compiling this Best KA Gaming Slots rating, we took into account not only the RTP but also other parameters: convenience, minimum and maximum bet sizes, volatility, number of reels and pay lines, as well as user reviews.

The Best  Games in 2023

Here is our ranking:

  • Luck88 is a relatively young pokie that was developed in 2020. Today, this game is found in the range of most Australian casinos. It has 5 reels and 243 pay lines. The pokie is made on the theme of ancient Chinese culture. The image of a dragon is used as a wild symbol. Other symbols are turtle, toad, lucky coin, and lion.
  • Golden Ball is a game released in 2019. This is a classic pokie with 5 reels and 243 pay lines. The pokie is designed with a sports theme. There are multipliers, wild symbols, scatters, and free spins. The game does not provide a jackpot, and no bonus rounds exist. The betting range is from 0.5 to 250 AUD.
  • The Deep Monster is a game released in 2021. The theme is fishing. The playing field contains 5 reels and 3 rows. The characters of the pokie are crocodile, fish, shark, jellyfish, and lobster. The betting range is from 0.1 to 10 AUD.
  • Treasure Bowl is a game released in 2020. Has 5 reels. Wild symbols, Scatters, and free spins are available. There is no multiplier. The betting range is from 0.88 to 88 AUD. The pokie has a mixed theme: images of jewellery, ancient utensils, numbers and Latin letters.
  • Fire Hit is a classic pokie with 5 reels and 10 pay lines. The game was launched in 2019. Of the features, there are only wild symbols and multipliers. There are no scatter and free spins. You can bet from 0.5 to 2 AUD. The design theme is classic: card symbols, numbers and Latin letters.
  • Cocorico is a pokie that offers users 5 reels and 30 pay lines. The betting range is from 0.3 to 150 AUD. There are various features: multipliers, scatters, and wild symbols. There is no jackpot or bonus game. The pokie is designed with a cartoon theme. Images of rural houses, funny birds, numbers, and Latin letters dominate the playing field.
  • The Wizard Of Oz is a classic pokie that has 5 reels and offers punters 36 pay lines. The game launched in 2020. You can place bets in the amount from 0.36 to 180 AUD. Design theme: films. The pokie offers punters wild symbols scattered. There are no multipliers or jackpots.
  • Dream Catcher is a pokie with 5 reels and 30 pay lines. The game was launched in 2018. Users here can get wild symbols, scatters and multipliers. There is no jackpot. You can bet amounts from 0.3 to 60 AUD. The theme of the game is Ancient India. There will be images of drums, canoes, guns and ships on the playing field.
  • Route 66 - This pokie has 5 reels. But the number of pay lines here is greater - 1024. You can bet any amount from 0.4 to an impressive 1600 AUD. The game was launched in 2019. The pokie is designed with an adventure theme: the reels feature images of cars and road signs. Punters can get scattered, wild symbols. But there is no jackpot.
  • Welcome, Fortune - this pokie has only 3 reels and 8 pay lines. Launched in 2021. You can bet from 0.4 to 1600 AUD. Punters can get wild symbols and multipliers. There are no scatter symbols here.

New Games

At the moment, the developer is actively developing. One of the priorities is to expand the range of games. Next, consider a few new games that have appeared recently.

Year of the Tiger is a classic pokie with 5 reels and 243 pay lines. The game appeared in 2022. The minimum bet is 0.5 AUD. The maximum is 250 AUD.

Wild symbols and Scatters are available. One of the features of this pokie is the ability to drop Expanding Symbols. This is a regular wild symbol that can expand in different directions to help complete winning combinations. The theme is Asia. The reels mostly feature coins and tokens.

Treasure Tiger - The game was also released in 2022. Offers 5 reels and 243 pay lines. You can bet from 0.8 to 88 AUD.

The main characters of this game are a variety of coins. But besides them, there are also dragons, tigers and fish. The theme is mixed.

Treasure Tiger game has the following features:

  • bonus game;
  • free spins;
  • Scatters to trigger the bonus round;
  • wild symbols.

Cai Shen Dao is an exciting fishing and shooter-style arcade game launched in 2022. The betting range is from 0.01 to 10 AUD. This arcade game can be played together by up to 4 people online. The punter who can catch a shark, turtle, swordfish, catfish, stingray or crab can increase the winnings by 50 times.

Free Pokies From KA Gaming

All games of this developer are available in the demo version. It allows you to evaluate the functionality of the pokie, test strategies, and learn how to manage bets. Then you can switch to real mode and start playing for real money.

How to Play Free Pokies

First, you must choose an online casino with games from this developer. Next, go to the Games section (this page may be called differently on different sites).

Most casinos offer a feature to filter games by developer name. If it is, go to the filter and install KA Gaming in the Developer column. After that, the site will show games only from this provider.

On the casino page, you can view games and read a brief description and characteristics (number of reels, pay lines, themes, etc.). To play in demo mode, hover your mouse over a specific pokie and then click Play Demo. Note that this functionality can be implemented differently on different sites. But the general gist is the same.

History of The Company

Company started its work in 2014. This is a Taiwanese company that works primarily with Australian casinos.

The first pokies appeared in 2016, and about a year later, the developer began to enter into agreements with major casinos.

Now the range of the supplier is expanding. In 2022 alone, the company managed to release about 10 new games. We hope that the current year 2023, will also delight casino users with interesting novelties.

Gambling Aware

Ka Gaming only works with casinos that respect the principles of safe and responsible gaming.

As part of protecting users from gambling addiction, most online casinos with products offer the following measures:

  • Self-setting limits. The punter can limit not only the size of the deposit but also the time spent on the casino website.
  • Blocking or freezing an account.
  • Passing a gambling addiction test.

If the problem cannot be dealt with, then you can always contact third-party organizations:

The Best Australian Casinos With Games From Ka Gaming

LogoName BonusDetailsPlay for real
fastpay casino logo

100 % up to 150 AUD + 100 Free spins

15 no deposit
free spins

  • Popular Slots
  • 24/7 Support
  • Instant withdrawals
Play for real
cobber logo

100 % up to 300 AUD + 100 Free spins

15 no deposit
free spins

  • Crypto bets
  • 24/7 Support
  • Instant withdrawals
Play for real
casino4u logo

100 % up to 150 AUD + 100 Free spins

15 no deposit
free spins

  • Popular casino
  • 24/7 Support
  • Cryptocurrencies
Play for real
wildblaster casino logo

100 % up to 150 AUD + 100 Free spins

15 no deposit
free spins

  • Multiplier race
  • 24/7 Support
  • Buy Feature pokies
Play for real
rtp casino logo
RTP Casino
100% up to 0.002 BTC + 100 FS
  • 5,000+ games
  • Bitcoin Casino
  • Mobile-friendly
Play for real
jet casino logo
Jet Casino
100% up to 600 AUD
  • Lots of bonuses
  • 24/7 Support
  • Loyalty program
Play for real
level up logo
Level Up
130% on the 1st deposit + 100 FS
  • Many bonuses
  • Mobile app
  • Bitcoin transactions
Play for real
dazard casino logo
100% up to 10,000 AUD and 100 FS
  • Crypto deposits
  • Many currencies
  • 17 VIP levels
Play for real
bitdreams casino logo
Bitdreams   1st Deposit bonus: 100%  up to A$750
  • 20+ payment methods
  • 24/7 Support
  • 10 VIP levels
Play for real
casinonic logo
Casinonic   100% up to €200 on the first deposit
  • Big welcome bonus
  • PWA for mobile users
  • Simple sign-up
Play for real
goldenreels logo
Goldenreels   100% bonus up to 500 AUD + 200 FS
  • Weekly cashback
  • 24/7 Support
  • 20+ providers
Play for real
casino mate logo
Casino Mate   100% up to $200 + 20FS 
  • Loyalty Program
  • Weekly bonuses
  • Instant withdrawals
Play for real
gunsbet casino logo
Gunsbet Casino   100% up to 1000 AUD + 100 FS
  • Crypto accounts
  • No-hassle payouts
  • VIP program
Play for real
jackpot city logo
Jackpot City   100% up to 400 AUD 
  • Live Dealers
  • Many gambling options
  • Tournaments
Play for real
joe fortune logo
Joe Fortune   $5,000 and 30 free spins
  • Simple registration
  • Mobile app
  • Fast payouts
Play for real
raging bull logo
Raging Bull   350% + 50 FS for new players
  • Many bonuses
  • Telephone support
  • Loyalty program
Play for real
spin palace logo
Spin Palace   100 % up to 400 AUD on the 1st deposit
  • AUD accounts 
  • 500 pokies
  • Six VIP levels
Play for real
uptown pokies casino logo
Uptown Pokies   250% up to $2500 + 50 Free spins
  • No-deposit bonuses
  • RTG games
  • Bitcoin casino
Play for real
foggystar casino logo
100% up to 1 BTC 
  • Cryptocurrency support
  • Crypto bonuses
  • 60+ providers
Play for real
fightclub casino logo
Fight Club
  100% up to 150 AUD + 150 FS
  • VIP club
  • Daily free spins
  • Regular tournaments
Play for real
joo casino logo
Joo Casino   100% up to 300 AUD + 50 Free spins
  • Daily reloads
  • Crypto deposits
  • Many live games
Play for real
golden star casino logo
Golden Star Casino   100% up to 100 USD on the 1st deposit
  • Six VIP levels.
  • Many reload bonuses.
  • Fast payouts
Play for real
spin samurai casino logo
Spin Samurai   100% up to 1500 AUD 
  • VIP program.
  • 3,000 games.
  • Weekly cashback.
Play for real
king johnnie casino logo
King Johnnie   10 % up to $1,000 on the 1st deposit
  • 10+ bonuses.
  • VIP program.
  • Loyalty program.
Play for real
play croco casino logo
Play Croco   200 % up to $5,000 
  • Bitcoin support.
  • High withdrawal limits.
  • Support 24/7.
Play for real
bonza spins casino logo
Bonza Spins   50 % up to $200 on the 1st deposit
  • Live chat support.
  • Daily bonuses.
  • Many table games.
Play for real
kings chance casino logo
Kings Chance   50% up to 5000 AUD 
  • High withdrawal limits.
  • Big sign-up offer.
  • Long working time.
Play for real
ace pokies casino logo
Ace Pokies
  100% up to 500 AUD 
  • Regular tournaments.
  • Telephone support.
  • Many bonuses.
Play for real
fair go casino logo
Fair GO Casino
  100% up to $200 on the 1st deposit
  • High withdrawal limits.
  • Bitcoin accepted.
  • Mobile compatibility.
Play for real
woo casino logo
 Woo Casino   100% up to 150 AUD + 50 FS
  • 21 VIP levels.
  • Cryptocurrency support.
  • Many tournaments.
Play for real
ozwin casino logo
Ozwin Casino   200% up to 2,000 AUD 
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  • Big welcome bonus.
  • Progressive jackpots.
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kahuna casino logo
Kahuna   100% up to $1,000 on the 1st deposit
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pokies parlour casino logo
Pokies Parlour   100% up to $777 on the 1st deposit
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reels of joy casino logo
Reels of Joy   200% up to 500 AUD 
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pokiez casino logo
Pokiez   300% up to 7,500 AUD
  • Wheel Of Luck.
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wild card city casino logo
Wild Card City   100% up to $1,000 on the 1st deposit
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lucky nugget casino logo
Lucky Nugget   140% up to $200 for new players
  • Working since 1998.
  • eCogra approved.
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rocket casino logo
Rocket   100% up to 333 AUD
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  • VIP program.
  • 24/7 support.
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all slots casino logo
All Slots Casino   100% up to 500 AUD 
  • Triple welcome bonus.
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  • Microgaming pokies.
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red stag casino logo
Red Stag Casino   275% up to $550 + 100 Free spins
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grand rush casino logo
Grand Rush   200% up to $1,000 + 50 Free spins
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  • RTG software.
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wild tornado casino logo
Wild Tornado   100% up to $1,000
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lucky draw casino logo
Lucky Draw   200% up to $2,000 + 30 Free spins
  • 15% cashback.
  • Loyalty program.
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johnny kash casino logo
Johnny Kash   100% up to 1,000 AUD on the 1st deposit
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Rich Casino   200% bonus on the first deposit
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black diamond casino logo
Black Diamond Casino   750% up to 7,500 AUD
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Dendera Casino   400% on the first deposit
  • VIP program.
  • Bitcoins deposits.
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casinochan logo
CasinoChan   $400 and 120 free spins
  • Many reload bonuses.
  • Eleven VIP levels.
  • Pokies tournaments.
Play for real
box 24 logo
Box 24   200% up to $2,000 + 30 Free spins
  • Cashback.
  • Bitcoin deposits.
  • VIP program.
Play for real
grand fortune casino logo
Grand Fortune casino   200% on the first deposit
  • Daily gifts.
  • 200+ games
  • Lots of payment methods.
Play for real
winnerama casino logo
Winnerama   200% + 30 Free spins for new players
  • VIP tournaments.
  • Crypto bonuses.
  • Live Dealer games.
Play for real
all spins win logo
All Spins Win   300% up to $1,000 on the first deposit
  • Daily bonuses.
  • AUD deposits.
  • Round-the-clock support.
Play for real
boombet casino logo
Boombet   100% up to $2,000 on the first deposit
  • Cashback bonus.
  • No-deposit free spins.
  • Telephone support.
Play for real

Comparison of KA Gaming With Other Developers

The advantage over other providers is a wide selection of pokies. But if we compare this developer with some Western companies, then KA Gaming is noticeably behind in terms of the size of the assortment.

Another advantage is the variety of game designs. There are almost all topics, although the main emphasis is still on Chinese culture.

In some respects, KAGaming is far behind its competitors. This company does not currently offer live dealer games. Perhaps this shortcoming will be considered in the future, and the management will correct this situation.


Should You Try KA Gaming Pokies and Arcade Games? Worth it. Provider products have many advantages. Almost all games are designed with user convenience and use modern technologies such as Javascript and HTML5.

Explore the entire provider range, test different pokies in demo mode, and choose your favourite game. Each user here will be able to find what he likes.


What kind of company is KAGaming?

KA Gaming is a software development company for land-based and online casinos in Australia. Develops pokies, board games and arcades.

Does KAGaming have a license?

Currently, the provider operates in 27 countries and has a license from reputable test laboratories, for example, Gaming Labs International.

What products does KA Gaming offer?

The supplier's assortment includes pokies, board and arcade games. The total number is 270. There are no live dealer games.

How fair are the games?

Independent test laboratories regularly test the supplier's products. The random number generator works honestly and transparently.

How many games are there in the assortment of the company?

Total 270 games. Of these, about 200 are represented by pokies.

Which pokies are recognized as the best?

We studied many parameters (reviews, RTP, design, graphics quality, etc.) and made our rating. Luck88, Golden Ball, The Deep Monster and others were recognized as the best.

Are there other games besides pokies?

Eat. KAGaming also offers table games (Baccarat only) and arcade games (mainly fishing). There are also instant win lotteries.

Where can I find the games of this provider?

There are many KA Gaming casinos. You just need to find such a gambling site, register, fund your account and start betting on games.

How to win in pokies?

There is no guarantee that you will win money. There are always risks of a complete loss of the deposit. But you can choose games with a high RTP to increase the chances. We also recommend controlling bet sizes, staying sober and not chasing lost money.