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How to Win at Pokies Online in Australia: Strategies

how to win pokies australia
How to win on the pokies in Australia? Is this possible? On the Internet, all casinos offer big winnings to every punter. But how accurate are these operators' proposals?

Only 10.7% of punters bring the casino 80% of the revenue. The actual statistics on winnings are a secret. And the losers are mainly those who need to approach the process responsibly and use strategies. So how to beat the pokies and get into the sample that earns money in the casino regularly - read in our article.


A Beginners Guide To Winning at Online Pokies

To understand how to win big on pokies, you must first understand how winning combinations are formed. Pokies work on the principle of RNG (random number generator). In theory, you can hit the jackpot from the first spin or not win even after 1000 spins of the reels. It isn't easy to influence pre-programmed mechanisms, but by following simple and practical advice from experts, you can significantly increase your chances of winning. Here are some of them:

  • Pre-determine your overall budget. The amount should be such that you can potentially lose without negative consequences.
  • Set both a win and a loss limit. It is necessary to set a limit on winnings (for example, doubling the bank) and, having reached it, immediately stop. Do the same with the loss limit, for example, 50% of the pot.
  • Playing for free first. Use the demo to familiarize yourself with the rules and mechanics.
  • Understanding pay lines and symbols. Study the "Paytable", the features of the formation of combinations along the lines and the functions of the symbols.
  • Walking away on a losing streak. No need to win back with a long losing streak. It's better to skip the game session and come back later.
  • Choose a Trustworthy Online Casino. Choose only proven, licensed casinos.
  • Use A Strategy. Always use a strategy for the game.

Using pokies tips and tricks, you can significantly increase your chances of winning and, in addition to a good mood, get winnings in the form of real money.

Helpful Tips to Play and Win on Pokie Machines

Collecting at least 10 Tips And Techniques To Beat The Pokies is possible, but it is essential to follow these rules, which gambling specialists collected strictly. Many mistakenly associate online casinos with negative emotions, but most losses are due solely to a lack of understanding of the gameplay, lack of tactics and some other nuances. Professional gamblers know how important it is to follow simple but effective rules. We have put together actionable tips to increase your chances of a positive outcome.

Pokie Volatility

Volatility (dispersion) is an indicator that indicates the ratio of payouts to frequency. Low volatility indicates rare but more significant wins. High - on the contrary, about frequent but insignificant amounts. It is crucial to consider the current bankroll size. With a pot of 100 AUD and choosing pokies with low variance, it is necessary to calculate the bet level so that it is enough to play for a long distance, for example, 500-1000 reel spins. Otherwise, there is a high risk that the money will run out before receiving a solid payout.

Bankroll at Pokies

tips to win pokies
The first thing you need to do is to understand what kind of bankroll you need. A bankroll is the amount of money you will use only for gambling. You do not spend it on buying goods or paying bills. This is a reserve of funds, fulfilling one single goal: it is a wallet for depositing and withdrawing money from the online casino. How to identify the needed amount of money in the bankroll?

Everything depends on the bets you make. If you play via small stakes - you need less money. If via medium stakes and high-rolling - Much more if you are an average gambler and do not bet more than $5 per spin. We recommend that you have at least 1,000 total bets in your bankroll ($5000).

So, if you play $1 per spin, you will need $1,000 - $3,000. Why so much? Because in pokies, it is straightforward to tilt and lose everything.

Choose High RTP Pokies

RTP (return to punter) is a mathematical indicator that indicates the potential winnings as a percentage. The higher the level and closer to 100%, the more chances to win. For example, an indicator of 98% indicates that mathematically, over a long distance of several rotations, 98 will return from 100 AUD.

Even if an online casino has only a 5%, 3%, or even 2% advantage, it wouldn't be profitable for a player on a long distance. In other words, you will surely lose your money if you play for a long time (month, year). On the other hand, on a short distance (day, week), you can see a positive result, especially if you hit a big winning. But if you play for a long time without a unique strategy, you cannot win. In fact, of a negative mathematical expectation of winning, you should use hidden data of online pokies that will increase your chances of hitting a big winning.

Stop Loss

Stop-loss is the amount of loss you must stop the game. Everyone has their meaning. A good rule of the game will be to risk no more than 10% of your bankroll in one gaming session. It is better not more than 5%. Moreover, even better - no more than 1%. The more conservative, the better it is, and the longer you can play. For example, you have $2,000 in your bankroll. For each game session, you take $200 with you and play for $0.5. That is, you have at least 400 bets. Usually, this is enough to withstand all variances of the dispersion, but once you decide to play excellent, but the eating pokie - say, at Dead or Alive pokie. You start losing $100, then $150, and then $200. THAT'S ALL!

It is time to finish the game session! As soon as you reach your stop loss, stop immediately. Therefore, you will save a lot of money. No temptation, "a couple more spins", "twist to a round number", "is about to give," "must pour," etc. The pokie does not owe anything to anyone! Everything, with this pokie, is finished. You can play in another pokie or start the next day again. Also, you can establish a lath for losing per day rather than for a game session. The rules here are the same. Lost $100 from $1,000? For today is enough, the end of the game.

Risk Game

Forget about risking. Never risk if you want to keep your bankroll. More precisely, the risk of the game can be applied only if the win amount is small - $5 or $10 because it does not influence your bankroll in any way. The main problem is that, in most cases, such bonus spins are designed to increase the casino's advantage. In those cases, you most likely have less than 50% of the winning. If the pokie gives good money prizes, you wouldn't need to risk even more.

You have already taken a risk. And even more, so you don't need to risk and play in the old pokies such as Novomatic. This will often be a copy of the original game (emulator), so the probability of winning will be even less (significantly).

Stop Win

Stop win is an antipode stop loss. You can come up with any other name - for example, stop profit or something else. This function is available in most modern pokies when playing in auto mode. You can specify the exact value of the win, for example, $ 100; at this value, the game will be automatically stopped. Why is this done? Then the pokie cannot constantly give cash rewards. Losses will replace the winnings, and the last will be much more. Therefore, you must establish a boundary, after which the game ends. Let's say that your bankroll is $ 3,000, and you bet $ 1, take with you $ 300.

stop win
What should be winning to finish the game session? As a rule, everything above 20-30% of the amount is already good. In our case, this is $ 60-90. In other words, if you increase your active account by 20-30%, you can already finish the game. Yes, it may seem insignificant, but you think about such winnings over a long period - a month, a year. Gradually, everything is turning into a decent income. However, much depends on the opinion of the punter.

Regarding mathematics, 20-30% is already good, but the man may disagree. This is subjective. Someone will set a goal of 50% or 100%. By the way, here, you need to understand that the greater the desired profit, the more difficult it is to achieve and the higher the chance of losing the entire account.

Advantage of Bonuses

It is essential to use every chance to get bonuses. If the casino offers deposit bonuses, there must be a deposit limit to receive the maximum amount. Pokies with bonus levels are more appreciated by punters than classic or retro video pokies, without free spins and bonus rounds. Additional mini-games and unique features not only make the gameplay more exciting but also can bring big winnings.

Impede The Spin Speed

Many punters in practice note the effectiveness of manually stopping the rotation of the reels. Early stopping the reels does not give an advantage to the punter but saves time. This is especially important in those pokies where the bonus game can bring more significant winnings than the primary mode, so punters try to get to it faster.

Machines Don't Have Hot or Cold Cycles

To understand how to win on pokie machines every time, it is essential to eliminate some stereotypes. One is related to the concept of a hot and cold pokie. Some punters believe that after a long series of losses, the pokie is considered "hot" and will soon give a large payout, and vice versa. If someone recently hit the jackpot in the pokie, it is "cold", and a large payout can not be expected. This is another myth.

The pokies work on the principle of the RNG algorithm (random number generator) and are based on the RTP set by the provider. Several other myths about pokies are important to be aware of. The information will particularly help those who wish to learn how to win at pokies.

Random Number Generator

For a successful game in the pokies, you also need to understand the role of the random number generator. Most important, you should know that not every new spin depends on the previous spin. This means that all these theories about "hot pokies", about the fact that after a big winning, the pokie does not give the winnings, and so on - such theories are at least questionable, and as a maximum at the base of being wrong (and this is most likely).

The pokie does not know whether you won or not in the previous poke. It only receives a set of digits from the random number generator and visualizes the information on the screen. So, forget about all kinds of patterns (in the spirit of "if I click on Max Bet, the pokie will launch the winning scheme, but if I just click on Spin - then nothing will happen"), all sorts of "tricks" which you are trying to deceive the pokie. They will not work. Alas. You can only accept the conditions we are forced to do and try to minimise costs.

What's The Best Pokies Strategy?

There is no single miracle strategy or tactic for a win-win game. Only the skilful use of several tips simultaneously, the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical experience will help increase the chances of winning.

Value of The Coin vs. Number of Coins

Pokies can behave differently based on the bet amount and the number of coins. On one line, you can bet a certain number of credits. Each coin can cost from 0.01 AUD to 50-100 or even more. The higher the total bet level, the higher the final payout for the winning combination. Bet High for Maximum Payouts.

Gamble maximum coins to get the maximum payout and hit the jackpot. Many manufacturers introduce jackpots into pokies, but you must pay excessively high rates to get them.

Experts recommend using the rate increase strategy. To get winning combinations more often, you need to gamble maximum pay-lines. But it is essential to understand that an increased number of lines will automatically improve the bet amount per 1 spin.

How to Pick a Winning Pokie?

The cornerstone is the choice of profitable pokies that provide punters with payouts more often than others. In many ways, it all depends on the financial capabilities of the punter. Trying to hit the jackpot with a small bankroll on a pokie with low volatility and RTP levels will be almost impossible. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Choose a few pokies with high returns.
  • Study the specifications carefully.
  • Try it in the demo version.
  • Deposit a small amount and play at the minimum bets.
  • Try different bet levels and many lines to determine your strategy.

Detailed tips with descriptions, once you have read them carefully, you can start choosing a slot machine and developing a strategy.


Each slot has its mathematical expectation of payout at a long distance. The smaller the number of rotations, the more the real return percentage differs from the expected one. At a maximum distance, it will be highly accurate. You must choose games with a high return percentage and use bonuses to increase your chances of winning.

For example, RTP is 97%. This means that the pokie gives this indicator from the invested funds at a distance. But the mathematical expectation is not indicated as a percentage but is calculated from "-1" to "1". Our 97% equals 0.03, which is considered a negative expectation of a 3% loss. But thanks to the RNG, there is a chance to break a large amount in a short distance.

Reducing The Bets With Loosing

You can play the same bet all the time. It is pretty boring. Besides, it is not ideal for bankroll management. Ideally, you will need to reduce the bet if there are significant losses. So you can save your bankroll much longer. For example, you have $1,000 in your bankroll, play $1, and have already lost $90. Most likely, in this situation, you are approaching your stop loss.

So why don't you reduce the bet by half and play $0.5? Forget about Martingale and other nonsense. Increasing the stake during the lingering losses will eventually lead to even more significant losses.

Turn the reel to $0.5 and see what happens next. If there are losses again, then you can safely stop on the stop loss. If there is not, then you will have a chance to restore the current account and then, a little later, return to the usual bets.

Increasing The Bet With Winning

Another option is an increase in the active bet after a big winning. We do not recommend doing so, but in some cases, it is mathematically justified. For example, you took 10% of your bankroll ($200) and played $1. You are lucky, and the pokie gives x200 ($ 200). You increased the account by 100%, wherein your stop win is 50% ($100). It turns out that you have any free $100. In this situation, you can risk and twist for $2 or $3 up to some value - for example, to $350 from $400. It does not work. I believe that there is nothing to worry about here. You could afford such a risk. If it does, you may win much more than your usual winnings.

Small Stakes

One of the tactics involves small bets, gradually increasing them when you win or, on the contrary, lose. Many strategies allow you to use a small supply of financial resources. Such tactics are especially relevant for beginners or when playing an unfamiliar pokie. You can gradually change the small bets with improved experience or funds in the account.

How to Win Big on The Pokies

Only carefully choosing a licensed casino, high-return pokies, bankroll control, strategies, and large bets will help gain punters' chances for big payouts. For those who want to get success in pokies - find out how Australian online casinos build up their prize pool.

How to Win Jackpot on Pokies

Some manufacturers offer to win the jackpot. It is necessary to carefully study the rules because they can be provided when playing at the maximum bet and receiving a specific combination. How to win the grand jackpot on pokies? It's simple: you need to select the pokie in which it is offered and fulfil the conditions for obtaining it using strategies. If one strategy fails, another one should be used.

Although the strategies do not give 100% of the result, their reasonable use, time, and bankroll management significantly raise the gambler's chance of success. In any case, the gameplay must be treated as entertainment, and you need to replenish your account only with the amount you can lose without negative consequences.

How the Mechanics Work

Pokies tips and tricks will only help if the punter knows the mechanics of pokies. The principle lies in the repeating events in the game. Classical mechanics involves rotating the reels with a stop and payment for the formed combinations. Over time, new functions, features and capabilities began to appear in them. The classic algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • The punter chooses the bet level and the number of lines.
  • Activates the drums.
  • They start spinning vertically.
  • Stop.
  • The algorithm determines the presence of a winning combination.
  • Payment is in progress.

If there is no winning combination, the round ends, and the punter must activate the spins again. It is possible to get free spins or additional bonus levels and gifts.

How to Hack Pokie Machines

Many wonder how to win on pokie machines every time; in this regard, they are trying to find illegal ways to beat pokies. It should be noted right away that this is impossible. The casino security service strictly monitors such attempts and immediately blocks the account for fraud, freezing funds without the right to restore.

Pokie manufacturers and online casino operators use modern developments in the field of security, so it is almost impossible to interfere with the mechanics or somehow influence the outcome of the rotation.

Top 5 Online Pokies with High Payouts

online pokies
Pokies regularly appear from more than a hundred manufacturers around the world. But some have more success among the punters. Best Pokies Machines to Win in Australia according to the gamblers and experts themselves:

  • Money Train (IGTech): 96.21%. Retro style pokie with 3 reels. The main feature is the progressive bonus feature, in which prizes drop out in train cars. It will take 10 wagons, but to activate the bonus, you need to catch the bonus symbol on the third reel. In addition to the Scatter, a Wild symbol increases the chances of frequent wins.
  • The Catfather (Pragmatic Play): 97%. Medium volatility and high RTP make it an ideal pastime for cat lovers. Payments for combinations go both ways, and Wild symbols can randomly stack vertically.
  • Clover Lady (Wazdan): 97% The game has six reels and ten lines, allowing you to win often, including 1 out of 4 jackpots in the "Clover Jackpot Bonus" mode. There is a function of buying the bonus game "Buy Feature".
  • Queen and the Dragons (IGTech): 98% The queen and her three dragons are the main characters. High volatility gives frequent payouts. Three Scatter symbols activate free spins with an initial x5 multiplier. Wild replaces other icons.
  • Jokerizer (Yggdrasil) 98.10%. In addition to 6 regular symbols, one special one is the Joker. It appears on three reels. No special features exist, but high volatility and the "jokerizer" function allow frequent payouts. In this mode, the bet is doubled.

You already know how to win at pokies and have a list of the TOP 5 best pokies that Australian punters especially like. Now the only thing left is to free up time and start playing.

Types of Casino Bonuses to Win at Pokies

Casino bonuses help you win more and more in pokies. Often they are offered far from the most profitable pokies, but despite this, the chance to win remains consistently high. Therefore, each punter is advised to pay attention to casino bonuses for pokies and bonus levels in the pokies themselves.

Casino Bonuses

Each operator offers the size of bonus rewards at its discretion. Pokie manufacturers are also considering the availability of additional game modes or features. It is they who most often help punters earn in pokies. Among the popular ones are:

  • Free spins. A certain number of free spins on a specific pokie, manufacturer or genre.
  • Free play. A certain amount is provided for a specific bet to play in the casino for a while.
  • Progressive jackpots. A progressive jackpot is formed from several pokies at once, often from the same manufacturer, but in several casinos. Thus, it becomes enormous.
  • Welcome Bonuses. The welcome bonus always needs to be wagered. Still, it is essential to read the conditions because a certain period is given carefully. The wager level, the pokie and the bet level can be limited.

Hitting a large jackpot in pokies is more accessible than in other games, such as card tables. The simplicity of the mechanics and large bonuses allow a large army of online casino fans in Australia to do this regularly.

Check the Terms and Conditions

All bonus requirements are listed in their description. If we are talking about those offered directly in the pokies themselves, more detailed information is opened by clicking the "Info" or "Paytable" buttons.

Bonus Rounds

Almost every modern pokie has unique bonus levels allowing you to get big wins. They can be activated in different ways. They can often be cumulative by combining special symbols (Scatter or Bonus). Some pokies offer to buy bonus levels for real money. Using tips and tricks correctly in pokies, you can significantly increase your winnings with this feature.

Win Big Prizes

Bonus rounds allow you to get a large prize at the end of them, which will be transferred to the game account in the pokie. Often such bonuses are the main goals of many punters, especially if the game does not have a jackpot.

Hit the Right Combination

You can sometimes extend these levels if you catch the appropriate combination. Producers can provide virtually endless levels that add up to a massive prize.

Collect Points

Some bonus rounds are activated by the number of points collected. They can be given for winning combinations or the loss of special symbols. To increase your chances, you need to control the amount on your account and distribute it so that it is enough for several hundred spins.


Proper use of strategies. If it does not give the punter an advantage, it at least equalizes the chances before the casino. Many tips can be checked in demo mode, and only after that can you start playing for real money. In the first stages, it is essential to carefully approach the selection of a licensed casino and a pokie with a high return percentage. Then everything depends on the punter's desire to win and carefully following the winning strategies.

Now you know how to win on pokie machines every time, and you can safely use the knowledge gained in practice. But do not forget about the principles of responsible gambling. An online casino can bring winnings only if strategy rules are followed. Pleasant emotions will remain for a long time if you make bets strictly with a dry calculation, preventing the excitement from ultimately capturing the punter's mind.

Gambling Aware

It is essential to understand the danger of uncontrolled excitement. If you have the first negative calls from playing pokies, contact the GambleAware organization. This is an independent association of specialists who help solve problems in the gambling segment.

To contact the organization's employees, you can use the telephone number 1800-858-858. The phone works around the clock, and all calls are completely confidential.

How To Win at Pokies FAQs

How to win pokies regularly?
It is tough to make gambling a stable income. Treating this as a method of entertainment is necessary, but using strategies increases the chances of winning.
When is it better to start playing?
At any time that is convenient for the punter. This does not affect the chance of winning.
Do casinos accept Aus dollars?
Yes. Aussie dollars (AUD) are among the top three currencies backed by leading casino operators worldwide.
Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings?
No, winnings are not subject to taxation in Australia.
With which RTP is it better to choose a pokie?
The higher the level of return, the more chances the punter has to win when playing at a long distance.
What are the best pokies?
Each pokie is good, but we have presented the five most profitable ones to play.
Who checks RTP in Australia, pokies?
Media producers and independent organizations like eCOGRA do this.
Are pokies more profitable at night?
No. The profit of the pokie is independent of the time of day.
What is RTP high?
One of the highest return percentages stands at 98%.
What is the minimum payout in pokies?
In each pokie, the minimum payout is different. Often it is 0.1-0.5 AUD.
Why are pokies called Pokies?
Pokies are short for poker machines. It used to be called the first pokies.
Why do Australians choose pokies?
Pokies are very easy to operate, exciting and can bring big winnings.
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