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How RTP (return to player percentage) works in pokies and other casino games?

How RTP (return to player percentage) works in pokies and other casino games?
Time to see how the online casino's economy works. How does the RTP (return to player percentage) of pokie work? Each pokie has its technical specifications, and RTP (return to player percentage) is one of them. It is the return of the bets that were made. If the RTP is 96.4%, at a long distance you are going to lose 3.6 cents from each dollar spent – $3.6 every $100 spent.

The punter has no good from that RTP (return to player percentage) number, and I guess it is just for the casino. RTP at Netent pokies may be considered right after 9 billion spins, at Amatic — 3 billion. Well, how would a player get that RTP of 96% after 200-300 spins? No one knows!!! These spins are to little number. Therefore, there is a pool of winning that needs to have money (lost by all players) in the prize pool to give a big winning.

You should note that in addition to the percentage of payout, there are some important data that you need to pay attention to when choosing a pokie. Find out more on the following pages:

Simple explanation

What is RTP? This is the percentage that will be returned to players. The thing is that no one knows when the official RTP will be fulfilled. By the way, some providers hide the information of the RTP for some pokies. So, all is possible, you may be in a situation that after 1000 spins your RTP is around 80% - 90%, but also the opposite, it can be your lucky day and the RTP after 1000 spins to be 110% - 115%.

You think these are small numbers- let's explain - you playing on 25 AUD bet, after several days you wagered 2 000 000 AUD and the total win is 20 000, you started with 20k, so in your account, there are 40 000. Your RTP isn't 200% because you doubled your deposit. Let's count - how much is the percentage of this 20k win from 2 000 000 wagered, of course, 1 % - this is your positive percentage of the session - so, the total RTP you got is 101%. In the long run, there is a big difference between 95% and 97% RTP, what do you think?

The online casino will never promise anything to anyone. Forget about RTP (return to player percentage). You cannot control it. There are no guarantees. Yep, that RTP of 96% is just a promise (after billion spins), it is not as real as you see it.

Where to play?

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