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The cost and the number of coins at pokies 2024

The cost and the number of coins at pokies
Can we affect the pokie by changing the cost and the number of coins (level)? It is known that the machine may behave quite differently, depending on the stake per single spin. It is likely that at a rate of A$1 and A$50, we should get different results. Let me try to explain with an example.

How to change the value and number of coins

Try to run any of the pokies in free mode in free mode, without closing this page. Suppose that we want to play at a total rate of A$1.5. Test every 100 spins, setting the following data (step by step) and recording the final result from every hundred spins:

  • Set the value of a coin at 0.01 and 10 coins per pay-line. Note that the overall bet rate will be A$1.5.
  • Set the coin value at 0.02 and bet 5 coins per pay-line. The overall stake is also equal to A$1.5.
  • Coin value at 0.05 and 2 coins per line. The overall stake is still A$1.5.
  • Finally, at the cost of A$0.1, we set the level of rates at 1, and again the total bet rate is A$1.5.
  • You will get completely different results, and you will see that the machine behaves differently, despite the unchanged value of the total bet.

How to use this feature

It’s important to understand that by running various cycles in the pokies, we can change its current behaviour, the frequency and the amount of winning. These tricks are useful when you test pokies in free mode. I do not exclude that the statistics of wins/losses may be recorded for each of the denominations of coins. During testing, we found that playing 10 coins at a high cost is more favourable than the maximum number of coins per line at a lower cost. But in every rule, there are exceptions:

For example

  • Steam Tower pokie reacts well when you bet the maximum number of coins per line.
  • In Blood Suckers pokie, it is better to play the maximum number of coins per line.
  • In pokies such as Lost Island, the cycle is changed depending on their behaviour.
  • There is a possible direct correlation between the sensitivity of this technique and the cycle length of pokies.

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