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Classification of players at an Australian online casino

Classification of players at an Australian online casino 2021
We have established a clear connection between such parameters as average stakes, the current account balance in an Australian online casino and the frequency of deposit / withdraw of money. Based on these factors, the program assigns players to different groups. Here, so-called adaptive mathematics is applied.

When you are registering with the same personal data in different online casinos, for the server, you remain as one player, with the overall statistics and the manner of the pokie. How does the casino classify players? With the help of the information below, you will be able to transfer your account from one group to another. We will also cover the topic of bonus hunting in online casinos.

How does an Australian casino classify punters?

Materials and conclusions of this article are made by our testers independently and do not pretend to be complete information. However, our experience shows that we were able to reveal the general scheme of software behaviour. Please note: necessary conditions for big winning will belong to not only a particular group but also many other factors:

Tests and conclusions

Depending on the deposits which were made by the player, their amount and frequency, the software can perform various tricks. The software can generate a chain of consecutive losses in one pokie to push the player to continue gambling exactly the same pokie as he is sure that it should give a big winning to cover some of the lost money (the hope of winning back). Other players believe that depositing in a new casino account will give them more luck (like beginners bonus from the software). In another case, the player believes in winning after he left some money in the balance, after withdrawing.

In our opinion, things are much more complicated than it seems at first glance. The software should make a difference between a player who has just won A$100 000, cash them out and left only A$1000 for the game and a player who made his 100th deposit of A$1000 in the same Australian online casino without making even single cash-out. We suppose that there is an algorithm for assigning players to groups and classes, depending on their financial history. 

The effect of the account balance on the behaviour of the pokie

Let's make a simple experience to show you an example of classifying players with online casino's software and explain what is being said:

  • Start an online casino pokie in free mode by selecting the pokie from the list and lose A$4,500 of free money from A$5000 issued.
  • Choose a bet of A$25 and start playing. Your virtual money will be enough for 20 spins. Remember his style of behaviour in the chosen pokie.
  • After losing, refresh the page (on balance will again be A$5000) and launch the same pokie in the free mode.
  • Make the same bet at A$25 and start playing.
  • You will see that the behaviour of the pokie will be significantly different from the previous one (when you are playing on the remainder of A$500).

The example above shows the connection between the amount of account balance, current stake and the pokie's behaviour. We assumed that the script constantly monitors the balance of the player's account and compares it with the current stake bet per spin.

Correction courses of the program

A player with a statistical minus has a higher chance to win at extra big bets (if at a distance he lost more than RTP) and players with positive (won more than RTP), when betting 1/10 of the balance on the account per one spin.

Some of the providers have advanced software, and its behaviour is difficult to predict, so there are exceptions. Sometimes (probably at regular intervals) the program rewards when you are playing at high bets and low balance. In the most majority of cases it would be much more profitable to play with the following part of your current balance as a total rate per 1 spin: for low and middle volatility pokies 1/100 of the current balance and high volatility pokies 1/500.

Groups and classes of players via deposits

Classes and Categories of players
There are several nominal categories of players in Australian online casinos:

  • Registered player. The player will fall into this category if he has already played at pokies in the free mode under his login and password in an online casino and sometimes launches free spins. He is classified as a beginner player. The system will try to make this player a real depositor (to deposit money).
  • Regular player. This player makes deposits of less than 500 A$ per week. It is important that players from this category deposit money at approximately equal intervals of time. Probably, this is one of the most disadvantageous groups. It is recommended changing the size of the deposit and reducing (or increasing) stakes, or not to deposit real money for several months. It will cause the system to determine the player in another class. This group of players is the regulars of online casino profits.
  • A big player. These are the players who deposit more money (more than 500 A$ per week) to the online casino. It is advantageous to be in this group - the system tries to keep such player at the same time and does not give him receive too much. Large bursts of dispersion are possible.
  • The elite group of players. Deposits are from A$10.000 and are not of any systematic nature. For VIP players, the opportunity to receive progressive jackpots is open, huge spikes in the dispersion (when you're winning "just everywhere") of any pokies are possible. Play with average bets and stop after doubling the balance. We recommend reading the testers' recommendations for each of the pokies.

Types of online casino players via gambling style

  • Gambler - is a client who did not cash out money at all, regardless of the number of winnings. It is not difficult to understand what such players are doing. Time after time they lose all their money. If you get an opportunity to achieve such an account (and even from the VIP-group) - it is just a gift. Make a large deposit and play high-volatility pokies on average (up to A$30-40) bets. Cashout after any super mega win and forget about this account. Here for you, the main thing is not to miss the moment. The software will give you a significant amount (a large multiplication of the bet), after which it will go into the mode of collecting money. Remember that in the long run, you should get back (in the form of winnings) about 50% of all your deposits.
  • A rational player. This group includes those who set themselves to "reach the peak" (withdraw money after a big win) and always follow this rule. For example, a player always gets money, winning 100% or more of his initial deposit. The entry into the class of rational players threatens to reduce the dispersion coefficient. If you don't want to classify yourself as a rational player, you can try, for example, to make few small deposits (in one session), losing them, increasing the usual bets several times.
  • High-roller in the past. Quite often it happens that the player was a high-roller in the past and this account has a rich history of deposits and payouts. But now, the player is out of gambling (money) or just not using this account anymore. This group is good because the software will try to return the player. It would be nice for you to repeat the procedure from the previous group - to deposit a significant amount (from A$1,000) and play with small bets. The algorithm will work to return the large player to the game, and the coefficient of dispersion will increase significantly. After a big win, it is recommended to cash out all the money from the account. Having at least 200-300 average stakes at the balance is important. For example, if you play via A$1 per spin, the account balance must be A$200-300.

Bonus hunting

Also, it is necessary to note there is an additional classification, which is provided not only by the number of bets or deposits but by the manner of the game:

Where to play?

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