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How to choose the best pokie to win at an Australian online casino?

How to choose the best pokie to win at an Australian casino?
We will teach you the strategy that will help you to choose a generous pokie in an Australian online casino, depending on its behaviour. You will learn how to identify which pokie can give you more winning with less risk. Pay attention that if you believe in the prize pools in the casinos, then this strategy is useless for you. As we said, there is a theory that the pokies behave the same in the demo and real money play. So, like this, all money will be collected, while playing in demo mode, and then every player will switch to real play.

The behaviour of the pokies in demo mode

The strategy's essence is to choose a profitable pokie, based on its behaviour in free mode. Considering that all licensed pokies are on the provider's server (it's mean that online casinos are only receiving and paying-out money) then all demo versions are also the same for all online casinos.

There are the following states (mood) of the pokies

  • Evolution
    Positive (Hot). Pokies with a positive balance in the prize pool (have more money in losing than paid out as winning). These are the most potential pokies, as they can "fire" with very big winning at any moment.
  • Negative (Cold). They have a negative balance in the prize pool (paid-out a big win recently and now needs money to fill up the prize pool). You should avoid playing in such pokies.
  • Neutral. Such pokies with a Neutral mood (have zero in the prize pool). Usually, they will keep the account balance and then gradually reducing it

An ideal online pokie

In a perfect situation, the player should choose a hot pokie that has the extra money in its prize pool (players lost much more, then they won). To find such a pokie, you should test the mood of various pokies in free demo mode.

How to identify that pokie has a positive balance and ready to pay

  • Go to the “Free casino pokies” section, and select the one you want to play. While you are choosing, it is worth considering the RTP (return to player percentage), volatility, wagering rating, the probability of triggering the bonus feature and distribution of the prize pool (during usual spins and the bonus feature). On the overview page, you will also find the hidden data of the pokie (the length of the cycle, dispersion of winning) and feedback of the tester.
  • Start playing in free demo mode, with the stake (and the number of lines) that you are planning to play for real money. I recommend you first familiarise yourself with the articles: the variance of winnings in pokies and the length of cycles.
  • While you are changing the bet, try to understand the reaction of the chosen pokie on each denomination. If there are a lot of winning and bonus features that are often triggering, the pokie is "warm", and it has big potential to "firing" with big winning.
  • If fun money is lost, refresh the page with the demo module and change the stake per single spin. We are repeating these actions until finding the optimal bet. If the pokie is taking money away on all denominations, we must choose another and test it in free mode from the very beginning. I recommend you read the article “Change in the value and quantity of coins per pay line”.
  • It is important to understand that a single big winning can be an exception, like in a situation if you have already lost a lot, it can give you a single win, which will cover around 50%-70% of the money lost. But again, this will be an exception.
  • If the warm pokie is found, we begin to play for real money on it. It is important to use the same number of lines and an equal bet per single spin that was used in free mode.
  • I recommend starting learning these tactics with the minimum stakes both in free testing and for real money. You will save a lot of money while learning the strategy. When you see that this strategy works, then you can switch to your usual bets.
  • I advise you to choose 5-10 favourite pokies with a good RTP (return to player percentage) and first test them. If all of them do not show the desired result in demo testing, it is better to stop or choose another software developer (Microgaming or NYX).
  • One of the main factors that influence maximum winning is the amount of money in your casino account and the current stake per single spin. We recommend having at least 200 bets in the balance. It depends on the length of the cycle of pokie
  • Our recommendation is to combine the testing strategy in free mode with the getting of the positive mathematical expectation of winning in the online casino.
  • Over time, you will learn to identify warm pokies. You need only experience and time.

Indirect signs


Some signs show the current state (Hot or Cold) of the pokies, like triggering bonuses or free spins at an exact bet, occurs more often.

In our opinion, there is some connection between the numerical symbols and the pokie's status. These signs can be two scatter symbols on the first reels, as well as the pokie's behaviour, will change if you increase or decrease the total stake. You can expect a real profit when you start noticing that.


  • Big Win
    Imagine several pools with a lot of fish. Fish cannot move from one pool to another. Fish is the money that is lost. Players are fishers, and each online casino is a pool. There is some algorithm that is used as a correction that regulates the number of "pecking" fish. According to our observations, this algorithm is updated once a month (as the calculation takes place between software, casinos and affiliates). It is important to get acquainted with the prize pool theory as it influences the big winning.
  • In other words, if you are the only player in a new online casino that does not belong to any network, then you will not simply have a chance of a big win before losing a lot. The prize pool will consist only of your bets, and over time you will hit a big win, which will be 90-95% of the sum of your total deposits.

Tips and recommendations

  • We recommend that you start playing for real money only after going through all the steps described above. It is important not to have a break between the end of tests in the demo and the start of playing with the real money. Because during this period, maybe somebody wins a lot and change the sequence of issuance (the pokie will behave differently).
  • Try not to choose new pokies. At the time of the release of the new pokies, despite the declared RTP (return to player percentage), it takes much more money than it gives out, forming a prize pool for winning. It is better to wait for a few months.
  • Choose your favourite pokies and analyse them in the demo mode. Spend more time investigating them in demo mode and less for real money gambling. 
  • Do not play for the last money and do not borrow money for gambling.
  • Choose only trusted Australian online casinos for real money gambling. In this case, we can help you in a difficult situation. Check out their list, by clicking on the link below:

Where to play?

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