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Is it worth playing at the new Australian casino pokies 2024?

Is it worth playing at new Australian casino pokies?
Is it more profitable to play in a newly released pokie for real money? Or is it better to wait until the prize pool be formed, and the developers will correct any mistakes (if there are)? How to understand its profitability? Is it worth playing in a new Australian online casino? These are the questions we will discuss in this article.

Many providers announce the release of new pokies in advance. Usually, after several months punters know the name of the pokie, saw the screenshots, watched the promo video and have a detailed description of the future pokie. How can you understand how profitable the new pokie is and whether is it worth playing in it "for real money" on the first day of release?

Determining the mood of an online pokies

  • Play pokies for free
    First, try playing a few cycles (100-150 spins) in free mode. In this case, be sure to change the total bet (the value and number of coins). For example, a bet of 10 coins worth A$0.01 will be equal to a bet of 2 coins at A$0.05. Pokie can behave quite differently.
  • Be sure to find out the RTP (return to player percentage). It is listed on the free casino pokies page of our website. The higher RTP is, the more profitable pokie is on the long distance. It is important for you to know about how to get a positive mathematical expectation of winning, you need to choose pokies with RTP (percentage of the return) 97% or more
  • Explore the hidden data on the pokies, review pages: volatility, the probability of bonus features, tester's review and recommendations.
  • It will be useful to search for a new pokie's technical data: the volatility of winning and the length of the cycle.
  • If you want to play in a new pokie with a progressive jackpot, we will recommend that don't. The percentage of pay-out in this pokies will be significantly lower, and the chance to win the progressive jackpot will end at zero.


Spring Break
Usually, all new pokies have similar "weakness" that can be pretty easily diagnosed. In such a situation, you can save a lot of money.

  • The newly released pokies in an Australian online casino do not have money in "the prize pool". The random number generator will make the proper adjustments, assuming that the pokie is cold. Negative expectation will not give players a chance to make a big win before they lose more.

  • A new pokie may not be appropriately configured. Roughly speaking, the first several days, the pokie is in the beta test. The probability of failure or erroneous accrual of the winning is much higher than usual. Read about: operation failure in the pokies will void all the winning.


We recommend that do not play in new pokies in the first 4-7 weeks after their release. In our opinion, this way you will save money while the pokie increases statistics and accumulates funds. If you cannot avoid a new pokie, then you must test in free mode.

The update from September 2017. It seems that some of the most famous providers are increasingly willing to get a quick profit for their online. Visually, new pokies no longer give any advantage to punters in the first months of their existence, but they simply take money, while filling the prize pool.

Where to play?

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