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A new account at an Australian online casino, is a way to win?

A new account at an Australian casino, is a way to win?
We are getting many e-mails from players. First of all, we want to express gratitude for the active feedback and interesting questions. Today we received an e-mail from a casino punter with the following subject: "Is there a connection between opening a new online casino account and the chances of winning money?". The player describes the theory according to which after registering a new account and loading a pokie, the chances of getting a big winning is much higher than the chances of winning of regular punters who make frequent deposits. Is it true?

We had already mentioned this topic when we talked about the classification of players by providers software. Today we are going to closely consider whether this is true and back our opinion with statistics. Below you will find a table with the amount of winning and the number of game sessions:

The winning amount $ Number of sessions
200 1
540 4
820 3
239 2
12874 5
8956 4
72500 2
320 1
154 1
870 4
1900 4
230 1
350 1
2500 4
12800 2

When you play at the Australian casino for the first time the chances of winning are higher

The essence of this theory comes down to registering new accounts with various Australian online casinos and hitting a nice winning in the first game session.

Bets range from $10 up to $25 per spin. Choosing the pokie is by the rules of selecting a winning pokie. We suggest you read the following statistics for real money play. The data is taken from our testing team archive and is relevant to 2021:

  • Amounts of 1 to $350 were mainly won in the first game session for real money.
  • Amounts of up to $72,500 were won in the second session.
  • Up to $820 were hit in the third.
  • Up to $2,500 in the fourth.
  • And up to $12,874 in the fifth session of the game for real money.

The arguments for the theory

Looking through and classifying the data obtained, we noticed those punters, who have just signed up with an Australian casino and made their first deposit, usually end their game session with money in their accounts. According to our observations, the following are the most often conditions:

  • The players had no account at any of the Australian casinos. Otherwise, the software would "remember" the personal data of the punter. You can learn more about the classification of players.
  • Players were spinning the reels of one single poke.
  • They won up to 200% of the initial deposit.
  • The total bet didn’t exceed 5% of the account balance.
  • The punter didn’t take a bonus, and the game wasn’t subject to wagering requirements.

Arguments against

Now let’s move away from the dreams and get back to reality. The harsh reality is that if this indeed works, then the developers would have long been neutralised. Many punters are very observant and try to discover different patterns of the behaviour of pokies or the software the online casino is using. On the Internet, many misleading articles claim that players certainly will win in the first five minutes of the game. Most punters are familiar with this strategy of scam.

If this system were working, operators would have suffered many losses, and players would have found the best way to win at Australian online casinos. Issuing welcome bonuses would not be profitable, it’s likely that they use bonuses as a marketing strategy to catch the attention of players. This is especially evident with the ongoing active bonuses and wagering requirements. Quite often you will win a large amount at the beginning of completing the bonus wagering requirements, but you will gradually lose the balance at the end of it.


It is likely that for truly new players (with unique personal data), in fact, it is enabled some algorithm that slightly reduces the rate of losses and increases the potential winning. In any case, this process is controlled and does not bring any tangible results for the punters. Please note that all winning players, who spread successful sessions with the biggest winners on YouTube, play in the same online casino, without registering new accounts. But, as always, it's up to you.

Where to play?

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