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At what bets to play at pokies in 2024?

At what bets to play at pokies?
We are constantly receiving a lot of questions from our visitors. Many of them have asked us to tell them what pokies are best to play and at what bets? In this article, we are going to discuss the profitability of different denominations rates on pokies and their effectiveness based on some criteria.

Are the pokies fair?

As far as we know (our testing team indirectly confirms it), some of the provider's software adheres to the following fundamental principle - offering equal conditions for all punters and integrity of the gameplay. Since online casinos don’t have access to the pay-out settings of pokies, the gambling process is fully controlled by the provider itself.

However, it's widely known that the top priority of all software providers is to catch the eyes of as many players as possible and keep them busy playing their pokies, better forever, in reality, until they run out of money. But which are the favourable stakes, and how much profit a punter can win? We think the answer is obvious - an amount that the software is ready to pay.

The distribution of the prize fund

Let’s assume that the prize pools of different pokies are formed on each coin denomination separately. If it is not, then high-rollers will never get big winning because players who are betting with denominations between A$1 and A$10 are present in much bigger numbers than those who play in the range of A$10 - A$100. Let's assume that each pokie is comprised of several prize funds:

  • Payments to punters who are betting from A$0.1 to A$10.
  • Average players who play with the middle stakes - from A$10 to A$50.
  • High-rollers who play at maximum bets.

What denominations the software prefers

Minimum Bet
We are going to discuss each of the above-mentioned bets and consider their strengths and weaknesses. The following recommendation is common to all of them:

Stakes from A$0.1 to A$10

€7.5 betting Ammount
It is time to mention the denominations of up to A$10 per spin. A significant number of punters are playing at the same time with these rates. It is important to understand that all pokies are located on the servers and players play the same pokie no matter in which Australian online casino they have launched it. Read more about this: How do pokies work? The common aspects of this nominal bet rate are:

  • If you have an active bonus, then you'll win a significant amount of money quite often before completing the wagering requirements, then you will lose it (closer to the end).
  • When playing at rates of up to A$10, you will often fall into a series of permanent wins or losses.

Stakes from A$10 to A$50

12 in Bets
In our opinion, these stakes are the most profitable at an online casino. After studying the statistics provided by our testing team, we have determined that the most massive winning was hit in situations where we have a bet between A$20 and A$45 per spin. So, we can say that the betting range between A$10 and A$50 is the most profitable. Features of normal limit:

  • Remember that you cannot use these bets if you have an active bonus. Therefore, all bonus hunters are excluded from the "drawing" of the prize pool and the chances of a big win are significantly increased.
  • There is a chance to trigger a big win.
  • Statistically, with these stakes, our testing team has won large amounts in the real money mode.
  • Follow the rule of 100 total bets. Briefly, it goes like this: in your money balance, you should have enough money to cover 100 bets. For example, if you are wagering A$25 per spin, you must have a minimum of A$2,500 in your  Australian online casino account (depending on the volatility of the pokie. Higher the volatility is more money you need to have in reserve).

Stakes from A$50 to A$200

We believe that only a few hundreds of punters from around the world can seriously play with these bets. The software has a unique feature: if a new player makes a large deposit, and starts playing big (and his data is not present in any online casino). The software recognises him as a VIP punter (Learn more about the classification of the players by the software) and gives him a big win to keep him for the future loses during high-rolling. When you play at high stakes, have these tips in mind:

  • You must have enough money in your account to cover 200 bets in total. That is, if you are wagering A$100 per spin, you must have A$20,000 (minimum) in your balance. Having smaller amounts in the account, without any transaction history, the odds for big winnings will be poor.
  • Do not claim bonuses. Many Australian online casinos impose restrictions on the maximum cash-out amount with an active bonus. Wagering A$200 per spin and winning A$10,000 with an active bonus with a max cash-out restriction means that you can use only cash-out a max of A$5,000 of your winnings.
  • Select pokies with high RTP and short (fast) game cycles.
  • Do not play new pokies at high bets.

Where to play?

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