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Hot Choice pokie

Hot choice pokie is the interesting machine on a standard (for Amatic company) theme of fruits and sevens. This pokie will not surprise you with anything new. However, it will force you to be under stress and to feel strong emotions during the game process. We recommend that you play at this pokie for free in a demo mode at the top of this page.

hot choice slot

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Also, we have posted feedback and recommendations of the testers` team about this pokie below to get acquainted. If you decide to play in it for the real money, then we will recommend you Fastpay casino with the no-hassle withdrawal of a winning.

Feedback and recommendations from the testers` team about Hot Choice pokie 

Hot Choice is a representative of the classic pokies, but with more interesting functionality, due to the possibility of choosing a multiplier and a number of free spins in the bonus game. The maximum winning is 4500x (five symbols of "7" in the free spins feature if you choose a multiplier x9)

  • Hot choice pokie often gives out pay lines with the insignificant winnings, which vary in a range from 0.5x to 10x bets in the usual spins. In addition, this pokie tries to compensate for long series of spins without any winning by issuing more expensive combinations in the range from 15x to 40x total bets and only sometimes, it gives out the combinations that cost more than 50x. At the same time, this potential of the pokie to give out the maximum winning is limited to 500x per line in the usual spins. Unfortunately, during my testing, I could not get this combination. As far as I know, this machine gives out the symbols and rows, but unlike, from some other pokies of this provider, it happens extremely rare here.
  • It is important to note that you have to wait for a long time for the bonus game at this pokie. Sometimes this wait for them can last more than 100 - 150 spins. In addition, the pokie machine has the potential to issue the bonus game in the first 50 spins and it happens rarely here. Moreover, the issuance of the additional spins is also quite rare at this pokie. Therefore, you should not count on it at the moment of choosing the number of free spins and a multiplier.
  • During this trigger of the bonus game, the player must choose the number of free spins features (from 6 to 15) and the multiplier (from 3 to 9). I must admit that if you prefer a more stable game, then you will need to choose 15 games. In addition, those who are fond of getting the big winning, it makes sense to choose 6 games with the multiplier x9. In my opinion, here almost nothing depends on your choice. During my tests, I concluded that the behaviour of the pokie and a formation of the pay lines are reduced to get a reward in the range of 40x - 80x total bets for any choice. As a result, the big winning is extremely rare here.
  • It is important to note that the double game is available at this pokie. A lot of players prefer not to play it. As for me, I would recommend trying to increase the winning, by using the “pick up ½ winning” feature. By the way, you can use this feature more than once and risk a very small amount, unlike, for example, Novomatic company, where you have to risk the whole amount. I often manage to multiply my rewards up to 128 times or more. First of all, you need to try to follow the regularity of the cards which the pokie is given. It is important to remember that the pokies from Amatic company love the risky players.eed to try to control a certain regularity of the combination of these cards, which the machine gives out. It is important to remember that the pokies from Amatic company love the risky players.

I would not recommend you Hot choice pokie to complete the bonus requirements because it does not keep your balance well, as well as the long wait for the bonus game and the doubtful winning in it. When playing for the real money, we recommend you short game sessions in an attempt to get the bonus game. In conclusion, I would not recommend long game sessions. In our opinion, the long game sessions will be possible here only if your recommended reserve of bets balance must be at least 100 - 150.

Where to play?

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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