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Fresh Fruits pokie

Fresh Fruits pokieFresh Fruits pokie is a clone of Lucky Streak 1 and More Fresh Fruits pokies. Just like the clones, this pokie is fruit-flavoured, without the bonus and free spins. But there are some interesting points in it. Just like the clones, this pokie has a fruit theme, no bonus game or free spins features. RTP - 96%. First, the pokie has 40 pay lines, so the prize combinations will occur often. The lack of bonus features indicates that the entire prize pool is played in the main game. But the multipliers for winning combinations are not impressive. Read the testers team review and play the pokie to make your conclusion about it. After all, the classics will always remain in fashion.

Review and recommendations from the testers team

  • This pokie does not differ from clones in wins. So, in the main game, the pokie makes quite a long series of spins without winning combinations, because despite the stacked symbols issuance and a large number of lines, combinations in most spins are, let's say, "crooked". The average win on the pokie is 2x-15x bets, and less often, it gives out more expensive combinations costing 20x-50x bets. Despite the potential to give winnings up to 1000x bets, the pokie poorly realizes it, in my opinion, and the real possible winnings are much smaller and amount to 150x-300x bets.
  • The risk game in this pokie is the card game (classic).

In my opinion, Fresh Fruits pokie still has lower variance, and unlike its clones, often gives out inexpensive winning combinations; but, it has a lower potential for issuing big wins. Despite the fact that the pokie only sometimes keeps the balance badly, I wouldn’t recommend it for games with bonus money, so I’ll leave only neutral recommendations. When playing with real money, I would recommend only short game sessions.

Risk game

  • The only additional feature is a risk game.
  • After every winning the player can decide to double it.
  • It is necessary to choose one of four cards.
  • If this card is higher than the first one, you get a doubling of the winnings.
  • But in case of failure, you will be left without the last prize.
  • You can increase one win several times in a row.

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