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Little Panda pokie

Little Panda pokie
At first glance, Little Panda pokie gives a pleasant impression. The pokie has nice look, a large number of pay lines (1024), free spins and the potential to give out a super mega big win not only during the bonus game but also the main one. This pokie did not disappoint during testing. RTP - 96%. Endorphina has many good pokies. Today we want to introduce Little Panda pokie. It is dedicated to the cute panda who loves Chinese culture very much. So, this lovely animal can bring you a maximum winning of 3000 coins. On the five reels, you will see the Chinese Yin-Yang sign. It triggers free spins with the special abilities of the wild symbol.

The provider put 1024 ways for the formation of winning combinations and offers to bet up to 400 coins. Additional winning combinations are formed thanks to the wild symbol. All winnings can be increased with the risk game. Before you start the game process, be sure to read all the rules.

Review and recommendations from the testers team

  • During the main game; in a short session, the pokie still holds the balance badly due to the low price of most winnings issued by the pokie, which vary within 0.5x-5x bets, and also due to the quite long series of spins without winnings that the pokie makes. In an average session, the pokie still compensates for the loss of balance, by issuing more expensive combinations, the cost of which varies within 15x-40x bets, and also issues bonus games, which helps the pokie keep the balance well. At the same time, the pokie realizes quite well the potential to issue a big win, and during testing, in the main game, it was possible to get combinations worth 200x-300x total bets and the maximum winning stated by the developer was 1822.5x bets (in the main game!).
  • This pokie quite often gives bonus games (free spins), and in most gaming sessions it happens in series of 2-3 bonus games, although in a number of gaming sessions a one-time payout with an interval of 30-180 spins was observed.
  • Due to the issuance of retriggers for 2 or more scatter symbols, this pokie is no less generous, and in a number of gaming sessions, it was possible to get more than 80 spins from the initial 8-15, although it cannot be said that this happens in each bonus game, and there are entire bonus game series without a re-trigger.
  • It is extremely difficult to predict winnings on this pokie since its behaviour is quite ambiguous. Given the potential of the pokie, as well as the fact that the wild symbols give out multiplayer x2 and x3, it is able to give winnings of several thousand bets, but the pokie does not often realize this potential. In a number of gaming sessions, the winnings in the bonus game did not exceed 3.5x–8x bets, and the average value was 15x–25x bets. In other sessions, we managed to get a whole series of winnings of 200x - 450x bets. In any case, as I said above, often, even small winnings are enough to compensate for the losses in the main game and to keep the balance quite well, but you need to carefully monitor the pokie’s behaviour since sometimes it drastically changes, and this affects the return and the balance.
  • The risk game on this pokie is a card game (classic), which you can find more about here.

This pokie can be considered both for games with bonus and real money. Short game sessions (up to 100 spins) are not recommended unless a bonus game has been issued and even though medium and long game sessions are recommended, you should carefully monitor the pokie behaviour and its return.

Bonus features

  • Yin-Yang symbol triggers the free spins feature.
  • Three scatters activate 8 free spins.
  • Four scatter symbols will give 15 free spins.
  • Five Yin-Yang triggers 20 free spins.
  • Please note that the wild symbol during the free spins feature has an additional multiplier - x2 or x3.
  • In the feature, you can increase the number of free spins by two to five scatters.
  • By the way, two scatter symbols trigger 5 spins.

Where to play?

  • The best Australian online casino to play Little Panda pokie is Fastpay, 100% trusted operator. Moreover, they will send the money super-fast (1-5 minutes), no-hassle withdrawals and will provide excellent customer service.

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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