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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Kamen Valev is BNC's site key-account manager, supervising the Australian market. Well adapted to the fast-moving casino environment and with the capacity to analyze the Australian gambling arena's unique trends, he is committed to broader responsibility, dedicating himself to players' awareness. Mr Valev is in charge of organizing, aligning, and standardizing the web-content, and the harmonious construction of our total web showcase. 'Swimming' in tasks like administrating, editing, controlling, and analyzing the full site presence, he is invested in exhibiting realistic present-day content, transforming the gaming scripting elements handily and comprehensively. Leaning on his 15 years' practice at different operations in the casino industry, 4 of which precisely in the online branch of Web-API for Australian users, he is tied in setting up gambling tailor-made support and service. He aims to better the site functionalities and tune them to the explicit Australian market needs.

Operative at our BNC team's fundamental position, Mr Valev has the ambition to constantly render to our Australian web viewers a piece of gripping information in a digestible form. Additionally, he is our 'pokies' mate, disclosing hidden details, advising, and contributing to his 'champion' standpoint on pokies and pokies software. We welcome every suggestion and opinion expression, so please give your comments (concerning our website) via the official form, or personally contact our key-account manager Mr Valev at

Kamen Valev