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Zombie Hoard pokie

Zombie Hoard pokie
The amusing Zombie Hoard pokie from Slingshot Studios (Microgaming) pleases with the original design. And here five reels and nine pay lines. Despite the absolutely small range of the bets (up to 45 coins per spin), you will be able to hit a jackpot in 107,500 coins. There are also bonuses.

Except for special symbols, free spins with a stacked wild symbol and an additional multiplier on prizes x2 are available. But the theoretical return of the bets (RTP) is equal to 95, 29%. Further, you will find a review of a tester and other information about the pokie.

Alternative review of the tester

Microgaming company feat Sling Shot Studios released Zombie Hoard pokie. On 5 a ball scale, I would give this machine a mark of 3+. It was possible to give "4", but I underestimated the assessment because of low RTP – 95.29%. In principle, the pokie plays quite not badly by all sizes of the bet. But you do not hurry to put on large at once, the pokie has only 9 pay lines that’s why winnings are not frequent, but to not bad coefficients. So while choosing the stake, do not forget about "the golden rule – x200", i.e. your balance has to be enough for at least 200 bets.

In the pokie, only two bonus features stacked wild symbols and the "free spins" function which is triggered in two ways. The first way is to catch 3 and more scatters and to collect the second by 30d token (brains). If scatter is caught, then the number of free spins will be such which is displayed on the counter of coins at present (above on the reels), and after the free spins are done, this counter will always begin with 5. The biggest prize here is x2400, for this purpose it is necessary to collect the full wild screen of symbols during the free spins. But there is one not joining, x2400 on the max bet it is 108,000 coins, and in the pokie, it is specified that the maximum winning is 107,500, it is not clear where 500 more coins). And for the rest very interesting pokie, it quite will be suitable for those who gamble for pastime. If you are able to understand what happened with the maximum prize (in what not joining), then at the bottom of this page you can leave a comment and feedback on this game.


  • Size – 5х3;
  • Lines – 9;
  • Volatility – unknown;
  • RTP - 95.29%;
  • The maximum winning is x2400 (the full Wild screen of symbols during the free spins).


Do not forget that in the paytable the prizes at the current bet are always specified. If you put the bet in 45 coins per spin, the pokie gives the prizes provided below.

  • The logo of the pokie will return 300, 2000 or 6000 coins.
  • Brain will deposit your account on 45, 135, 1125 or 4500 coins.
  • Cook monster will present 250, 800 or 2500 coins.
  • Nurse monster will return 200, 600 or 2000 coins.
  • Policeman monster will give 150, 400 or 1250 coins.
  • Waiter monster and the symbol of A offer payments in 75, 150 or 400 coins.
  • K and Q will return up to 300 coins.
  • J and 10 will return 50, 100 or 200 coins.

Bonus features

  • The wild symbol can drop out stacks on reels No. 3 and No. 4 during the usual spins, during the free spins, the wild symbol can drop out on all reels.
  • The FREE SPINS feature. You can trigger free spins in two ways: to catch 3 and more scatter symbols, collect 30 coins (brains). During the free spins, multiplier x2 on all prizes works.
  • While dropping out 3 and more scatter symbols you win the prize and free spins, the number of free spins will correspond to the quantity of already collected coins:
  • 2 scatters – x1 from your bet;
  • 3 scatters – x3 from your stake + free spins;
  • 4 scatters – x25 from your bet + free spins;
  • 5 scatters - x100 from your stake + free spins;
  • On top of reels there is a counter of coins (brains), collect 30 such coins and launch 30 free spins with the multiplier x2 on all prizes. After the end of free spins, the counter of coins will begin from 5 (already collected coins).

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Written by Kamen Valev
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