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Responsible Gambling Limits and Cooling Off In Online Casinos

About responsible gambling limits and cooling off in online casino
Generally speaking, deposit, wagering, loss, and session limits in Australian online casinos are important for any punter with a gambling problem. By the way, this feature is required in the license agreement. However, what do we do when it's more complicated than that? There are still limits so hidden that you may access them only by using the direct links. Sometimes, you may not see them (as in Poshfriends or Playattack). 

Of course, some casinos do not hide anything, and the player may set any of the limits (as in Bitstarz or Fastpay). This feature is available in the account settings. But then, self-exclusion remains the main problem of most online casinos, except for Poshfriends (Casino X and Joy Casino). They do not give a f*ck about the license terms, and they enjoy it).

The problem is that if the players request a self-exclusion forever, then, according to the license agreement, they must be excluded. In this case, reactivating such an account would seriously violate the license terms.

The most over-reached players would profit from that, thus forcing the online casinos to refund the money they lost after reactivation. But if they win, they withdraw the winnings without any problem. More and more casinos keep muddying the water when such a feature is requested. They are just buying some more time. They are asking the player to write a mail. For example, Posh went even further – the manager will contact you. He will contact you tomorrow. Today you are free to lose all your money – you won't be excluded – they will keep repeating the same thing and apologizing for any inconvenience.

What is Casino Self-Excluding?

According to EU regulations, players with a gambling problem should be able to set limits on deposits and losses independently. Also, the punters may exclude themselves from the site clients' database by clicking on the appropriate buttons from their profile or by sending a request to customer support. This is known as Self Excluding. Any of the licensed casinos must accept this at the punters first request. All these restrictions are part of Responsible Gambling and are aimed at pre-empting the problems of players who cannot control themselves while gambling. It is a helpful feature useful to many punters, but as you know, "honey is sweet, but the bee stings".

Why is The Account Blocking

Self excluding
The punters set limits on deposits and losses and even close their accounts for some reason. One of the gambling problem indicators is the brutal disappointment in themselves after a significant loss and that sincere belief that they will no longer be punters. At such moments the players usually ask to close their accounts and delete them from the client's database. It means that the punters will not be physically able to register a new account while using the same information (including IP and physical address) from the previously blocked accounts. The bank cards and the payment systems are also blocked. In other words, the players cannot make any deposits at the casinos they requested the Self Excluding.

Self-Exclude (Ban) My Account Forever

Selfexclude (Ban) my account forever
At Fastpay, I have been following their Live Chat for a while. Often, after losing money, many players:

  • Seek for the villain and don't want to admit they are the ones to blame. You may see one saying "f*ckers, scammers" without realizing it does not improve him. His choice of losing money led him there in the live Chat.
  • The other player is always whining about his bad luck, saying the bonuses and life are trash. Meanwhile, the player has quite a profit in his account balance.
  • There is a group of casino avengers, "account closers":  give me a no-deposit bonus or close my account forever. Please give me the cashback right now, or close the account forever.
  • The players think they may get everything if they keep saying to exclude them. That's trash. The casino grows fast. It gets better and better, and here comes the player that starts whining about having an account. That wasn't me. I didn't mean forever. Unban my account. Some are blackmailing: "open my account, or I will leave bad reviews everywhere." Well, it's interesting enough.
  • As Fastpay online casino grew fast, adding new providers, optimizing their website, and becoming more user-friendly, — many players reconsidered the idea of having an account and, as a rule, 80% of requests are as follows: "I was losing money, and I acted in a bad way. I did not truly mean to close it forever." Well, that's it — you did well. Then, they keep sending requests for weeks. They want their account back.
  • The only way to have a normal life is to close that account because nowadays, you may play even on your phone, and the minimum deposit is 10 AUD. You have to do groceries, but you choose to waste the money in an Australian online casino. It would have worked if all online casinos had followed the rules. I often hear my "colleagues" saying: "what's the point of letting them go?- if you ban them here – they will go somewhere else and lose there. These people have no future, and there's no need to dress in white.

Preliminary Self-Exclusion in New Australian Online Casinos

Curasao license
By the way, some German players do this:

They register, upload the papers and close the account forever. They do not spend a penny there. They follow the new casinos and ban their account there, not leaving the smallest chance to waste money. That would have worked if all online casinos had followed the license rules. That is, if the players are excluded forever everywhere, then they can't technically play in any of the licensed casinos. Of course, people will still be wasting money out there, but that's a different story.

How to Self-Exclude Yourself at Posh (Casino-x, Joy), Playattack and Other Casinos That Use The Same Platform

If you are pretty into it and always want more and more, spending 10± AUD on each spin will be quite difficult to ban yourself at Joy or Casino-x. All your requests will be handled by a VIP manager, who will keep explaining that it is a spontaneous decision and, for example, if you insist — they will exclude you. Such a process may last even two weeks. Then they will call you and ask if all is good and if you want to test a new pokie. What if we give a no-deposit bonus? If that works once and you deposit after such an offer — you are on their hook. They won't mind closing your account. They won't ask you as often, "how are you doing? What's up?".

There is A Manual Strategy:

  • Poshfriends affiliate program
    Aplay, Frank, Joy, and Casino-x are on the same platform.
  • Get double or even two. Register some accounts by entering the same personal details (change just the email).
  • Access your main account and change the password to a random one. Log out without remembering the password.
  • Click "reset password" In 99.9 % of cases, the link won't be generated as their "system" will detect multiple accounts.
  • If you still get the link, copy the mail address and, in settings, filter that address so that all the incoming emails from it will be deleted forever. They won't even reach the spam folder.
  • There is no other way to get banned there. You should "consciously forget" the password without a chance to reset it. And I think you are not a fool to make deposits where you got the doubles. They are trash and won't let you withdraw a single penny. Good luck
  • Play in trustworthy Australian online casinos.
  • Remember that half a step is to win – the other half is to get your winnings.

Disadvantages of The Strategy

MGA license
It may work if they do not have your phone number. They use Skype for such calls, and the incoming number is always different, which prevents you from blocking that number forever.

  • They will try to contact you through all the possible ways: email, phone, telegram, Viber, Whatsapp and, of course, their live Chat.
  • You should be ready for that and delete all the apps (or have a blocklist) where they may reach you.
  • It's worth noting that Posh are surprisingly conscious of breaking the license agreement rules. It's useless to threaten and complain. They are much more concerned about losing a money tree like you than the problems they may have while breaking those rules.
    Fastpay policy regarding self-exclusion is quite simple. If you set a limit, you are the only one who may remove it. But you have to wait seven days for the changes to take effect. The support team will never release or change any limit you have set.
  • As far as we know, the same applies to (Fastpay casino, Bitstarz, and TTR casino). However, the Playamo group (Playamo, Spinia, Betchan) would happily remove any of your limits.
  • It is essential to understand if you set a self-exclusion forever, you won't be able to access it forever.

How to Set Deposit Limits at Fastpay Casino, Bitstarz and Other Direx (Softswiss) Casinos

Deposit limits at TTR online casino
So, to set limits in any Dyrex (Softswiss) casinos, you need to:

  • Log into your account
  • Access the website, use the address of the online casino instead of "casino-website" - casino-website/profile/limits/deposit/edit?period=month
  • For example, to set limits at TTR casino, the link will look like this

If you set a deposit limit, you can cancel it only after seven days. During that period, you will cool down and will not lose. Although, as experience suggests, if the support team acts dingy, they may easily cancel those limits earlier. You should understand they definitely can set limits, but they intentionally complicate the cool-off process, hiding the options of 3 and 6 months, so you lose money.

What Do Casinos Lose After Self-Exclusion Forever?

Money burning
We are going to talk about blatant behaviour. Let's start reviewing the latest events:

  • Poshdeiends (Joy, X) offers scripted (pirated) Novomatics, fooling around that it's their European version and they are different from the original one.
  • Playattack casino group change their terms, so they may close any account anytime, taking the money without explanation.
  • Playattack group is actively and openly banning all the "foreign" streamers from the stream apocalypse race. They show blatant behaviour and close the accounts.
  • Posh comes with new withdrawal limits and the rule of 3 payments a day. All subsequent withdrawals are going to charge a 10% commission fee. Even Accentpay wouldn't carry those fees on deposits.
  • Playamo group starts openly banning a group of players that abuses the bonuses. That's how it works: the player gets an email with a bonus. If the player loses — it's okay if he wins and has a bonus rating (deposit-bonus ratio) of more than 50%. Then the account is closed, the winnings are taken, and the player may continue playing, but this time with no bonuses. At the same time, the player can't individually get any info on his bonus rating—a spit in your face.
  • A new "super" Spinia casino, part of the Playamo group, is born. Their withdrawal limits are 5000 AUD a month, but if the account is limited, it's up to 1000 AUD. If you win 20k, you'll keep playing them for four months or wait two years like a fool to withdraw them.
  • So why these giants (they have quite a share out there) have come to the idea that they may shamelessly get even more, not giving a f*ck about their rating.

"Mayhem" Reasons

I think it's a lack of interest in some Geos (Russia, Ukraine etc.). These would be the main reasons:

  • If there is no way to deposit using a bank card, — 95% of players are limited to Qiwi or Yandex, which charge the casino 10% on deposits.
  • The value of the average player is down. It still was lower than any other player, but now it's even much lower. This is due to the inability to purchase due to economic and political problems and the closure of 4k casino websites and their affiliates. And the web traffic is not the same as it was before.
  • It isn't easy to work under these circumstances. One thing is to pay 100AUD for a player and hopes that he will play a year or two — and the other thing is guessing how long a payment processor like Qiwi or Yandex will last.
  • New mirrors and mailings are always required because they are hunted down and blocked.
  • YouTube has banned casino streamers. The web traffic is not as before—no more drunk faces of popular streamers. The sad faces moved to Twitch, which would not convert even a quarter of that traffic. Moreover, a few days ago, the Gambling Commission of Great Britain noticed that streamers are streaming casinos that are not licensed in the UK. So the chance they are banned there, too, is relatively high. The affiliate program will stop working once there is no traffic.
  • Summing up, these casinos do not believe in such markets and thus do not even give a f*ck about their rating. You have this special opportunity to see who is who: no whims, not many faces, no secret plans.
  • Imagine the profit of a casino that cheats on each player once. Many communities disappeared: the forums are constantly being banned, and not all have the patience to find mirrors or deal with VPNs.
  • Play in trustworthy casinos, where the players are treated well without cheating.
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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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