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How to Stop Playing Pokies

How to Sto Playing Pokies
How to Break Free from Pokies - G'day, mate! Many online casino goers are keen to learn the answer to this burning question, especially if they've noticed an insatiable thirst for gambling. Some punters might not even see the pokies as a problem, but there's every chance it's hiding in plain sights, like a sneaky drop bear. To start kicking this addiction to the curb, it's important to know the tell-tale signs. Players must acknowledge the possibility of gambling addiction and utilise expert advice to tackle it effectively.


Signs of a Gambling Problem

Gambling addiction, like an overpriced Aussie beer, is a psychological dependence involving a strong craving for gambling games. The player starts to lose touch with what truly matters - money, mates, and the family BBQ. The most common forms of this disorder are computer gambling addiction and online casino gaming.

Addiction comes in three distinct stages, like a cricket match:

  • Just a Nibble - The punter has a growing urge to gamble. Most folks don't even consider fighting the addiction at this early stage.
  • The Boomerang Effect - The game becomes an out-of-control habit. It's hard for the player to avoid the pokies, and they start believing in the big win. If treatment begins at this stage, tackling the problem is easier.
  • Full-blown Bushfire - The player experiences intense emotional excitement during the game. They're glued to the online casino, and even when they take a break, they're strategising their next pokies move. Battling this final stage of gambling addiction is tough and often requires expert help.

Specific signs mark the emergence of this addiction. If even one of these signs rings true, it's time for the gambling fan to take a hard look at their behaviour and address the issue head-on.

Common signs:

  • Pokies become the centre of attention, and the player constantly thinks about them;
  • The desire to escape from the game vanishes as soon as a new round of spins starts, giving the player an emotional high;
  • A loss of interest in many familiar pleasures - favourite hobbies, mouth-watering grub, and sweet treats;
  • Inability to pinpoint when the gameplay ends;
  • Dodging chats with mates and loved ones;
  • Shortened snooze time.

At the onset of the addiction, the player might not show aggression when pulled away from the game. However, in the final stage of dependence, they may become as aggressive as a hungry croc towards anyone daring to tear them away from the pokies.

Here are some tips to help you quit the pokies

Discussing how to quit pokies with family and friends might be as useful as a chocolate teapot, particularly when dealing with a severe addiction. Expert advice tends to work best during the second stage of gambling addiction when the problem isn't as deeply rooted and doesn't require a trip to a medical specialist.

Fess Up About Your Pokies Problem

Owning up to yourself and others about your pokies problem is like taking the first leap into the billabong. The sooner you acknowledge the issue, the quicker you can take effective action to halt the growth of gambling addiction.

Dodge the Temptation

Dodging temptation is as easy as giving up the internet, but that's nearly impossible for a modern bloke or sheila. The snag is that we're all using the internet daily, reading news, and utilising various programs for work and study.

However, there's a ripper solution - self-restriction options offered by licensed casinos. These options let you temporarily limit access to your account and then unlock your personal cabinet later. Experts reckon you should stick to licensed online casinos, like a kangaroo to the outback.

Ponder the Consequences

If you spot a problem, think about the fallout of continued unchecked play. Remember, the addiction impacts the player and their surroundings - family, mates, and close pals.

If the issue snowballs, the player will surely kiss their hard-earned cash goodbye. Die-hard gamblers won't quit the pokies even when they're up to their eyeballs in debt and borrowing from friends and family. In reality, the family's financial stability is on the line. Ask yourself, will this situation bring joy to the player? Every punter constantly spinning reels at online casino sites should ponder this question.

Discover a Pokies Alternative

Finding a substitute for pokies isn't harder than wrestling a croc, even if it means giving up the online casino:

  • Choose family time or hanging out with your better half over firing up the laptop and visiting an online casino site yet again.
  • Head out bush with your mates on your day off, leaving the pokies-playing tablet behind.
  • Engage in lively activities in the evening - hit the bowling alley or dip in the pool.
  • Invite your sweetheart not to the casino but to catch a flick at the cinema.

By finding a pokies alternative, the player will gradually drift away from gambling and return to the pursuits that captivated them before the online slot frenzy.

Use an App to Kick Gambling to the Curb

The App Store has a little ripper called "Gambling Addiction Calendar," designed to help players quit gambling and keep their wallets in check. This app has heaps of handy features:

  • Track money and time saved.
  • Scientifically proven facts as reasons to quit gambling.
  • A customisable cover section.
  • A rewards system for success.
  • A section is offering alternatives to pokies.
  • The ability to add personal reasons to quit gambling.

If you're pondering how to quit pokies, give this app a burl.

Relax and Pamper Yourself

Instead of being glued to your screen, strategising your next pokies move, treat yourself right. Enjoy the great outdoors daily, take a stroll, or get active with a jog or a game of tennis.

Book a massage, visit the sauna, or indulge in a mani-pedi. Any self-care activity can help you unwind and steer clear of gambling woes.

Where to Get Help

Many resources promote responsible gambling. If you're struggling with gambling addiction, here are some ways to avoid worsening the problem.

Join a Support Group

Support groups, led by experts with a heart for gambling addiction, allow players to share their stories anonymously and receive valuable advice. These groups are useful at any stage of gambling addiction, but they're most effective for players who still have some control over their behaviour.

Seek Online Help If You Can't Afford a Clinic

If the problem is deeply rooted, specialised clinics offer the best help. These clinics focus on addictions like drugs, alcohol, and gambling. Modern medicine uses medication and other treatments to combat addiction. However, professional help can be pricey, and players might struggle to afford even basic necessities. In such cases, don't lose hope; some clinics provide online assistance. Chatting with a doctor online can help you tackle the issue without breaking the bank.

Remember, Pokies Addiction Can Be Beaten

Every gambler should keep this in mind - kicking pokies addiction is possible. The key is having the willpower and acknowledging the problem. Never give up! Learn from your mistakes and return to a normal, active life. Life without a gambling addiction is as beautiful as a sun-kissed beach!

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