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Take Charge Of Your Gambling Habit 2024

Take Charge of Your Gambling Habit
No matter what your gambling habit is, whether you bet on sports, scratch cards, roulette, poker or pokies or in a casino, impulsive gambling can destroy relationships, disturb workflow and lead to bankruptcy. It might lead you to other vices like additional borrowing, stealing valuables or money to gamble or pay debts.

Every chronic gambler always thinks they cannot stop, but with the right expert and therapist, you can get over gambling addiction and be in control of your life.

Myths And Facts On Gambling Addiction

Myths Fact
 You have to gamble every day to be an impulsive gambler. You do not need to risk frequently to be an impulsive gambler; you become one when gambling causes problems.
Addictive gambling is not an issue if the gambler can afford it. The problem caused by addictive gambling is just not about finance. Excessive spending on gambling can also lead to job loss, litigation, stealing, mental issues, emotional trauma, anxiety, and broken-relationship, which sometimes lead to suicide.
Every human being always has an urgent issue, and anyone with sufficient intelligence can get over any incidence of addictive gambling. The level of intelligence could not overcome addictive issues. People of all levels of knowledge suffer addiction symptoms.
The family or partner of an addictive gambler is always the cause of the plights of pathological gamblers. Addictive players often downsize their behaviour; they usually blame others for their undoing instead of taking responsibility for their actions and seeking help to overcome the problem.
Addictive gamblers should be helped to offset debts to aid their recovery. Looking for a quick fix to resolve gambling addiction is not the best. Gamblers will likely relapse into gambling, knowing people are there to clear off their mess.

Symptoms Of Addictive Gambling

Psychotherapists usually call Gambling Addiction a Hidden Illness because there are no apparent physical symptoms as found in drug or alcohol addiction. Notwithstanding, gambling addiction symptoms can be noticed in various ways:

  • Secretive Gambling: Gambling in secrecy is whenever you lie about how much you spend in the casino to hide from public opinion about you. It might even be an act of deceiving people that you are playing free games online, even when you are going bankrupt.
  • Reckless Gambling: Reckless is an attitude of difficulty walking away when playing a pokie in a casino or online. You are always compelled to gamble until you have lost your last dollar and even borrow to take a bet.
  • Above Means Gambling: This is a gambling deficiency whereby a gambler spends his last dollar and then moves to wager with your property or steal to satisfy your gambling urge.
  • Chronic Gambling: This happens when you longer have money to pay to take care of your immediate family, even yourself. You also have pilled-up fees, credit cards and bills to settle, making your wife and children undergo underserved pains.
  • A Source of Worry for the Family: Addictive gambling does not cause excessive worry and depression for the victim but also for the family and friends. Whenever they warn, listen to them, it is never a sign of weakness; it is all about your well-being. You can even reach out to them before it is too late to give helping hands in getting over the ruining habit. Do not wait until you gamble away your fortune or property and even go to jail for a crime.


The most effective step to overcoming compulsive gambling agrees with oneself that a psychological issue must be resolved. It would be best to have inner strength and a solid conviction to accept this. Significantly if one has gone bankrupt and has a lot of debts and bills to pay, it might even be worsened if there are relationship issues to be sorted out with family and friends. The truth is if others in your shoes could be break-lose from such a disheartening situation, you can too, and all you need to do is find the inner strength to fight your way out of the gambling woods.

  • Always Be in The Midst of People Who Have Positive Attitude
  • Self-Rehab: After reaching out and joining the right group, your challenges are half-resolved. You need to work on yourself because no one can help you 100% without making a permanent decision and commitment to stop compulsive gambling.
  • Support Group Membership: There are voluntary organisations set up to help addicts. Some organisations set up NGOs in conjunction with ex-addicts of various vices from gambling, sexuality and substance abuse. They have enough experts and consultants who help in handling addictive issues with little or no financial contribution from you. You will associate with people who were in a worse situation than you are and came out as a better person than they were. These people will provide you with guidance and aid you out of your misery.
  • Strengthened Support Network: No one fight any addiction without support. It will become a Herculean Task to fight an intense battle all alone. Therefore, help people within and outside your family and environment. The strength of your network will determine how fast and well you will fight the battle. Never limit your help network to already known people; they might not be of help, especially if you all meet in casinos. Reach out to new people in the neighbourhood; join a sport or social club. Talk to colleagues at work or enrol in an educational class or book society. You can join any voluntary organisation to keep your mind positively busy.
  • Fight Rightly: Always fight any harmful habit in the right way, two wrongs cannot make a right, they say! When you are in a gambling mess coupled with emotional trauma, not drugs or substance abuse will aid your recovery. You cannot cure an ailment by allowing another disease to take over. For instance, if you know, you gamble when you are alone, endeavour to be in the midst of your family and right friends. You can gamble or drink your way out of emotional disaster; you will only end up cause harm to yourself. Better and more efficient techniques exist to manage and control your stress, mood swings and other emotional deficiencies. Engage in practical sports and other relaxation methods.
  • Helping to seek: After you have agreed with yourself that you have issues to fight, seek help from Psychotherapists, family and friends. It will be disastrous if you allow your financial recession to move to depression, drug abuse, stealing, drug abuse or any social vices. These vices will aggravate compulsive gambling and still cause you untold hardship and pain even when you overcome irrational gambling. This is right to fight, do not procrastinate!
  • Stop Visiting Tempting Friends, Websites and Environment
  • Seek Help in Financial Intelligence
  • Replace Gambling with a Healthy Game
  • Follow the Letter and the Therapy Instructions Given to You

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