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Traps of pokies in an online casino

Traps of pokies in an online casinoToday I'd like to talk about the psychological part of the loss in pokies. It is clear that if the pokie returns 95% of the bets, you will lose on the course. Today I would like to explain the phenomenon of massive losses after a big win, the desire of the player to finish the session in the plus and to dispel a few myths about online casinos.

Many players fall into the trap of the pokies, when you can’t stop the game session, even being a little in the red. It is the desire to complete each game session, added to the biggest traps of pokies in the casino for the player. The player will inevitably lose all the money it has access to in times of loss. This phenomenon is the last stage of gambling addiction. Learn more about this disease on the following page:

What pitfalls await the player in pokies?

  • Account verification and the ability to cancel the cashout. You can return the money to the balance at any time and continue the game. The verification process lasts 2-3 days. Only some players can resist the temptation to continue the game.
  • The delaying of payments. Reliable online casinos withdraw the money for 2-24 hours. Questionable institutions may deliberately delay payment for up to 10 days, hoping that the player will cancel withdraw and continue the game.

When you finish the game?

Do you think you have full control of the situation with gambling? Can you easily finish a game while in the black? And it may be a minimal amount (relative to the amount of the deposit). And can you end, if you lose (for example) half of the deposit? Many players will answer in the affirmative, but, as statistics show, very few people can stay while they're in the red.

Moreover, let's imagine a situation, when a player wins 1000 Euros, then losing 200 of them. After winning the player subconsciously considers to be gained by a thousand of their own and losing 200 of them is taken by the player as a loss of personal money and it is difficult to stop again. Learn more about the gambler’s condition after a big win:

What to do?

The following tips and tricks will help you avoid many pitfalls of the pokies and slow the progress of gambling addiction:

  • You needn’t play to the round amounts. If you are satisfied with the result of +€2567, you shouldn’t rest and try to win up to 3000. You can lose ten times more, trying to reach around the mark.
  • You can set some financial goals and stay with them. If you intend to double your deposit, find the strength to stop after doubling it.
  • If you want to continue the game, get the balance that suits you and leaves some for the game. It is important that the player wouldn’t be able to cancel the withdrawal and return the money to your casino account. Decrease your bet and continue the game on balance.
  • Block the access to your account for some time. Not many players know that they can temporarily block your account by contacting our support team. For example, locking the account until the morning or until the full payment of money can save a significant amount and your nerves.

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