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Blood Suckers pokie

This is one of the first pokies developed by Net Entertainment. It offers you the free spins feature with an x3 multiplier and picks and click feature. In this section, we will discuss hidden data of Blood Suckers pokie. The return to the player percentage (RTP) is 98%, which is one of the highest at the Netent line. The same is with the wagering rating (6.4). Blood Suckers is one of the best pokies for completing bonus wagering requirements and used by many bonus hunters. Here you can play the demo mode for free and without registration. If you like this pokie, you should try the second part of it - Blood Suckers 2.

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Personal opinion of the tester

First, let's mention that to win big here you will have to bet a lot. There are winning streaks but in middle mode the pokie not performing any mega winnings. You can try to put 1/50 of your balance here to increase the volatility. Blood Suckers pokie usually shows its mood from the very beginning. We suggest you do 100-200 testing spins via minimum stake and decide whether to continue, depending on the result. Like a secret you can use the following: if you are playing via maximum level (max number of coins) and do not see the 4000 coins vampire during the pick and click feature (when picking is over) - it is a good reason to shut down this pokie in the current session. Blood Suckers is suitable for fulfilling the bonus wagering requirements. The wagering rating is 6.4 from a maximum of 10. Here you will find high RTP (98%). This number is one of the highest in the Netent pokie line. It keeps 84% of the pool for winning during the usual spins, and the rest can be received in the bonus and the free spins features. The probability of a hit (getting any winning) in the next spin is 44.52%. The free spins feature gives x3 multiplier. The "Pick and click" bonus feature allows you to choose a vampire with a prize of 4,000 coins (while playing at the maximum betting level). Play this pokie with stakes of A$10 (A$20, A$30, A$40, A$50, and so on). Be sure to try Blood Suckers 2 pokie.

Review and recommendations by the testing team

This pokie is very popular among many punters. Despite its outdated graphics, sound and gameplay, it is very exciting and quite comfortable to play. However, it is appreciated, not for that, but for its ability to keep the balance and to increase it sometimes.

  • In the main game, the pokie keeps the balance, by quite often giving out winning combinations. This happens generally in two scenarios; it gives winnings for almost every spin, but not with big amounts (just above the stake value), or gives a series of 5 - 10 spins without a win, and then compensates for this with an expensive combination.
  • Bonus games are triggered very often (it should have been the same in other NetEnt pokies), but the wins they give is not significant and can only keeping balance while waiting for free spins.
  • Bonus games are triggered under several scenarios:
  • A) One combination with 40x total bets win, and the rest is not significant. Accordingly, the potential winning here is about 50x total bets.
  • B) Two winning combinations of 18x total bets and the rest is not significant. Accordingly; the potential for total winning here is about 40x.
  • C) All winnings combinations are not significant, and the winning in such a bonus is no more than 10x - 15x total bets.
  • Quite often, the pokie puts the winnings in the amount of 40x total bets, in the lower right corner.
  • The potential for free spins on this pokie is high. During free spins, it often gives out a big win from good combinations, and the win here can be 100x - 300x total bets. Of course, as in any pokie from this provider, there are free spins with lower total winnings, but considering the balance in the main game and the frequency of the bonus game, you can wait for free spins with high winnings.
  • Usually, the pokie gives free spins with a frequency of 2 - 3 bonuses in a series, but the intervals between the series can be quite high and number to 200 - 300 spins.

This pokie is recommended for games with bonus money. It is quite simple to play the wager, but it needs to be felt (if it is hot or cold) because, in some game sessions, the pokie spins for a long time in the main game without winnings.

Netent declares the following probabilities

  • The RTP (return to player percentage) is 98%. Of these: in the usual spins 52% is paid, during the free spins feature - 12,9%, as payments from scatter symbols - 13% and in pick and click bonus feature is 20,1%.
  • The probability of getting any winning in the current spin (including scatter symbols) is 46.4%. The winning on any pay line is 42.9%. Any win with scatter symbols is 6.1%.
  • The probability of falling out of 3 or more scatter symbols and triggering of the free spins feature is 0.5% (statistically, every 200th spin).
  • The probability of triggering the pick and click bonus feature is 2.1% (every 50th spin).
  • The maximum winning (per line) is 90,000 coins (A$ 45,000). In the usual spins is 30 000 coins, during free spins - 90 000 coins, in the pick and click bonus feature - 20 320 coins.

The hidden parameters and settings of Blood Suckers pokie (testing results)

  • The frequency of triggering the bonus free spins feature is statistically every 191st spin (0.52%).
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 44,52%.
  • The distribution of winnings is 84% during the usual spins and 16% in bonus features. Please note, that this data dramatically differ from numbers that Netent declares. 
  • The maximum winning during the tests was 262x. Just imagine, we have won only 262 bets during 45000 spins. The winning potential of Blood Suckers is very low.
  • The average winning from the bonus feature was 31x. Here is mixed data from the free spins feature winnings and pick and click feature winnings. All winning potential is focused on the free spins feature, so pick and click winnings (in fact) are less.
  • Volatility is 4,16 out of 20 (low). It will be tough to hit a big win here. During usual spins winning potential is close to 0 and pick and click feature will deliver only if the player will be lucky enough to find 4000 coins vampire. 
  • The cycle length is short. It wouldn't take a lot of spins to pass through all the cycle and win back half of your losses.
  • The rating of the pokie for bonus wagering is 6,40 out of 10. Bonus hunters can use Blood Suckers for completing bonus wagering requirements.
  • RTP of 98% allows obtaining a positive mathematical expectation of winning in the casino. This is one of the highest RTP at all Netent pokies.

Free spins feature

  • Three or more Scatter symbols trigger ten free spins.
  • During the free spins, all winnings are tripled (except the re-trigger and the bonus feature winnings).
  • The bonus feature can be triggered during the free spins feature. It can be re-triggered.
  • The bonus spins are played at the same bet as the round of betting that triggered free spins.

The pick and click bonus feature

  • 3+ symbols of a coffin, from left to right on the active line, trigger the pick and click bonus feature.
  • The player would be moved to the ancient burial chamber, full of sinister coffins.
  • He must open the coffins to find and destroy the vampires.
  • Coins are won for each destroyed vampire.
  • The bonus feature ends when the selected coffin is empty.

How to win at Blood Suckers pokie (conclusion)

For this pokie, we (and many other punters) can write with days. Remember to test the pokie in demo mode before you make a real deposit. But if you want to throw yourself directly in gambling, we suggest you start with small bets, usually, the pokie shows the mood (Hot or Cold) from the very beginning. In fact, it is so popular, that very rarely you will find it in a "Cold mood". During our testing, we notice that its behaviour is changing with the buttons "Spin" and "Max Bet", so you can also try this strategy here. The recommended stakes are 1, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 etc. But do not expect big winnings on small bets, as you will have to put higher bets to win significant prizes. Talking about the huge winnings, to catch them, you will have to be patient enough to trigger the free spins feature, as the biggest potential of the pokie is there. The bonus hunters can use it to fulfil the wagering requirements.

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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