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Hooks Heroes pokie

After watching films featuring Captain Hook, a lot of people decided to become pirates and go on a voyage around the world. The unusual story inspires Netent's developers for new Hooks Heroes pokie.

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The RTP (return to player percentage) is 96.9%. Well, test this pokie in the demo mode for free and win up to 194,800 coins right now. On this page, you will find the hidden data of Hooks Heroes (volatility, the probability of triggering the free spins feature and testers review).

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Personal testers opinion about Hooks Heroes pokie

This pokie is very "straight". If you see that is taking your money away, just shut it down. If you're winning bonuses one after another - make additional 30-50 spins after all action. Hooks Heroes have a 6.4 wagering rating, which is very good for bonus money wagering. The bonus hunters can try to complete here the bonus requirements. The probability of triggering the free spins feature is at the average level and is equal to 0.84% (statistically, every 119th spin). The third part of the total prize pool (31%) will go to the rewards in the features. The 69% of the prize fund is reserved for the winning during the usual spins. The probability of a hit is 29.14%. Due to average volatility, if you want to win something huge, you will have to bet a lot. But if the pokie is cold, at large bets, it forgets that it has features, and it should sometimes give you something to win at least. Try to track the pokie's mood and change your stakes according to it.

Another testers opinion: I'm not sure that I'm right, but it seems to me that Hooks Heroes pokie allow winning something massive only in the beginning. If you will continue playing it will show you the situation like "you were very unlucky". One additional symbol, one different position, one extra wild symbol. Something small will always be between you and big winning. If you try to increase the bet - pokie will start to "eat" your money straightly. All these three features and mini-features for two scatters are created to have fun. All in this pokie is built to take punters money without any chances of hitting the big win.

Review and recommendations by the testing team

The Hooks Heroes pokie by NetEnt comes with an exciting idea, gameplay, graphics and sound. The developers have worked well on it; as it attracts and makes you want to play. But with all this, not being able to have a long gaming session is disappointing.

  • In the main game, the pokie quite often gives out winning combinations, and two scatter symbols trigger 1 free spin fairly often. This free spin always has a bonus feature. Despite so many chances for winning combinations and bonus features, here you will not see often combinations with a win of 15x - 30x total bets. You can't expect a combination with a win above 100x total bets.
  • The pokie triggers a bonus game quite rarely, usually, at the very beginning of the gaming session and then makes a lot of spins until the next bonus. Although of course, sometimes it happens differently and the pokie gives 4 scatter symbols by providing 2 bonus games.
  • The pokie offers 3 bonus features to choose from:
    1. Fairy feature offers 7 free spins with the triggering of 2 to 5 wild symbols. Usually, you should not expect a big win with this bonus. In most spins, the pokie produces 2-3 wild symbols but not on the active line. The average win in this bonus is 10x - 30x total bets. Only in rare cases, it is possible to get a good combination and a win close to 100x total bets.
    2. The pirate feature offers 15 free spins with a rather interesting feature, here, there are no game lines, and the pokie counts the total number of the same characters regardless of their location. In theory, this bonus can give a huge win, but in practice, the pokie gives out combinations of only three symbols and sometimes gives out a combination of four. The potential of a big win and the average win on this bonus practically do not differ from the previous one.
    3. Mermaid feature offers 10 free spins with x2 multiplayer (for combinations without wild symbols) or x4 (for combinations with wild symbols). The potential of the big win and the average value of the winnings also do not differ much from those in the previous bonuses. This bonus gives out good combinations extremely rare.
  • Thinking about the choice of bonus here is useless. In contrast, for example, from the Jungle Spirit Call of the Wild pokie, where the choice of bonus can drastically affect the result, there is a feeling that no matter which bonus you choose, the winning will be approximately the same, although, in theory, the potential of the second bonus is better than the others.

We would recommend playing this pokie with bonus money (it is needed to monitor it's the mood and leave it when it cools down). When playing with real money, we recommend short game sessions to get a bonus in the first 50 spins, since this pokie often gives out bonus features at the start. Longer playing sessions are not recommended.

Hidden parameters and settings of the pokie (data from testing)

  • The frequency of triggering the bonus free spins feature is statistically every 119th spin (0,84%). This number excludes mini-features (one spin) for two scatters.
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 29,14%.
  • The distribution of the winnings (total) is 69% in the usual spins, and 31% is reserved for the bonus free spins feature. These numbers include mini-features for two scatter symbols.
  • The maximum winning during the tests was 84x. This is an insufficient number for the pokie with a 4,91 volatility rating.
  • The average winning from the bonus feature was 36x. This is a low number too.
  • Volatility is 4,91 out of 20 (average). It seems that Hooks Heroes was created for fun play only.
  • Cycle length is average (stretching - increasing with the number of spins).
  • The rating of the pokie for the wagering is 6,40 out of 10.
  • RTP of 96.9% allows getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning at the casino.

Description of the pokie

If you have ever thought that it is cool to be a part of Captain Hooks` crew rather than Peter Pan`s, well now you can definitively find this out.  Thanks to the "Hooks Heroes" one of the recently released online pokies from NetEnt Company. You will embark on a high-seas adventure where you must gather a pirate crew to help you carry out an act of revenge on Peter Pan, and you will win prizes for every pirate you employ. You will also get the opportunity to play some excellent bonus games covering Wild Captain Hook, a Mermaid Feature, Fairy Feature, and Pirate Feature, and also scattered free spins feature.


  • Maximum possible winning per single spin - 900x
  • Wild symbol - yes (Captain Hook)
  • Scatter - yes (Crocodile)
  • Free spins - yes (3 modes of free games at a choice of the player from 3 scatters)
  • Special features — yes (3 features, are launched by two scatter symbols)
  • The expected payout percentage RTP - 96.9%

How to win at Hooks Heroes pokie? (conclusion)

Like any pokie, it's best to test in demo mode before you start playing with real money. We think that will not be difficult to define the "mood" because if it takes your money straightly at the very beginning of your session it means it is "cold". Good tactics you can use: If you triggered a few bonuses in a short period of time, do 30-50 spins more and then change the game. Make your bets according to the "mood" of the pokie - low on "cold" and higher if you think it's "hot". The recommended sessions are short, we think it's more possible to hit something good at the beginning than in a long game. The pokie is good for wagering bonus money (6.4 out of 10).

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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