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Jumanji pokie

The «Jumanji» legendary blockbuster thanks to NetEnt company, is transferred to the machine's reels. The developer has created Jumanji pokie with the best settings and innovative features. Today the theme of travel and adventure is popular among people. They love to travel and explore the world. You will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of bonus features here.

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These are stacked wild symbols from rhinoceros and crocodiles, the re-spins feature, special function from monkeys and the original bonus game. The first and fifth reel has 3 cells, the second and fourth - 4, and the central reel 5 cells. The pay combinations are formed on 36 pay lines. RTP is 96.33%. On this page, you can try the demo mode for free.

Review and recommendations from the testing team

This pokie is a very colourful and exciting pokie, with a lot of diverse gameplay.

  • This game can deliver a lot of pleasure and pleasant impressions, but at the same time bring a lot of trouble.
  • In the usual spins, the pokie makes many spins without winning combinations, and the combinations that are issued, usually, give the minimum winning, due to which there is a periodic loss in balance. Periodical combinations compensate these losses with a win of about 20x total bets, or random activation of one of the bonus features, which also gives winnings of about 15x - 25x total bets, or triggers the free spins feature. In general, if the pokie does not give out the winnings from the start of the gaming session, if you have less than 50-60 bets comes with the risk of losing everything, but with more than 100 stakes in your balance, the risk of loss is minimized, and even with small losses, the pokie compensates and possibly brings in a plus.
  • Bonus games on this pokie are rarely triggered. It should be said that during the usual spins there is often a random trigger of one of the bonus features, then the bonus triggering increases and the wait gets longer, and if the random trigger of the bonus features do not occur or is rare, then most likely a bonus will soon be issued.
  • Triggering a bonus game on this pokie does not guarantee free spins, and it is common to see bonuses winning only coins (small winnings within 1x - 10x total bets) or one of 4 possible bonus games. The triggering of all four bonus games on this pokie is common.
  • VINES FREE SPINS can potentially bring quite huge winnings, by sticking the symbols involved in the winning combination and, accordingly, if it is many top symbols, the winnings will be very high. In practice, only the lowest symbols are stuck, and if the top symbols are stuck, the pokie delivers them badly, especially considering the small number of playing lines. The sticking of wild symbols gives a second chance for a big win, and these symbols are stuck during the free spins, but their triggering is upsetting and, usually, it’s hard to get all of them in a good amount. The average win in this feature is 20x - 40x total bets.
  • MONSOON FREE SPINS also have a high potential for huge winnings, due to the falling of one or two wild symbols that cover the reels. If the symbols in the remaining reels are the same, you can get a win of 100x total bets or more, but in practice, this happens extremely rarely. This, with a few active lines, makes it impossible to get a big win. The average win in this bonus is also 20x - 40x total bets.
  • MONKEY FREE SPINS do not have the potential of a huge winning. The average winning on this feature is 10x - 20x total bets.
  • STAMPED FREE SPINS, unlike the previous bonus features, have a higher potential, but at the same time, this pokie is practically incapable of delivering a huge win. With each spin, we get from 4 to 9 random wild symbols, which, considering the 19 game cells, is not so much, and even with 9 wild symbols, the winnings may be small, but can also be quite huge. The average win is 20x - 40x total bets.
  • The average value of a total win for a bonus depends on the number of free spins received, and the winnings they give is about 40x - 120x total bets.
  • Positive recommendations can be made for games with bonus money, since the pokie is not quite bad at keeping the balance, and small periodic losses are compensated. While playing with real money, we would give neutral recommendations, since the pokie was created more for entertainment than winning, due to the lack of potential for big wins.

Bonuses from Jumanji

During the game, you can get 4 special features that are triggered randomly.

If you received a winning on 2 or more lines and while other features were not triggered, then you will have a chance to launch the «Sticky Vines» feature. The punter is being waited for re-spins. In this case, the symbols that brought the winning, as well as the wild symbol are fixed on the reels. Re-spins are repeated until the pay lines are formed, or the entire field fills the symbol that gave the payment initially.

  • Wild Stampede. You can see a running herd with rhinoceroses after each spin. These animals will turn the few cells with the symbols into wilds. In this case, up to 9 additional wilds can appear on the reels.
  • Monsoon Wilds. This feature will turn 1 or 2 reels into wild ones. As a result, you increase the number of pay lines. Note that there is one exception - this feature does not allow you to turn only the fifth reel into a wild one.
  • Monkey Mayhem. Also, monkeys can attack you after any spin. However, these animals will bring only additional rewards. They mix up the symbols on the playing field to get even more the winning.
  • Three symbols with the logo of the game trigger the bonus game. You are being waited for the real game of Jumanji here. Rhinos will move on the special playing field and will pay the winning. You should pay attention that the number of scatter symbols identifies the number of the available moves. 3 scatters give 6 throws of dice, and 4 and 5 symbols will give 7 and 8 moves respectively. Also, you can win the launch of the bonus features.
  • Vines Free Spins. You will wait for the triggering of 10 free spins if you get to this cell. Each time when you will receive the reward, Sticky Vines re-spins will be launched.
  • Monsoon Free Spins. This bonus gives 7 free spins. Monsoon Wilds bonus acts in them. However, the same reels cannot become wild in two consecutive spins.
  • Monkey Free Spins. Here you will find 6 free spins with the Monkey Mayhem function.
  • Stampede Free Spins. The player will receive 5 bonus spins with the active Wild Stampede feature.
  • Mystery Feature. If your chip falls into the cell with the corresponding inscription, there will be a spinning wheel with the bonus games, the payouts from 2 to 10 coins and the additional throw of the dices in the circle of the game. When the wheel stops, you will receive one of the winnings.

Each of the additional features can be won only once. Therefore, the unplayed bonuses will participate in Mystery Feature.

Bets and the pay lines of the symbols

Now we will find out which winnings are capable of issuing the pokie. The multipliers for the pay combinations that consist of 3 or more identical symbols located from left to right on any of the 36 fixed lines are indicated below.

  • Lion pays 6, 20 or 140 coins.
  • Rhinoceros multiplies the winning by 5, 15 and 50 times.
  • Crocodile symbol can give 4, 10 and 30 coins.
  • Pelican returns 3, 8 and 25 coins.
  • A symbol gives a multiplication of the bet by 2, 4 or 10.
  • K, Q and J symbols deposit the account by no more than 9 coins.


  • Provider – NetEnt.
  • Volatility – low.
  • The RTP (return to punter percentage) is equal to 96,33%.
  • The pay lines are 36 fixed.
  • The available bets are from 0.10 to 200 coins.
  • The maximum winning is 5040 coins.
  • The bonus features are the stacked wild symbols from rhino and crocodile, the re-spins feature, the special function from monkeys and the bonus game.

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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