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Mythic Maiden pokie

By developing Mythic Maiden pokie, NetEnt took into consideration the punters` preferences, among which are the horrors. The pokie's return to the player percentage (RTP) is 96.6%, and the maximum winning per single spin is up to 600 000 coins.

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At the top of this page, you can play the demo for free. Despite massive multipliers during the free spins feature, the volatility rating of Mythic Maiden is only 4,44.

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Personal testers opinion about Mythic Maiden pokie

You can use the "hit and run" strategy (close game after the first positive big winning). Bonus feature with multipliers up to x10 has a massive winning potential. The trap is that usual spins return only 50% of the funds that you are betting. So, you have to choose the stake wisely. Better to have 300 total bets at your balance. In that case, you can trigger the free spins feature for sure. Here we recommend using the multiple bets of A$10. The RTP is 96.6%. Mythic Maiden pokie reserves 46% of the total prize fund to the winning in the bonus feature. The probability of triggering the bonus free spins feature is 0.65% (statistically, every 154th spin). The possibility of getting any win is 37.49%. This pokie is not so prevalent as it was before, but still attracting players. So, in large casinos the prize pool can have a lot of money for super mega winning.

Review and recommendations from the testing team

  • So, in the main game, the pokie is not very active, but still gives out winning, which are usually less or equal, or a little bit higher than the nominal bet value. Bigger winnings on this pokie are quite rare, and the pokie occasionally gives out winning combinations of 15x - 40x total bets.
  • Like on most pokies of this provider, this pokie triggers free spins feature with a high frequency (probably one of the highest) and often in series of 2-3 in a short period. During testing, we had game sessions, where, with a balance of 400 bets, we did not have a single free spins feature, and we lost our entire balance, but there were also sessions where the bonus was triggered after 70-100 spins.
  • The potential of getting a good win in the free spins feature is quite large, and for this reason, the pokie is loved. During free spins, a multiplier up to x10 is active, and accordingly, when issuing an expensive combination with a high multiplier, the pokie can deliver a huge win. But this is more in theory. In practice the average win on the free spins feature was 40x - 80x total bets, for more successful features, was between 150x - 300x total bets.

Although, we can recommend this pokie for games with bonus money; meeting the wagering requirement is quite problematic, but if you want to play it, then it is recommended to have a really good bet balance to have an opportunity to cover with money a long series between the free spins features triggering. It is not recommended to use the tactics of 30-50 spins (for good luck) here, as it rarely gives a free spins feature from the first spins, and there is no reason to expect epic winnings in the main game.

The Netent declares the following probabilities

  • The total percentage of return is 96.6%. Of these, the pokie returns 74.2% in the usual spins and 24.2% during the bonus free spins feature.
  • The probability of getting any winnings in the usual spins is 37.2%, and in bonus, the free spins feature is 40.8%.
  • The probability of getting bonus games (3+ scatters) is 0,67%.
  • What about the maximum payout. In the usual spins is 30 000 coins per pay line. Total winning is 600 000 coins.

Hidden parameters and settings of Mythic Maiden pokie (data from testing)

  • The frequency of triggering the bonus is statistically every 154th spins (0,65%). This is the average number for the Netent pokies line.
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 37,49%. Winnings will fall often. 
  • The distribution of the winnings is 54% in the main game and 46% in the bonus. Note, that our testing results differ a lot from the Netent official numbers (two times).
  • The maximum payout during the tests was 175x. This is a high number for such a small volatility rating (4,44)
  • The average winning from the bonus was 67x. The free spins feature in Mythic Maiden wouldn't show you 10x winnings or 1000x winnings.
  • Volatility is 4,44 out of 20 (low). This is a deficient number, showing that winning potential is low.
  • The rating for the wagering is 6,49 out of 10. You can try to complete bonus wagering requirements, as it's rating is high.
  • RTP of 96.6% allows getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning at the casino.

Description of the pokie

Mythic Maiden pokie is developed in Halloween style. Show courage and defeat the dark forces, unlatch the locks and find the beautiful maiden. By playing the demo version of this pokie, you will find yourself on an abandoned attic floor of a half-destroyed house.

Free spins feature

  • Three and more dropped scatters (red circles) trigger the bonus spins at Mythic Maiden pokie.
  • During free spins, the Iron Maiden is activated and may give an up to x10 multiplier and up to two extra free spins.

How to win at Mythic Maiden pokie

The fans of our website know how we will begin this type of recommendation, namely - always test pokies (especially NetEnt) in demo mode before depositing real money. If you've decided to play here, it's a good idea to consider the "Hit and Run" strategy (you change the game after a good win). It is also a good idea to use the "Start and Max. Bet buttons strategy" to change the cycle if you are in a negative series of spins. We recommend that you use bets multiples on 10 (10, 20, 30 etc). Since it is no longer the most popular pokie, you will want to play it in big online casinos where the pokie can collect a larger prize pool. It is not a good idea to make some spins (30 - 50 for luck), because it usually doesn't trigger the free spins from the very beginning, and the main potential is in the bonus. Mythic Maiden can be a good option for fulfilling the bonus requirements - the rating is 6.49 out of 10.

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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