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Secret of the Stones pokie

If you have been to the UK, you probably know about the Stonehenge monument. Since ancient times, scientists have been puzzling over the riddles of megalithic structures - old structures from massive stone blocks. We present to your attention Secret of the Stones pokie, which will send you into the mystical world of Celts and make you work hard to unravel all the secrets of the stone garden. And if you do it, then your efforts can be generously rewarded. On this page you will find a lot of useful information, allowing you to get familiar with the game and learn about the features in it.

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Testers opinion about Secret of the Stones pokie

I do not like the new HTML 5 version. Some casinos left the old one. I recommend playing at the bets of A$2.5, A$12.5 and A$25. In the process of the bonus feature, you need to follow the rule for one stone from each row. There is a trick here - when you often see two scatter symbols on the first two reels without triggering the bonus feature - it means the pokie is cold and to continue gambling here is very risky. It will better to choose a total bet of 1/200 from your balance. The Secret of the Stones scored only 2.67 points out of 10 in the wagering ranking. Statistically, the bonus is triggered in every 133rd spin (0,75%), but the "waves" without feature can be long. Hit frequency in the usual spins is 35.10%. During testing the maximum winning was 1 500x. The medium feature winning was 50x. The best strategy here is to do 50-70 test spins with a low bet and to look at how the machine behaves itself. Pay additional attention to the appearance of scatter symbols. If you like this machine, you can also try to play in its clone - Secrets of Christmas. Note, that a lot of casinos restrict this pokie from gambling with bonus money.

Feedback and recommendations from the testers` team

The Secret of the Stones is one of the most popular pokies among a lot of punters. So, we will consider all these advantages and disadvantages in details.

  • The game process is very addictive, and it creates a lot of illusions. Since it very often puts 2 scatters, quite a few wilds on pay lines and gives a big winning, unlike some other pokies that can give 10 or more spins without a big reward.
  • On the one hand, it keeps your balance good due to the often winnings; on the other hand, if you control the balance, the size of bets and the size of your payments, then you will see that all these winnings are mostly less than the value of your stake. I have to admit that spins with a reward that is higher than the value of the bets are extremely rare here. Also, in the game process, we rarely can get a combination of top symbols. The pokie has a large number of wilds on the reels, but usually, doesn't connect them.
  • During our testing, we noticed that there are game sessions with a good “jump” of dispersion. Moreover, this pokie has repeatedly issued the top symbols for the small number of spins, but this is an exception rather than a regularity. It will take away a part of your balance from you even at a short distance, not to talk the long game sessions.
  • As for the bonus features, you should expect a good bonus when you guess 2 wild reels here. However, it will be challenging for you to guess them. Since in my opinion, it offers a lot of variants (the stones) to your choice. That is why I choose a pokie with similar gameplay, namely Secret of Christmas.

I consider that this pokie has high dispersion. Also, you will have to wait for 2 wild reels for a very long time here. At the same time, it badly keeps your balance, despite all its “efforts”. Therefore, I do not recommend this pokie to complete the bonus requirements. In my opinion, the balance of bets should be at least 300 bets.

Netent declares the probabilities

  • The percentage of the payout in this pokie is 96.7% (56.9% in the base game and 39.8% during the free spins feature).
  • The probability of getting any winnings in the usual spins is 38.9%. During free spins is 92,7%.
  • The probability of getting three or more scatter symbols and the launch of free spins is 0.78% (1/129).
  • The maximum winning is 350 000 coins.

The hidden parameters and settings of Secret of the Stones pokie (data from testing)

  • The frequency of triggering the bonus feature is statistically every 133rd spins (0,75%). Note, that waves without feature can be very long and it is dangerous to gamble further and further when you see a lot of situations with 2 scatters in the beginning without 3rd.
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 35,10%.
  • The distribution of the winnings is 61% in the main game and 39% in the bonus feature.
  • The maximum payout during the tests was 1 500x. The Secret of the Stones pokie has a massive winning potential if a player will be lucky to choose wild reel 2 and wild reel 4 at the same time.
  • The average winning from the bonus was 50x. Usually, the pokie gives something like 3 free spins, x1 multiplier and any wild symbol. And then provides a winning with like 40x. Both wild reels at the same time are very rear and promise the maximum potential of winning.
  • Volatility is 9,42 out of 20 (from average to high). The winning potential of the pokie is impressive.
  • Cycle length is from average to long. It seems that the longer you play the longer cycle is.
  • The rating for the wagering is 2,67 out of 10.
  • RTP of 96.7% allows getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning at the casino.

Description of the pokie

  • The secret of the Stones consists of 5 reels which are made in the form of a stone gate with Celtic marking on them. At your wish, you can adjust not only the value of the bet but also vary the number of active pay lines from 1 to 25 that cross the playing field in different directions. All available symbols are arranged in three rows so that at the same time 15 images will appear on the screen, from which you need to form the pay combinations.
  • This pokie provides ten levels of the bets, as well as five different denominations of coins from A$0.01 to A$0.5. It means that the minimum bet is A$0.25, and the maximum is A$125. If you want to make the maximum bet immediately, you will need to use the Max-Bet button.
  • In the usual spins, we recommend paying attention to special symbols that will increase your chances of winning and help you take advantage of additional feature. Undoubtedly, the main zest of the game is the free spins feature. The pokie has a high potential of winnings and a slow cycle of turnover of the funds which you have put.
  • The theoretical percentage of the return of the made best which is stated by the developer is 96.7%, which is achieved mainly due to bonus opportunities. The maximum winnings you can expect are 350,000 coins. The progressive jackpot is not played out here, and there is no game for doubling. The pokie is equally well reproduced on both fixed computers and on any mobile devices.


  • Number of reels - 5
  • Number of pay lines - 25
  • The cost of one coin is from 0.01 to 0.5
  • Number of coins per line - from 1 to 10
  • The range of bet sizes - from 0.25 to 125
  • The maximum winning is 350,000 coins
  • Wild symbol - yes
  • Scatter symbol - yes
  • The free spins feature - yes
  • Bonus game - yes
  • The expected percentage of the payments is 96.7%

The bonus features

Before free spins begin, you will be offered to play a thematic bonus game. You will be moved to the stone garden, where you will choose from three to five stones out of the 20 available, depending on the number of fallen scatters. Each stone can add you additional features:

  • Additional free spins in the amount of 2,3,4,5 and 10.
  • Additional multipliers are x1 or x2.
  • Additional wild symbols of a Deer and Owl.
  • Wild Reel 2 or Wild Reel 4
  • In our opinion, the most advantageous feature will be the pay combination of an additional ten free spins, Wild Reel 4 and Wild Reel 2 allowing you to expect a serious winning.


As for me, I enjoyed and appreciated this game. I recommend it to everyone. You would like to know why I am fond of this game. The answer is easy; it has an incredibly relaxing aura, complemented by a calm, and almost magical soundtrack with colourful graphics in the form of stones with masks. Green and brown shades accurately recreate the Celtic atmosphere. If you like pokies that are similar to Secret of the Stones these games have high dispersion, but a mega-profitable bonus function, then this one will be suitable for you perfectly. Having received a bonus round with additional wild reels, you will be on the right way to a fantastic winning. I advise you to play here at least for virtual money. The unique atmosphere will involve the first minute of the game process, especially if you are a fan of the mysterious structures which are full of secrets.

How to win at Secrets of the Stones pokie? (conclusion)

We at the BNC team believe that NetEnt pokies have very similar " behaviour" in demo mode and real money play. That's why we think that it is best to test them in a demo mode before you start playing with real money. We recommend bets of A$ 2.5, A$ 12.5 and A$ 25. In the bonus, you can follow the rule to choose 1 stone from each row. A trick here is if you see very often 2 scatters on the first 2 reels, but none of the other - the perfect time to change the game. It is good to have about 200 bets on your balance, which should be enough to trigger a bonus. There is the main potential of the machine. We do not recommend this pokie to bonus "hunters" because of the relatively high dispersion.

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User rating5 / 5
Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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