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Twin Spin pokie

On this page you will find a detailed description of Twin Spin pokie, it's extra features, as well as play it for free in the demo version without registration. The pokie`s RTP is 96.6%, and the maximum winning per single spin is 270 000 coins.

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The twin reel-spinning feature, Wild symbols and the 243-line game — this pokie is extremely interesting and exciting by playing at small stakes. Here you will find hidden data (volatility, wagering rating, payout percentage on each linked reels features and testers opinion about Twin Spin).

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Personal testers opinion about Twin Spin pokie

The missing of bonus feature increases the volatility of the main game and the feature "same reels" makes the gameplay exciting. Recently I have read that a lucky punter won about A$25,000 for one spin by A$10. During testing, we have gathered much better results in small and medium-sized bets. We recommend that you will try to play with a multiple of two: A$0.2, A$2, A$20. If you have repeatedly closed the last four reels with negative spins, then this will be a serious reason to think about reducing the bet or just leaving this machine. The developer did not add a bonus feature (expect same reels) here, so the whole pool is played out in the usual spins. The probability of catching any hit is 27.71%. During tests, my maximum winning was 432x. Wagering rating in Twin Spin is 3.64 out of 10. While playing for real money it is necessary to look after the pokie's behaviour (hot or cold), which can be seen from the first 20-40 spins. Long sessions are not recommended. Note, that in 2018 Netent launched the Twin Spin deluxe pokie.

Review and recommendations from the testing team

Twin Spin is colourful, dynamic and maybe classic pokie since its copy is quite common.

  • In this pokie, there are no bonus games or free spins, but in the usual spins, there is a feature of twin reels, which gives a huge possibility for a big win.
  • It is also one of the few pokies that can be hot or cold. When it is cold, the payouts in the usual spins for 2 or three same reels are not impressive and, are usually close to 0.5x - 3x total bets. When it is hot, very often gives out winnings, above average and at the same time is capable of triggering several wins in a row in the amount of 30x - 60x total bets.
  • It should be noted that the wait for the four same reels feature is not too long. The pokie quite often gives the same reels, but it may not give out any winning by putting other symbols on the first reel, or give a small winning, by putting the lowest-paid symbols. In the case of triggering expensive symbols on 4 same reels and give out the same symbols in the remaining reel, the winning can reach 300x total bets or more.
  • Due to this potential, you can get a huge win at the very beginning of a gaming session, and also get nothing for quite a long gaming session.

Netent declares the following probabilities

  • The total winning percentage (RTP) is 96.6%. It consists of several parameters:
  • The rate of payouts for two linked reels is 55.1%.
  • At three - 17,8%.
  • At four - 7.8%.
  • The probability of getting any winning (hit) in the usual spins is 27.8% (that is, almost every third spin).
  • Note, that Netent doesn't declare the probability of hitting when all five reels are linked to each other. This situation is with the highest potential of winning.

Hidden parameters and settings (data from testing)

  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 27,71%.
  • In Twin Spin, there is no bonus or free spins feature. The linked reels build-in feature (when the same symbols will fall in all linked reels) replace them. 
  • The maximum payout during the tests was 432x. This is the average number for a pokie with a 7,13 volatility rating.
  • The average winning from the linked reels feature was 7x. As you see, the maximum potential of winning can be released in the situation, when all five reels will be linked, and stacked symbols (same) will fall on them.
  • Volatility is 7,13 out of 20 (average to high). Twin Spin has the high potential of big winning but uses its rear.
  • Cycle length is average to long. It seems that the more spins you do - the longer cycle of winning is.
  • The rating for the wagering is 3,64 out of 10. It is a bad idea to complete bonus wagering requirements here.
  • RTP (return to the player percentage) of 96.6% allows getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning at the casino.

Reel spinning feature

The software randomly selects several (two and more) vertical lines which are the same. The symbols from these lines will be played in the horizontal pay-lines. If you are lucky and more reels are taken, including the first one, - then this spin will give you a significant or even mega winning. At the time of this writing, there is no statistical evidence. According to the observations while playing at Twin Spin, four reels are taken more often, except for the first one. So, the software does not pay the winnings, dropping such symbols on the first reel that do not form winning combinations with the four ones.

Payouts and special symbols

The symbols from the playing field are similar to the ones from the 80s pokies. Only Wild symbols which substitute the other symbols are entirely different. This symbol has much more value on the 243 lines and ultimately gives more winnings. Remember that there is still a chance to get matching symbols on the whole playing field, and this will multiply your winnings by 243 (the total number of lines). Usually, these are the card symbols, but it still gives you a massive winning at the current bet.

Imagine that we play at Twin Spin pokie at the A$1 stake that is 4 cents per line, and we get a playing field full of low-paid symbols — we get nines. According to the payout table, which may be found on the right side (click to enlarge it), the payout for five symbols of nines give 25 bets per line. In our case, it is A$1. We will get the winning of A$243 that is 243 of our bets. Bar symbols will give you A$2430 in the winning, at the stake of only A$1.

  • The Diamond symbol will give you 1000 coins per line if you get five matching symbols.
  • The classic seven symbols will pay 500 coins.
  • The well-known Bar symbol will payout as 400 coins.
  • Bell will give you 250 coins. 
  • Cherries will pay you 250 coins.
  • ACE, King and Queen symbols are paid out as 40 coins.
  • Five symbols of Jacks, tensor nines will give you 25 coins per pay-line.
  • Twin Spin Wild symbol does not give any winning but is substituted by any of the symbols from the playing field pay-line. Note that if, for example, you get the Wild symbol in each cell of the last four reels, but on the first reel there are three nines, - the winning combination will be deemed as 243 lines, five-nines each.

How to win at Twin Spin pokie? (conclusion)

Our fans know how we will begin this important paragraph - always test the pokies in demo mode (especially those of NetEnt) before starting a real money game. Our recommendations are to play on medium or small bets. We believe it's not the best machine for high-rollers. We also believe that you can get the best results if you make bets multiples of 2 (A$ 0.2, A$ 2, A$ 20). You can define the "mood" of the pokie by starting with small bets, usually, you will not need more than 50 spins to find out. The long sessions are not recommended. You can use the "Hit and Run" strategy, after a big win to change the game. Bonus "hunters" better skip this pokie.

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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