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Vikings pokie

The release of a new pokie that is called Vikings from NetEnt company was on November 22, 2018. This machine is devoted to the legendary TV series. Here you will have waited for a large choice of bonus features. For example, there will be the “Hot Spots”, the “Shield Wall” and the “Raid Spins” functions.

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By the way, the last bonus feature triggers free spins in which you can find 7 reels with 5 rows of symbols and 78 125 ways for your payments. This pokie has a playing field of 5x3 and 243 ways to form pay combinations in the usual spins. You will find out more detailed information immediately after the release of the machine. So we are looking forward to this start, and only then we will provide more information.

Testers` feedback

This pokie was the most expected novelty from this developer, including me.

  • I must admit that NetEnt company has created a modern and unique pokie, which may compete with the top pokies of other providers very well.
  • Vikings pokie will delight you with a great design, sound accompaniment and gameplay! This pokie reminds us of Warlords pokie, but at the same time, it is even better, more interesting and modern.
  • In the usual spins, the punter is waiting for a random triggering of one of the top symbols. Moreover, this machine can give out a mega big win, unlike Warlords pokie, which also randomly triggered wild symbols, resulting in small wins. The feature of making all Vikings scattered (if complete Viking symbol will fall out in the central reel), stacked wild symbols, more than 78000 pay lines during the free spins feature giving this machine extremely high potential on a super mega big win. I would like to see more of these pokies from the NetEnt company. 

Alternative tester’s opinion

  • Vikings pokie, in my opinion, is the best from NetEnt (at the time of release), and it can be called innovative for this company. The interesting theme of the pokie finally replaced the fruit with a cartoon, it has amazing graphics, animation and nice sound. Generally, from the first spins, this pokie reminds me of a modernized clone to Warlords Crystals of Power pokie, but after playing it longer, you realize that this is completely different pokie. Perhaps this is the first experience of developers in creating a pokie with so many pay lines (78 125 ways to win in the bonus feature) and the potential to win (up to 10 000x bets)! We can say that this pokie can easily compete with the developers of Big Time Gaming and Push Gaming. In general, I personally would like NetEnt to continue this trend and create such pokies.
  • In the usual spins, in spite of a very large series of spins without a win (the pokie rarely gives winnings by symbols), it doesn’t hold the balance well enough while waiting for the bonus feature. The average win is 1x – 3x total bets, less often giving out combinations less than bet, and practically not giving combinations more than 3 bets.
  • The “Shield Wall Feature” is triggered randomly, usually in series of several times (during testing, up to three features were observed in a row), with sometimes a large number of spins between series. Usually gives from 6 to 10 shields with images of Vikings. The average win is 2x – 3x bets for 6 shields, and 8x+ for 10 shields, while the winnings can be increased if similar symbols fall out on the remaining reels.
  • The second additional feature during the usual spins is the “Hotspot Feature, which covers the third reel, and if the Viking symbol is issued completely growth, all the other Viking symbols become similar. This feature is triggered quite often, and the average win is from 8x – 16x total bets, less often, but still, the pokie gives 32x – 48x, and the feature’s potential is limited to 243x bets.
  • Summarizing the usual spins, it can be said that at a short distance (50 - 100 spins) the pokie, as a rule, doesn’t keep the balance well, but for longer (150 - 400 spins) it practically does not allow for loss of balance or minimizes it, due to the winnings on additional features, which allows us to wait for the free spins (sometimes a very large number of spins).
  • Triggering of free spins feature occurs, as a rule, in series of 2 – 3 features almost in a row. Waiting for free spins sometimes can exceed 300 or even 500 spins (which of course is not quite typical for NetEnt), but it's worth it.
  • During free spins, where we get 7 (they cannot be re-triggered), the reels expand, creating 78 125 pay lines, along with them the Hotspot expands and covers 3 reels. The potential to get a big win during the feature is huge, and even payment combinations of 10, J, Q, K, A can bring a win of several hundred bets. The growth Viking symbol that enters the Hotspot also turns the rest symbols into similar ones, and many more are already triggered, and the potential of the pokie is to give a win up to 10 000x total bets.
  • Do not forget about the Shield Wall feature, which is also triggered during free spins, but with much greater potential to give out a big win by issuing not 6 but 8 shields, and 15 instead of 10, as well as additional symbols on the reels. The average winning when the feature is triggered is already 20x+ bets with 8 shields, and 300x – 400x+ with 15 shields.
  • Minimum winnings during free spins are often in the amount of 40x – 70x bets. While triggering additional features (shield wall and hotspot), this pokie is able to give a much larger win, and during testing, we won many times 200x+ bets and even 400x+, and the maximum recorded winning was 2000x+ total bets.

I can say that, despite the high volatility, it can still be considered to play with bonus money with a large reserve of bets balance, although it is not a 100% perfect pokie. If you play with real money, also a large reserve of bets is recommended, since short gaming sessions rarely bring positive results.

About bonus features

  • The Raid Spins is triggered if three or more such symbols appear on the screen. You get free spins, in which 7 reels, 5 rows of symbols and 78 125 lines are in the game. In total there will be seven free spins with three zones of Hotspots. Please note that all additional features are available here, but with more favourable conditions.
  • In the usual spins, the third reel is covered with the Hotspots zone. If any Viking symbol falls into a special hot zone, the remaining symbols with Vikings located close to the zone will also be changed to this symbol. Payment is made according to the Scatter Pays scheme. For the loss of 3 to 27 symbols, the player will receive the reward of 6 to 200 000 coins.
  • The Shield Wall feature is available in the usual spins and free spins. If the cluster of Shield symbols appears on the screen, they will open various symbols. Clusters can occupy 3x2 or 5x2 cells. Note that there can only be a Viking symbol under the shield.


  • Provider — NetEnt.
  • Payment lines — from 243 up to 78 145 ways.
  • Volatility — high.
  • Range of bets — 0.2-100 coins.
  • Playing field — from 5х3 up to 7х5.
  • The maximum winning is 200 000 coins (Vikings symbols).
  • Bonuses — free spins from Raid Spins symbol, the Hotspots and Shield Wall feature.
  • RTP - 96.05%.

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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