Review of Playtech Pokies Features 2023

Playtech is an international gaming provider based in the UK. It offers many pokies of its design and a lobby with live dealers.

However, this is not the most important thing among the offers of Playtech Casino. In addition to games, its customers can access unique tools for organizing the uninterrupted and safe operation of online and offline casinos.

Playtech in Australia pokies are represented on almost all major gambling sites. Also, in Australian casinos, you can find live from the provider.

Due to the high profitability, Casino Playtech allows you to get a good win. The pokies also have a free mode. It allows you to evaluate the gameplay without risking your funds. Pokies in paid mode behave the same as in free mode.

Free Playtech Casino Games

(Play demo)
Ace Ventura Pet Detective
Ace Ventura Pet Detective 96.18% -
Adventure Trail
Adventure Trail 96.64% -
Adventures in Wonderland Deluxe
Adventures in Wonderland Deluxe 96.178% -
Age of Egypt
Age of Egypt 97.05% -
Age of the Gods
Age of the Gods 95.01% average
Age of The Gods Apollo Power
Age of The Gods Apollo Power 96.47% -
Age of the Gods Book of Oracle
Age of the Gods Book of Oracle 96.48% high
Age of the Gods Epic Troy
Age of the Gods Epic Troy 96.45% average to high
Age of the Gods Fate Sisters
Age of the Gods Fate Sisters 93.02% average
Age of The Gods Furious 4
Age of The Gods Furious 4 94.88% -
Age of The Gods Glorious Griffin
Age of The Gods Glorious Griffin 96.05% average to high
Age of the Gods Norse Norse Legends
Age of the Gods Norse: Norse Legends 96.31% high
Age of The Gods God of Storms
Age of The Gods God of Storms 96.14% -
Age of The Gods Goddess of Wisdom
Age of The Gods Goddess of Wisdom 94.94% average
Age of The Gods King of Olympus
Age of The Gods King of Olympus 95.98% -
Age of The Gods Medusa Monsters
Age of The Gods Medusa & Monsters 96.09% average to high
Age of The Gods Mighty Midas
Age of The Gods Mighty Midas 96.34% -
Age of the Gods Norse Book of Dwarves
Age of the Gods Norse Book of Dwarves 95.66% high
Age of The Gods Norse Gods and Giants
Age of The Gods Norse Gods and Giants 96.49% high
Age of The Gods Norse King of Asgard
Age of The Gods Norse King of Asgard 96.67% low to average
Age of The Gods Norse Ways of Thunder
Age of The Gods Norse Ways of Thunder 96.62% high
Age of The Gods Prince of Olympus
Age of The Gods Prince of Olympus 94.82% -
Age of the Gods Ruler of the Dead
Age of the Gods Ruler of the Dead 96.53% -
Age of The Gods Ruler of the Seas
Age of The Gods Ruler of the Seas 96.41% -
Age of the Gods Ruler of the Sky
Age of the Gods Ruler of the Sky 91.04% average to high
Age of The Gods Rulers of Olympus
Age of The Gods Rulers of Olympus 95.05% high
Age of the Gods Wonder Warriors
Age of the Gods Wonder Warriors 96.44% -
Age of the Gods Spin a Win
Age of the Gods: Spin a Win 97.5%   
Amazing Factory
Amazing Factory 96.5% -
American Dad
American Dad 94.14% average
Anaconda Wild
Anaconda Wild 95.48% average
Anaconda Wild 2
Anaconda Wild 2 96.47% high
Aquaman 95.99% -
AP McCoy Sporting Legends
AP McCoy Sporting Legends 97.17% average to high
Archer 94.99% average
Arowanas Luck
Arowanas Luck 97.52% -
Astro Babes
Astro Babes 95.06% average
Atlantis Cash Collect
Atlantis Cash Collect 96.25% average
Atlantis Queen
Atlantis Queen 95.98% -
Aztec Expedition Thundershots
Aztec Expedition Thundershots 95.5% -
Bai Chi
Bai Shi 95.99% -
Batman Begins
Batman Begins 95.03% -
Batman Catwomen Cash
Batman & Catwomen Cash 95.11% -
Batman The Joker Jewels
Batman & The Joker Jewels 95.01% -
Batman VS Superman Dawn of Justice
Batman VS Superman Dawn of Justice 95.05% -
Battle of the Gods
Battle of the Gods 94.04% -
Beat The Bobbies at The Tower of London
Beat The Bobbies at The Tower of London 95% high
Bee Frenzy
Bee Frenzy 96.14% -
Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle 96.73% -
Berry Berry Bonanza
Berry Berry Bonanza 95.99% -
Better Wilds
Better Wilds 96.42% average
Big Bear
Big Bear 95.65% -
Big Shots
Big Shots 96.1% high
Blazing Bells
Blazing Bells 96.37% high
Blue Wizard
Blue Wizard 96.5% -
Blue Wizard Megaways
Blue Wizard Megaways 96.48% high
Bonus Bears
Bonus Bears 95.17% -
Book of Kings
Book of Kings 96.63% high
Bounty of The Beanstalk
Bounty of The Beanstalk 94% -
Breakout Bob
Breakout Bob 96.52% -
Buccaneer Bells
Buccaneer Bells 96.48% average
Buckle Up
Buckle Up 95.8% -
Buffalo Blitz
Buffalo Blitz 95.96% high
Buffalo Blitz 2
Buffalo Blitz 2 95.96% high
Captains Treasure
Captain’s Treasure 97.06% -
Cascading Cave
Cascading Cave 95.83% -
Cat Queen
Cat Queen 93.6% -
Cat in Vegas
Cat in Vegas 92% -
Christmas Jackpot Bells
Christmas Jackpot Bells 96.03% -
Clover Rollover 2
Clover Rollover 2 93.98% low
Coin Coin Coin
Coin! Coin! Coin! 96.03% average to high
Cops N Bandits
Cops N` Bandits 95.35% -
Da Vincis Vault
Da Vinci`s Vault 94.04% -
Dr Lovemore
Dr Lovemore 97.01% -
Dragon Champions
Dragon Champions 95.12% -
Dragon Spark
Dragon Spark 96.31% high
Dragons Hall Thundershots
Dragon's Hall Thundershots 95.35% -
Easter Surprise
Easter Surprise 97.05% -
Egyptian Emeralds
Egyptian Emeralds 96.39% low to average
Epic Ape
Epic Ape 95.96% average
Epic Ape 2
Epic Ape 2 95.97% high
Esmeralda 93.43% -
Even The Score
Even The Score 96.12% -
Eye of Anubis
Eye of Anubis 95.76% high
Fairest of Them All
Fairest of Them All 90% -
Fairground Ghost Train Fortunes
Fairground Ghost Train Fortunes 94.06% average
Fei Cui Gong Zhu
Fei Cui Gong Zhu 96.93% -
Fei Long Zai Tian
Fei Long Zai Tian 96.03% -
Fields of Fortune
Fields of Fortune 96.22% average
Fluffy Favourites Megaways
Fluffy Favourites Megaways 95% average
Forest of Wonders
Forest of Wonders 95.51% average
Fortunes of the Fox
Fortunes of the Fox 95.11% average
Football Carnival
Football Carnival 91.32% -
Fountain of Youth
Fountain of Youth 93.05% -
Frankie Dettoris Magic Seven Jackpot
Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Jackpot
94.13% average
Frankie Dettori Sporting Legends
Frankie Dettori Sporting Legends 93.02% average
Frogs Gift
Frog’s Gift 96.76% average to high
Funky Fruits Farm
Funky Fruits Farm 92.07% -
Galactic Girls
Galactic Girls 96% high
Galactic Streak
Galactic Streak 95.95% -
Gem Heat
Gem Heat 96.05% -
Gem Splash Marilyn Monroe
Gem Splash Marilyn Monroe 96.47% average
Gem Splash Rainbows Gift
Gem Splash Rainbows Gift 96.46% average to high
Gladiator Jackpot
Gladiator Jackpot 91.46% -
Gladiator Road to Rome
Gladiator Road to Rome 95.05% average
Gold Pile New Years Gold
Gold Pile New Years Gold 96.45% -
Gold Pile Tigers Pride
Gold Pile Tigers Pride 96.47% -
Golden Tour
Golden Tour 97.71% -
Grease 95.55% average
Great Blue
Great Blue 96.03% -
Green Lantern
Green Lantern 94.95% -
Hainan Ice
Hainan Ice 96.5% high
Halloween Fortune
Halloween Fortune 97.06% -
Halloween Fortune 2
Halloween Fortune 2 94.99% average to high
Heart of the Jungle
Heart of the Jungle 96% -
Heroes Arrow
Heroes Arrow 96.38% low
Highland Reels
Highland Reels 95.047% average
Highway Kings
Highway Kings 97.06% -
Hot Gems Xtreme
Hot Gems Xtreme 95.81% -
Ice Cave
Ice Cave 96.13% -
Ice Run
Ice Run 93.83% -
Ishtar Power Zones
Ishtar Power Zones 95.52% high
Jackpot Giant
Jackpot Giant 94.22% -
Jane Jones Book of Kings 2
Jane Jones Book of Kings 2 96.5% -
Jekyll Hyde
Jekyll & Hyde 96.22% -
Ji Xiang 8
Ji Xiang 8 96% -
Juicy Booty
Juicy Booty 96.03% average
Jungle Giants
Jungle Giants 95.02% -
Jungle Trouble
Jungle Trouble 96.04% average
Jurassic Island
Jurassic Island 96.5% average to high
Jurassic Island 2
Jurassic Island 2 95.7% high
Justice League
Justice League 96.33% -
Kanpai Banzai
Kanpai Banzai 96.09% high
Khonsu God of Moon
Khonsu God of Moon 96.49% average
Kingdom Rise Legend of Elvenstone
Kingdom Rise Legend of Elvenstone 96.84% average
Kingdoms Rise Battle Beast
Kingdoms Rise Battle Beast 96.22% -
Kingdoms Rise Captains Treasure
Kingdoms Rise Captain`s Treasure 96.05% average
Kingdoms Rise Chasm of Fear
Kingdoms Rise Chasm of Fear 97.06% high
Kingdoms Rise Forbidden Forest
Kingdoms Rise Forbidden Forest 95.99% low
Kingdoms Rise Guardians of the Abyss
Kingdoms Rise Guardians of the Abyss 96.09% -
Kingdoms Rise Legion Uprising
Kingdoms Rise Legion Uprising 96.02% average to high
Kingdoms Rise Reign of Ice
Kingdoms Rise Reign of Ice 96.07% -
Kingdoms Rise Sands of Fury
Kingdoms Rise Sands of Fury 96.23% high
Kingdoms Rise Shadow Queen
Kingdoms Rise Shadow Queen 96.49% high
Kingdoms Rise Scorching Clouds
Kingdoms Rise Scorching Clouds 97.07% average to high
Kings Court
Kings Court 96.37% average
Kong The 8th Wonder of the World
Kong The 8th Wonder of the World 95.5% -
Land of Gold
Land of Gold 95.15% -
Legacy of The Tiger
Legacy of The Tiger 96.59% high
Legacy of the Wild
Legacy of the Wild 96.06% average
Legacy of the Wild 2
Legacy of the Wild 2 96.36% high
Leprechauns Luck
Leprechaun’s Luck 88.01% average
Long Jia Xiang Yun
Long Jia Xiang Yun 96.69% low
Lotus Heart
Lotus Heart 96.27% average to high
Lovefool 96.32% average to high
Lucky Emeralds
Lucky Emeralds 95.74% average
Lucky U
Lucky U 96.05% -
Luckys Fish Chips
Lucky’s Fish & Chips 96% high
Luminous Life
Luminous Life 94.44% -
Magical Stacks
Magical Stacks 95.03% -
Maji Wilds
Maji Wilds 95.92% -
Man of Steel
Man of Steel 95.05% high
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe 94.1% -
Mayan Blocks
Mayan Blocks 95.36% average to high
Mega Fire Blaze Big Circus
Mega Fire Blaze: Big Circus! 95.42% average
Midnight Wilds
Midnight Wilds 95% high
Miss Fortune
Miss Fortune 95.03% average
Murder Mystery
Murder Mystery 96.53% -
Neon Life
Neon Life 96.25% -
Nian Nian You Yu
Nian Nian You Yu 97.03% -
Nostradamus 94.07% -
Paddys Full House
Paddy's Full House 95.38% high
Panther Moon
Panther Moon 95.17% average
Pearls Pearls Pearls
Pearls Pearls Pearls 96.5% -
Pharaohs Daughter
Pharaoh`s Daughter 96.5% -
Piggies and The Wolf
Piggies and The Wolf 92.01% -
Pink Panther
Pink Panther 95.39% -
Pixel Samurai
Pixel Samurai 93.98% high
Purple Hot
Purple Hot 94.33% -
Quest West
Quest West 96.45% high
Raiders of the Hidden Realm
Raiders of the Hidden Realm 96.28% average to high
Red Wizard
Red Wizard 96.49% average
Retro Rush
Retro Rush 96.1% average to high
Rhino Blitz
Rhino Blitz 95.96% high
River Empress
River Empress 96.5% -
Roaring Bears
Roaring Bears 96.08% -
Robocop 95.37% -
Rocky 95.02% -
Royal Respin Deluxe
Royal Respin Deluxe 95.1% -
Sacred Stones
Sacred Stones 96.15% -
Sahara Riches Cash Collect
Sahara Riches Cash Collect 95.67% average
Santa Surprise
Santa Surprise 97.05% -
Savage Jungle
Savage Jungle 96.54% average to high
Scatter Brains 2
Scatter Brains 2 94.03% average to high
Secrets of the Amazon
Secrets of the Amazon 95.3% -
Selfie Elfie
Selfie Elfie 96.13% -
Shamans Dream 2
Shaman`s Dream 2 95.569% average
Sherlock Mystery
Sherlock Mystery 94.09% -
Sinbads Golden Voyage
Sinbad`s Golden Voyage 97.01% -
Silver Bullet
Silver Bullet 96.84% -
Sisters Gift
Sisters Gift 96.47% -
Sky Queen
Sky Queen 96.58% average to high
Space Digger
Space Digger 95.35% low to average
Spud O Reillys Crops of Gold
Spud O’Reilly’s Crops of Gold
97.05% -
Stallion Strike
Stallion Strike 92.29% high
Stars Awakening
Stars Awakening 95.93% -
Storms of Ice
Storms of Ice 96.47% -
Streak of Luck
Streak of Luck 94.99% -
Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad 95.13% -
Sun Wukong
Sun Wukong 96% -
Superman 2
Superman 2 95.03% -
Superman The Movie
Superman The Movie 95.01% average
Sweet Party
Sweet Party 94.98% -
Terminator Genisys
Terminator Genisys 95.76% -
Thai Temple
Thai Temple 96.8% high
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight 95.96% low to average
The Dark Knight Rises
The Dark Knight Rises 94.75% average to high
The Great Reveal
The Great Reveal 96.1% -
The Mask of Zorro
The Mask of Zorro 94.99% average to high
The Matrix
The Matrix 95.14% -
The Mummy Books Amun Ra
The Mummy Books Amun Ra 95.97% high
The Perfect Heist
The Perfect Heist 96.12% -
  The Queen's Curse Empire Treasures 96.34% average
The Riches of Don Quixote
The Riches of Don Quixote 94.99% average
The Three Musketeers and The Queens Diamond
The Three Musketeers and The Queen’s Diamond
92.06% -
The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead 95% average
The Winnings of Oz
The Winnings of Oz
90.91% -
Tiger Claw
Tiger Claw 95.96% -
Tiki Paradise
Tiki Paradise 94.05% -
Tinderbox Treasures
Tinderbox Treasures 96.35% average
Top Trumps Football Stars Sporting Legends
Top Trumps Football Stars: Sporting Legends 93.97% -
Top Gun
Top Gun 94.93% -
Triple Fruits
Triple Fruits 98.72% -
Vikings Empire Treasures
Vikings Empire Treasures 96.35% from average to high
Wacky Waves
Wacky Waves 94.995% average
Ways of The Phoenix
Ways of The Phoenix 95.98% -
Wheels N Reels
Wheels N’ Reels 97.064% -
White King
White King 96% -
White King 2
White King 2 91.4% -
Wild Crusade Empire Treasures
Wild Crusade Empire Treasures 95.4% from average to high
Wild Lava
Wild Lava 96.47% -
Wild Linx
Wild Linx 95.49% average
Wild West Wilds
Wild West Wilds 96.14% high
Wild Wishes
Wild Wishes 96.12% -
Wolves Wolves Wolves
Wolves! Wolves! Wolves! 94.08% -
Wu Long
Wu Long 94.13% -
Zhao Cai Jin Bao
Zhao Cai Jin Bao 95.99% high
Zhao Cai Jin Bao Jackpot
Zhao Cai Jin Bao Jackpot 96.08% -
Zodiac Charms
Zodiac Charms 96.46% -

Playtech Pokies and Casino Software

Playtech operates in three main areas:

  • development of pokies;
  • creation of other gambling games;
  • casino software development;
  • creation of software for gaming halls offline.

Let's analyze in more detail the most popular pokies of the provider, as well as talk about its other services, options and software products for gambling establishments.

The Best Playtech Pokies

Here are the top 5 Playtech pokies available at Australia's biggest online casinos:

  • Age of the Gods. Classic 3x5 pokie on the theme of ancient Greek mythology. A distinctive feature of the game is the x200 bonus coefficient, which is applied to the user's bet when 5 images of gods appear on the reels.
  • Great blue. Profitable pokie with 25 lines dedicated to marine life. There is a doubling bonus game in which you must guess which shell contains the pearl.
  • Captain Treasure. Pirate-themed machine. The chip of the machine is a bonus game in which the user must find the treasures of the captain of the sea robbers. If successful, the punter receives a fixed payout.
  • Heart Of The Jungle. Pokie is about a beautiful savage. The main feature of the pokie is 4 different bonus modes with free spins, each of which has unique features and differs from the others.
  • Nostradamus. Profitable pokie about the famous medieval astrologer. The machine has more than 200 pay lines, so the chances of winning it are very high. There is a special game mode with modification of the reels and a bonus round where the user must find a book with a secret.

Playtech pokies have from 5 to 25 pay lines. The RTP of pokies can range from 90% to 99.07%. The average values are 95-96%.

There are progressive jackpot games. Its size may exceed 6 million euros.

One of the advantages of the company's products is variety. The provider offers pokies on various topics with different gameplay and does not focus on any one type of game. Thanks to this, punters can easily choose entertainment among its developments.

Playtech Exclusive Casino Solutions

The provider offers several unique online casino solutions that are not directly related to games. Here are the main ones:

  • Playtech One. This is a software package designed to work with third-party providers. With it, a gambling establishment can add any pokie to its library without direct interaction with the gambling software provider.
  • Naxos. This is a CRM for online casinos. The tool allows you to effectively coordinate the work of a gambling establishment and control its statistical indicators.
  • Playtech Retail Gaming. This software is for offline terminals with automatic machines. At the same time, the tool is a CRM like Mexos but for managing land-based gambling halls.
  • Playtech Protect. A tool based on artificial intelligence that is designed to combat scammers. It analyzes user activity and identifies those playing dishonestly, for example, using special programs that can predict the future behaviour of the pokie.

The company also offers many other services for gambling establishments: payment advice, network management, and technical support for punters. The provider's tools allow you to fully ensure the operation of an online casino without resorting to third-party services.

Branded Titles

The provider offers branded pokies where users can meet their favourite characters from movies, video games and comics. Movie-related pokies occupy a central place among such devices. They are based on DC films: Superman, Dark Knight and others. Among them:

  • Batman & The Joker Jewels;
  • Batman & Catwoman Cash;
  • Batman & The Penguin Prize.

Also, the developer's library has TV-related pokies based on TV series. The main one is a pokie designed in the style of the Batman TV show.

Card and Board Games

The provider does not have its own card and board games. However, it provides a mediation service with other developers. It works like this:

  • the casino acquires the Playtech software package;
  • the company connects board games from other providers to it;
  • these games appear in the casino library.

Such a connection is possible not only to the site but also to the mobile application of the gambling establishment - Playtech offers software solutions for software as well.

In addition to table games, the provider has its poker service that operates on the iPoker network. This is a highly customizable tool for a gambling establishment to create its unique poker room with the necessary parameters.

Playtech Live Casino

The provider offers a quality live casino, which includes:

  • roulette;
  • poker;
  • Black Jack;
  • baccarat.

Each game is presented in several variations. For example, these are versions of 7 Seat, Squeeze, VIP, and Mini for baccarat. The dealers are pretty girls who communicate with the punters in English.

Some live dealer lobbies are not supplied directly by Playtech but as an intermediary between the end user (casino) and the provider. In particular, this is the situation with games from OlyBet.

Bet Options

The provider offers pre-match and live sports betting software. It provides bookmakers access to a library of matches and calculates bets on its own.

Playtech does not have a default sports line. It is configured by the bookmaker's wishes and optimized for its target audience.

In addition to classic betting, the software provider offers virtual betting. In it, users bet on a virtual competition, which is determined using a random number generator. The match can be visually decorated with 3D graphics or have no visuals. Virtual bets are available on the websites of bookmakers and in terminals.

Lottery and Bingo

Playtech supplies online casinos with virtual lotteries and bingo. They are a kind of pokies, but they have a different gameplay compared to pokies. A random number generator determines the draw results.

Playtech Casino Bonuses

Playtech Casino's no-deposit bonus does not provide. This can be done by gambling establishments that offer visitors the provider's software. The essence of a no-deposit bonus is to encourage registration, for which it is not necessary to make a deposit. The issuance rules, type and size, differ depending on the casino.

The provider offers free spins of pokie reels as an alternative to Playtech's no-deposit bonus. In some pokies of the supplier, special symbols may appear during them, which increase the payout ratio or give additional rounds. This greatly increases the chances of winning.

How to Get The Playtech Bonus

The conditions for receiving a bonus in pokies depend on the pokie. In most games of the supplier, free spins are issued if 3 scatter images or a special bonus symbol appear on the screen.

Tips On Choosing The Best Playtech Casino

When choosing a casino for playing pokies, a provider should study the following:

  • selection of games on the site;
  • availability of bonuses, conditions for their receipt and wagering;
  • timeliness of payment of funds;
  • honesty towards the punters.

Decent playgrounds are collected on this page

Benefits and Disadvantages of Playtech Casino Sites


  • a large selection of games;
  • good RTP;
  • high profitability;
  • good adaptation for mobile devices.


  • Playtech pokies have payout limits;
  • some machines have outdated graphics.

Playtech Mobile Casino

All Playtech online casino pokies are adapted for use on smartphones and tablets. As stated on the official website of the gaming provider, its pokies can be integrated into the mobile version of the gambling establishment's website and into the operator's application. Thanks to this, playing from the phone is as comfortable as possible.

Playtech Pokie Games Comparing With Other Developers

Today, Playtech online casino surpasses the majority of gambling providers in the world in demand for its pokies. It ranks 4th among the most successful companies in the industry.

Developer on the market for over 20 years. During this time, he has accumulated much experience and knows what the punters need. Thanks to this, he gets high-quality pokies with interesting gameplay.

If we compare the company with its closest competitor, Play'n GO, we can say that it has both pluses and minuses. Playtech has less innovation and worse graphics but higher RTP, starting from 95%.

Compared to Novomatic, which makes pokies with similar gameplay and visuals, Playtech wins in various games and has more bonuses.

The provider is inferior to the industry leaders NetEnt and Microgaming in most respects. However, in some things, he still surpasses them. In particular, Casino Playtech has a better technical support service for punters.

History of Online Casino Playtech

Here are 5 facts about Playtech that might interest you.

  • Playtech was founded in 1999.
  • The founder of the company is Teddy Sagi, a businessman from Israel.
  • One of the first gambling sites with which the provider began to cooperate was the largest bookmaker in the UK, William Hill.
  • The company's main office is registered on the British Isles of Man, as there is more loyal taxation for organizations associated with the casino.
  • Playtech ranks 4th in the ranking of pokie providers. Only NetEnt, Microgaming and Play'n GO are ahead of it.

Trustworthiness of Playtech

Playtech is one of the largest participants in the gaming market, which has licenses in 30 jurisdictions and offices in 170 countries worldwide. He values his reputation, so he behaves conscientiously with the punters. The company can be trusted 100%.

Licenses of Playtech

The company has two UK Gambling Commission licenses:

  • No. 000-038516-R-319097 - for remote work (for the supply of pokies and Playtech online casinos );
  • No. 000-038516-N-319098 (for offline casinos and terminals with pokies).

Licensing for Playtech Software

The provider distributes casino software under the license MGA/CRP/137/2007 issued by the Malta Gaming Authority. This document allows you to work legally in almost all countries of the European Union, as well as in many states outside it, including Australia.

Gambling Aware

Playtech does not offer responsible gaming tools as it does not supply pokies directly to punters. Online casinos can do this. The rules of assistance differ depending on the gambling establishment and are different everywhere.

If you have any problems with the game, you can also contact the independent organization GambleAware. She is dedicated to helping punters and their loved ones. You can contact her by calling the hotline at 0808-8020-133 and via online chat on the official website of the organization, which is located at Help is provided free of charge.

Latest Casinos With Playtech Games

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Jet Casino
Jet Casino
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Stakes Casino

100 % up to 1000 AUD + 100 Free Spins on the Book of Dead

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Level Up
Level Up
100% up to 400 AUD
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100% up to 10 000 AUD
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  • The 2d bonus - 75%
  • Number of pokies - 2000+
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Bitdreams casino
Bitdreams   1st Deposit bonus: 100%  up to A$750
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Casinonic   1st Deposit - 100% Up To 300 AUD
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Goldenreels   200% of first deposit + 200 Free spins
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Casino Mate
Casino Mate   100 % up to 150 AUD + 100 Free spins
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Gunsbet Casino
Gunsbet Casino   100 % up to 150 AUD + 100 Free spins
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Jackpot City
Jackpot City   100 % up to 150 AUD + 100 Free spins
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Joe Fortune
Joe Fortune   100 % up to 150 AUD + 100 Free spins
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Raging Bull
Raging Bull   100 % up to 150 AUD + 100 Free spins
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Spin Palace
Spin Palace   100 % up to 150 AUD + 100 Free spins
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Fight Club
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Joo Casino
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Golden Star Casino   100 % up to 150 AUD + 100 Free spins
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Spin Samurai
Spin Samurai   100 % up to 150 AUD + 100 Free spins
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Ace Pokies
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Fair GO Casino
Fair GO Casino
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Boombet   100 % up to 150 AUD + 100 Free spins
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Our Thoughts on Playtech Casinos

Playtech online casino is a pokie provider that deserves the attention of punters. Its products have certain disadvantages, but they have many more positive aspects. The main advantages of the developer's games are interesting gameplay, the presence of bonus modes, good returns and high profitability. All this together allows punters to receive decent winnings consistently.

It should be borne in mind that developer pokies have their characteristics. The main one is that most of the provider's games are classic pokies with traditional gameplay and minimal innovations. If you like them, you will like them. If you are looking for experimentation, constantly wanting to try new things and change the gameplay, then the provider's games can quickly bore you.

However, it should be borne in mind that pokies are not the main direction of the provider's work today. Currently, he is focused on creating programs that ensure the operation of the casino and supplying pokies from other companies as an intermediary. That is why the studio's pokies have been released quite rarely lately.

But bingo, poker rooms and live casino from Playtech will appeal to everyone. These high-quality gaming products with exciting gameplay and excellent technical implementation are unlikely to leave indifferent gamblers.

Problems With Playtech Games

As a rule, there are no problems with the provider's pokies, as he ensures that the games' technical component is always at a high level. The company ensures uninterrupted and stable operation of servers to which casinos connect. Thanks to this, there are no failures when playing on its devices. This applies to desktop sites of playgrounds, their mobile versions and smartphone applications.

Do we Recommend Playtech Casinos and Pokies?

Playtech develops high-quality pokies and offers interesting games with live dealers. At the same time, the provider behaves as honestly as possible with users. Thanks to this, we can safely recommend Playtech to punters from Australia.

Playtech FAQs

Who is Playtech?
Playtech provides pokies, live dealers and online casino software from the UK. It works with many gambling establishments around the world. With the help of the company's products, you can fully ensure the operation of a casino or bookmaker's office.
What types of games does Playtech develop?
The company itself develops only classic pokies with traditional gameplay. However, thanks to the ability to connect libraries of third-party providers to the Casino Playtech service, the list of pokies can be significantly expanded.
Which ones are popular?
The provider's popular games include Age of Gods, White King, Foxy Fortunes, Cat Queen, Ice Run, Secrets of the Amazon and many others—punters like the Casino Playtech poker rooms at iPoker and the company's live dealers.
Where can I play them online?
Developer pokies are available at many licensed casinos in Australia. The best playgrounds, where they are, are presented on this page. Just choose the right one, register and enjoy the game!
How can I win?
In the developer's pokies, victory and defeat are determined randomly by a special software algorithm. So winning is purely a matter of luck, and the punter cannot influence its probability.
How do they compare to other software vendors?
Playtech is on par with such casino software providers as Microgaming and Aristocrat. The company competes with the largest international providers and tries to compete for first place in the gambling industry.
Are they trusted?
Yes! Playtech is a company trusted by both punters and casinos. She is popular, successful, always in the eye of the media and gambling regulators and values her reputation, so she does not show dishonesty towards the punters.
Is Playtech a good company for pokies?
Yes, the company offers high-quality pokies. This is confirmed by the awards that she received. Among them are "Platform of the Year", "Poker Network of the Year", and "Pokie Provider of the Year".
What are the best Playtech pokies?
Age of Gods is one of the provider's best pokies. In addition to the classic version, several more game options are available. They differ in theme, gameplay and profitability.
Can I try Playtech games for free?
All pokies of the company have a demo mode. It does not use real money as bets but as a special in-game currency. This allows you to enjoy the provider's pokies without the risk of financial loss.
Is it possible to use free spins in Playtech Pokies?
Yes, there is such a possibility. Free spins are given as bonuses by some casinos. In addition, they drop out in Playtech pokies regardless of the platform as a prize for forming a combination of special symbols.