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The best Australian online casinos with cryptocurrencies 2021

The best Australian online casinos with cryptocurrencies
Many people began to show an active interest in Internet money with the advent of cryptocurrency, namely Bitcoin. For several years, bitcoin has been used to pay for various services and purchases. With the increase in the demand for the cryptocurrency, as well as the emergence of new virtual money, many casino houses began to introduce actively payments in which this method is applied. In this section, you will find information about the best online casinos with cryptocurrency. Also, you can get acquainted with the features of each type of Internet currency and its chief advantages.

As you know, the cryptocurrency has a particular influence on the online gambling world thanks to the policy in the world of gambling, which operates in some countries. Players, where the game for real money is banned, began to use such bets actively. After all, bitcoin and other currencies are not subject to single controlling authority. Also, there is no need to point out your data. Especially often, casino customers who, for some reason, do not have bank cards, use cryptocurrency. That is why today the alternative method of deposit making is gaining popularity.

List of the best online casinos with cryptocurrencies

We created a rating of the best casino houses, where you can make a bet using various cryptocurrencies. In these casinos, accept deposits in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum. In the table below, there is detailed information about each club, and it offers.

BonusPlay for real
Fastpay casino
Fastpay A$150
Play for real
BitStarz casino
BitStarz A$150
Play for real

Main advantages of the game with the use of cryptocurrencies

Main advantages of crypto currency
Regardless of what currency the player uses for bets, he has several advantages. We will talk further about the merits of the game so that everyone can appreciate and understand whether it is worth making bets in the cryptocurrencies.

  • Full confidentiality. You should pay attention to the fact that all transactions using bitcoin, lightcoin, dogecoin or ethereum have a high level of protection. In this case, you do not need to enter any personal data. You can regularly change the e-wallet address to protect yourself as much as possible. Nobody can know the information on that you make bets in casino houses.
  • High level of protection against fraud. You do not have to worry about the security of financial transactions. The use of special software for making transfers, allows you to encrypt data in such a way that the probability of hacking is reduced to almost zero.
  • The absence of payment for transactions or minimum commission. Not all payments with the help of cryptocurrencies are taxed, they also go around the standard banking system. Therefore, no casino houses do not incur obligations to take any commission.
  • The honesty of online casino. The use of cryptographic algorithms allows you to verify how legitimate the outcome of the spin is.
  • Large selection of gambling. Today, there are almost no restrictions on games in which you can make bets in BTC, LTC, DOGE and ETH. Most casino operators NetEnt regularly replenish to the list of available pokies and other offers where you can make bets in the cryptocurrencies.


Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages in the best online casinos with deposits in the cryptocurrencies. First, no one can be 100% sure of the reliability of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin or Ethereum. This is because virtual money is not subject to any controlling authority. Theoretically, it is not possible to influence the course of the cryptocurrencies. However, players still can not rule out the possibility of a fall in the exchange course.

It should also be noted that while playing in bitcoin or other online money there is a slight delay. After each bet, it will take at least 15 seconds for the system to form the unit, and you can continue the game.

How to use?

If you want to make bets in the cryptocurrency, then you should know a few simple rules. In principle, replenishing a deposit in the form of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin or Ethereum practically does not differ from other payment methods. You only need to get an electronic wallet in the chosen cryptocurrencies. Then go to the online casino site in the section with payments and follow all instructions. In most cases, the e-wallet will be generated in а casino houses, to which bitcoin or other cryptocurrency is necessary to add.

Let's sum up the results

The active growth of the online gambling industry and the high popularity of the cryptocurrencies have become the main incentives for combining these two spheres. Today, many casinos open with deposits in the cryptocurrencies. You can make bets in bitcoin, lightcoin, dogecoin and ethereum in them. Maybe, soon the traditional methods of payment will go to the background and the leading positions will be taken by transactions in the cryptocurrencies.

Where to play?

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