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Texas Hold'em Poker for free

Play Texas Hold'em Poker
All casinos powered by NetEnt feature several varieties of poker. One of them is Texas Holdem Poker, aka TXS Hold'em. In classic Texas Hold'em version punters play against each other and the dealer deals cards. This poker variant is popular all over the world, not only in land-based casinos but also in virtual gaming destinations. In NetEnt casino version of the game, you play against the dealer. On this page, you can play Texas Hold’em Poker from NetEnt for free without registration and restrictions.


Texas Hold'em from NetEnt is almost the same as the game Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker, frequently played in land-based casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and other gaming hubs throughout the world. The main difference is the absence of side-bets: additional bets at the beginning or the end of a gaming session. In Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker, along with the ante bet, you can place a bonus bet. Also, Texas Hold'em is similar to Casino Hold'em, and the later version is simple. The dealer deals the flop while turning and river are distributed automatically. Afterwards, the player and the dealer show their cards and the winner is declared.

Basic rules of the game

  • Before the start of the game, as usual, you place the initial bet – the antes. Then you get two cards (the dealer gets two cards as well). At this point, you decide whether to continue playing or to fold and lose the ante.
  • Let’s say that you were given Ace and Seven. In this case, you should continue playing. It is also worth to double the ante.
  • Next – the flop is opened. Three community cards are dealt face up while two are dealt face down. Once again, you have the option to bet (place another ante bet) or check.
  • Let’s imagine that the face-up cards from the flop are A-Q-9. You get a top-pair set.
  • Up next is the turn, i.e. the fourth card from the flop is opened. In our example, it is King. Your hand is still strong in this case.
  • The final stage is the river. In other words, the fifth card is opened (let’s say it is another King). At this point, the player and the dealer show their cards and the winner is the one who gets the highest combination of five cards. After the river, our final combination is AA-KK-Q (two pairs of aces and kings). The dealer shows Q-6; therefore, he loses, and you double all bets.

Features of Texas Hold'em Poker from NetEnt

To play, NetEnt’s Texas Hold’em Poker for free, use the free play version at the begging of this page. To win in this game, you need to practice your playing skills. This way you will know what to do after the flop, turn and river. There is a lot of combinations but to win you need to have a hand which is stronger than the dealer. But this shouldn’t scare you. Texas Hold’em Poker is very fun and engaging and you will enjoy your time playing it.

How to win at Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em Poker has a return to player percentage of 97.96% which is pretty good. Some wise decisions will also reduce the house edge of the game. In most cases, you should continue playing after the flop. Situations where you should give up (fold) your hand is when you have weak cards such as a pair of 2-3, 2-4, 2-5, 2-6 and 2-7. With other card combinations, you should continue playing. Know more about how to win casino poker.


Making the right move in this game can be a bit difficult because it all depends on your hand and the cards on the table.

  • In around 43% of the cases, players will continue to the flop and approximately 48.5% of the situations they will continue to the turn.
  • In most situations, the most profitable bet is on the turn.
  • Placing a bet on the turn and checking on the flop is advantageous only in 16% of the cases.
  • You should place a bet on the flop and the turn only when the odds of winning are more than 50%. Otherwise - check (continue without placing an additional bet).
  • Strong hands in Texas Hold’em Poker are those that consist of image cards. For example, suited Q-2+, K-2+ and A-2+ almost always have a positive expectation. The same applies to combinations such as unsuited Q-7+, K-4+ and A-2+.


Texas Hold'em Poker Pro from NetEnt is one of the most exciting table games of the series. Be sure to test your playing skills in this game in the demo mode at the begging of this page. This way you will know when the best situation is to raise or to fold your hand.

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