Is it profitable to casino winnings?

Is It Profitable to a Casino Winnings?Is it profitable to casino losses visitors "Of course, profitable? Then places will receive the maximum profit! "- This is likely to answer many of the respondents, and will fundamentally wrong.

And now includes logic and imagine the following situation: the player, going to the casino, in this case it is not real, or work in virtual mode, the result is returned with empty pockets and naturally not in a very good mood. Let's say it happened once, and after a while the player once again decided to try their luck. But for the first loser is followed next. Now the question is - will determine whether the player in this establishment again? The answer is more than obvious - of course, not. And no visitors and no casino profits.

The favorable casino balance of wins and losses.

So how this balance does is calculated that the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe, in our version of the casino and the players were not affected? Many will be surprised, but in most gambling refund is 97%. And among the games Net Entertainment refund rates as high as 99% of wins (see the list in the right column percent). Just note that this statement is more characteristic for the video slots. This figure is only at first glance it seems too high. The question arises: what is the benefit of the casino, because with such a winning percentage institution almost nothing left?

Again, the simple answer is it depends on turnover! Can you imagine how many visitors eager to get a prize, so a few percent of losses not taken into account? But it is these percentages helps casinos not only stay afloat, but get quite tangible income.

Winning players will always come back:

  • Of course, not all slot machines boast bright prospects, but in any case, the losers are always more than the winners. Lost amount will be more than the amount that the total benefits. It forces players to return to the gaming machines for the next prize, which inevitably leads to the loss of the money.
  • Should pay attention to another feature of the online casino. When you open a new virtual institution, its purpose is to attract the largest number of players. Therefore, it is replete with the initial period of unexpected surprises, promotions and various tournaments. By the way, in reputable institutions such bonuses are not diminishing - it is not enough to attract players; they must also keep on its site, not yielding to competitors.


To summarize: Casino disadvantageous if the game will end with a positive result for the player, and a large percentage of losses will cause the withdrawal of visitors to other sites. Therefore, it is important to adhere to the balance when the casino revenue and the player did not take offence. The conclusion is clear: to play at an online casino is not only possible, but necessary (if you wish, of course), because the chances of getting a win are very attractive.

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