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Are online casinos happy of winnings?

Are online casinos happy of winnings
Are casinos happy when all players losing? "Of course, they are profitable! It means that casinos will get the maximum profit!" – Is this what the online casinos want?

Now let's think logically and imagine the following situation. When a player goes to a casino, in this case, it does not matter whether it is real or working in virtual mode, the player eventually returns with empty pockets and, naturally, he will not be in a perfect mood. Let's consider that this happened once, and in a while, the player decided to try his luck again. But after another followed the first loss. Now let's answer the question – will the player come to this casino back? The answer is more than obvious – of course, no. And there are no visitors – in conclusion, there is no profit casino.

Casino benefits from a balance of winnings and losses

So how is this balance calculated so that casinos and players are not affected? For the casino, it is profitable when players are sometimes winning. A lot of gamblers will be surprised, but in most casino houses the RTP (percentage of the return) reaches 97%, there are even some slots by NetEnt with 99% (see the list of percentages in the column on the right). We should note that this statement is more typical for slots. At first glance, this figure only seems too high. The question arises: what is the benefit of the casino because with such a percentage of winnings, the casino has practically nothing left?

And again, there is a simple answer – it is the turnover of funds! Just imagine how many visitors want to get a winning, so a few percentages of the losses are not considered. But precisely these percentages can help the casino not only stay afloat but also to receive quite good income.

Players always go back

  • Of course, not every slot machine can boast of excellent prospects, but, in any case, there are still more losers than winners. The lost amount will be higher than the won amount in total. Precisely this fact makes players go back to the slot machines for the next winning, which leads to a loss of money.
  • You should pay attention to another feature of the online casino. When a new casino house opens, its goal is to attract the most significant number of players. Therefore, in the beginning, the casino gives a lot of bonuses and different tournaments. By the way, in solid casinos (as Fastpay) such bonuses do not become less – after all, it is not enough to attract players, the casino has to keep them playing there, not letting them go to a competitor.


Let's conclude: the online casino will be unprofitable in the long term if the players are only loosing. That's why it is so essential for the casino and the players to have a balance. It is the obvious conclusion: it is not only possible to play at the online casinos, but it is also necessary (if you have such desire, of course) because the chances of winning are beautiful. Compared with land-based casinos, the online ones are leading by many aspects.

Where to play?

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