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Casino Streamers

Casino Streamers
Live casino streams are more than just a simple form of entertainment; they are a learning experience for players. If you have never tried a casino game before, a great way to start is to stream online games played by experts who are already well versed in virtual gaming. You get to watch the top casino streamers give professional advice concerning strategies and bet sizing while battling it out on hundreds of machines and game options. For people with small bets, this platform lets you witness high rollers in full throttle playing with big stakes for even bigger winnings. Streamers are known for being super friendly and helpful; you can also live chat with them as well as the rest of the audience.

What are Casino Streams?

Casino streams are video displays of gambling activities by streamers over the internet. It is only becoming popular now, but casino streaming has been around since the year 2015. The practice is appreciated by some and frowned upon by others. Through casino streaming, you can experience the feeling of playing on an online casino without the risks involved in actual gameplay. You can also get an idea of what a casino could potentially offer you how the bonuses play out as well as the sorts of games available. The experience can be compared to that of being in a land-based casino amidst other gamers. Video poker is the main casino streaming game with millions of viewers. Even though slots were previously deterred by their extremely random nature, they are now quickly closing the gap.

The gambling industry is very competitive, and no one wants to be left behind, so any new method of increasing profits is rushed at by the majority. With its growing popularity, there are already quite a few online casino streaming sites dedicated to art. Viewers are always lucky because these sites do not charge them anything for access. The most popular ones are YouTube and Twitch.

YouTube Casino Streams

Arguably the most popular video-sharing platforms, a YouTube audience for casino streams is inevitable. Casino streaming on YouTube became a thing following the already widespread popularity of the activity on Twitch. With YouTube being primarily a platform for uploading pre-made videos, they venture into uncharted seas with this streaming practice. The number of streamers on YouTube is constantly on the rise because the platform offers quite a few benefits.

First, with the majority of streamers clustered on Twitch, there is very little competition on YouTube and this, in turn, offers the chance for newcomers to gather a sizable fan base.

Second, YouTube streams casinos that have been properly screened and are certified to be genuine because of the strict rules that the platform adheres to. So, viewers are at less risk of being scammed with false advertising.

What is the Best Choice to Watch: Twitch or YouTube Streams?

Some streamers opt to go both ways for combined viewership, but you may have encountered some difficulty in the bid to stream casinos live on YouTube. This is because the popular platform has a long list of terms and conditions which are unfavourable to gambling activities on the site. In light of these hindrances, Twitch is a much better option.

Twitch was originally a site for video game streaming and other events, created in 2011 following the re-branding of its predecessor, ''. With an already booming live casino community, this video streaming company widely opened its arms to other game categories, thereby catalyzing the process. There are also more features like voice and text chat rooms and tools to block inappropriate messages.

What Twitch Casino Streaming Entails?

Live streaming casino games is not a walk in the park, but it is not too tedious either. Becoming an online streamer needs passion and dedication. You need to:

  • Create an account

This requires only your email, password and a nickname that viewers can recognize you by. I recommend you take the time to come up with a cool one as that is going to be your brand name.

Don't just leave it at that; try to customize your profile with a theme that represents your image. Then head to work on the description panel located just below the video screen. Type in as much info about yourself as you would like to share with your viewers, your gaming interests and a call to action on how your followers can support you. Make your profile as good-looking as possible; it goes a long way in drawing in viewers even when you are offline.

  • Hardware requirement

Basically, it comes down to having a modern PC and a stable internet connection. However, there is a better streaming experience if you have at least two computer screens in front of you; one for gaming and the other for monitoring chats and other interactions. You can use any regular keyboard or mouse, but getting a good microphone will promote clarity.

Internet speed is more than crucial; the last thing you want is poor connection breaking up your broadcast. Twitch casino streams of 720p quality require a minimum of 3.5MBps.

  • Financing

Remember that you are going to be sharing your experience playing casino games for real money; hence, there is a financial commitment on your part. After choosing a casino to stream on, the next step is making a deposit. However, unless you plan to stream very rarely, your bankroll will most likely not be sufficient to fund this practice. Players love to see a high roller in action, and this takes a further toll on your finances. That is why streamers opt to become brand affiliates and set up partnerships to fund casino streams.

  • Build your audience

Standing out from the pack is tough because everyone is doing the same thing you're doing and using the same tricks you're using. While there is no concrete formula for attracting viewers, having a streaming schedule enables your followers to know when to tune in, thereby maximizing your per stream viewership. You could increase your fan base through external means such as social media by creating accounts with your brand name. Gamers love where they are recognized, so try to be as interactive as possible and stream from reputable casinos.

What are Affiliate Programs and How Do They Make Money?

Many of us are perplexed on hearing the terms YouTube Affiliates or Twitch affiliates and thus want to know what they mean. There is a lot to be said about them, and in this write up we will delve as deep as possible to enlighten you on the topic.

2023 casino streams are not merely uploaded for fun; the more traffic you get on your channel, the more popular you become, and as we all know, fame and money are two things that go together. These streamers partner with the platforms for a share of viewing profits. To become an affiliate, you require a minimum of 50 followers in the last 30 days, with at least 500 total broadcast minutes as well as 3 or more regular viewers on a daily broadcast schedule.

There are several ways through which affiliates make money.

  • Paid Subscription

This is where the bulk of revenue comes from. To benefit from features such as ad-free viewing and subscriber emoticons, viewers subscribe by paying a monthly fee. This income is shared between the platform and affiliates equally.

  • Donations & Sponsorship deals

Micro donations known as bits are made by viewers to support their favourite channels. This could be considered as a form of a tip to streamers. For every bit, affiliates get 1 cent. Viewers who make such donations are recognized by streamers and get greater attention on the channel. Sponsorship deals from various companies also boost the income you make as an affiliate.

  • Revenue from casino partners

Streamers can get paid to stream online casino games as a way to promote the operator's brand. In this way, they become casino affiliates receiving fixed monthly payments; otherwise, they may be rewarded with free bonuses.

Casino Streamers play for Real money or Fake

Streamers are regular people who play slots while broadcasting live. Technically, they have no advantage over you, and I and anyone can decide to put up live casino streams. Casino streamers play for real money, but there have been incidences of false marketing where these affiliates showcase gameplay that has been orchestrated by them and the operator to bring exposure to the online casino. It is possible to play online casino games with fake chips that are granted by the casino but are not cashable. Streamers do this to trick unknowing viewers, portraying false winnings and fake emotions.

They promote casinos with a bad reputation, especially when it comes to payouts. They can play with very high bets of over €50 per spin for extended periods. It is outrageous and an outright example of irresponsible gambling. You will hardly see any concrete proof of actual deposits on the part of these fake streaming sites, and big wins do not induce the type of excitement it would be in players who bet with real money, precisely because they have no real stakes in the game. These streamers are not genuine, but unfortunately, such lack of honesty is not illegal, so players are advised to beware.

Where to gamble?

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