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Are you addicted to gambling?

Are you addicted to gambling?
The most important thing is to understand if you are a gambling person. Are you addicted to gambling? Typically, the addicted to gambling people will say no, and in the most serious cases, the game would be the source of the problems. You probably heard and saw this before. The percentage of people with no future is quite low, I will not give you an exact number, but it ranges from 10 to 20 percentage. Now, why people are addicted? Let me tell you. Because of pure greed! They are eager to get the free money, this way avoiding the everyday job routine. The addicted people should not be seen as weak; the game and their greed make them weak. Let me give you a simple example. You stopped playing.

It is not my fault

Many of you stopped smoking. What did it feel like? The first days probably fucked you up, you were extremely irritated, one or two weeks later I bet you still wanted that cigarette, then you get rid of physical pain, as well as a cough, shortness of breath, the grey colour on your face and so on (no more debts, problems, rows). You probably had such dreams where you smoked a cigarette; these were your nightmares which made you wake up in a cold sweat. You were blaming yourself for showing weakness, but the fact that it was just a dream calmed you down. Well, we have a peaceful life. But damn, it is boring, let me smoke a cigarette. Damn, I am not to blame, it is all about friends and the ones you talk with, it is their fucking fault…

The disease that does not exist

It is worse to pretend to be addicted than actually being. What is it worse, being a fool or pretending to be? No anyone can understand the source of the problem. What am I talking about, all of us are great philosophers after the loss, we do realise how stupid, addicted and fucking unlucky we are. We swear that it is the last time we do it. Damn, we should not confuse the emotions with a frank confession. You should admit that you are entirely fucked up after an unlucky game. But if you were lucky enough, how would you feel? Lol? It takes time to understand the problem, the post-gaming emotions — they are just the protective reaction of the body, a result of the hormones released into the blood, the desire to relieve the stress, to ease the pain. Who of you get rid of it at all? Imagine you wake up, you have a full pocket of money, and what would you do?


Casino addicted
There is a surprising fact that almost no one writes about the addicted people who are also impatient and full of debts. These people have no time to solve their problems or they always delay them. Imagine your prospects when you get credits, and your salary is just $500-$600, and many of you have wives and children. If you are single, you are quite lucky. Well, at least you will suffer alone. Why in hell you would end everyone up in the gutter, go down and out alone.

So, the purpose of such type of players is to get an amount needed to solve all their problems. Yeah, you got it right, the lack of money is not just the problem of the gamblers, and many families are split up because of poverty. The woman nowadays is the hearth and home, which is warmed by the dollar bills. But we have got love besides money, after all, why in hell we call it to love if it is dependent on money? Well, it is still loved. The women have theirs, and the men — theirs.

Pity those people who live from one paycheck to another. By hook or by crook, you are full of lies, but this should end quite soon. Go out, wipe the window, but wait, why in hell…you are full of them, the world is full of them. Any sane person who was fucked up while spending lots of money and who must pay the debts without actually buying anything, damn, these people should be fucked up. They probably will end up drinking a lot. And there is no happy ending, just a squirrel in a wheel. It’s a vicious circle. Well, many will hardly try to solve their problems. They will get rid of gambling. But here comes the cigarette. Like all good, you seem to be sane enough, no debts, why not smoking again? Just only one. Are you addicted or not?

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