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Gambling addiction is your bad habit

Gambling addiction
Addiction could be generally explained as a disruptive cognitive condition as a result of taking a substance capable of influencing actions and reactions, such as; alcohol, cocaine, nicotine or forming a regular character like gambling, masturbation, consumption, smoking etc. However, it might be pleasurable, but the continuous engagement in such a habit would make one obsessive and affect the usual way of doing things or the regular daily living. It is usually impulse-control disorders in human beings. There are various degree and kinds of addiction, but we will discuss gambling addiction for Casino Game Players and the proper ways to handle Obsession.

Gambling addiction

Gambling addiction can be described merely as a gambling disorder or illness that happens as a result of an inability to control gambling impulses. Habitual gamblers would not control the urge to gamble; even when it is obvious, he has lost all he has and also the borrowed funds. They gamble irrationally, even into bankruptcy. They usually leave their basic needs unattended to, family and friends always fall victim to their actions. They are liable to pilfering and selling of the valuables of their relatives to gamble. Their actions always lead to other disorders like smoking, night-walks, alcohol consumption, etc. They look shabby always, and their health rarely matters to them. They jump from one casino to the other.

Neurotic gamblers would keep "wasting" funds when it is clear that their accounts are in red. They throw money at machines in casinos as if the payouts from them are automatic. It does not matter what they feel about themselves, or people think about them or what might happen to them; they always damn the consequences of their actions, even when they know the odds of the games are playing against them. They usually played themselves into recession, then into depression. They rarely heed any call or advice from anyone. Some common end up in rehab.

The Roles of the Internet

The advent of the Internet has aggravated the incidence of addictive gambling because you do not need to go to casinos to gamble; you can do all you want in the comfort of your home. There are various online slot games and other gambling sites; even when you are an addicted gambler, people might not notice on time. The Internet has made gambling easy to access, and it is making it very difficult to rehabilitate an impulsive player because there is every tendency to relapse into it because gambling devices are at his disposal.

Internet casinos and online gambling schemes are available and accessible any day and anytime with PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. Gamblers can quickly go into depression or any harmful acts capable of endangering other people's lives because of losing a bet. Any worrying player can spend more time and money on games despite the natural consequences of his frustration.

The Brain of an addicted gambler

It was in recent years that Psychoanalysts just came to term that gambling could be an addiction just like other vices. They never really believed that Gambling could be an Impulsive Habit like smoking and drug-taking. Even some counsellors would not tell their clients that he is an addicted gambler. Researchers and Psychiatric Community recently agreed that gambling could be a mental disorder. They considered obsessive gambling as more of a pressure than a habit. To them, it was just a way to get over some issues or while away time to ease stress or relieve anxiety other than a craving for extreme inclination, putting a pathological gambler in the class of an Addicted Porn-Watcher, Kleptomania, Nymphomania, Pyromania, etc.

The new researches and discoveries had helped in rehabilitating addicted gamblers than ever since the Psychiatrists and Counsellors now agreed that gambling could be a mental disorder. Administering an effective treatment is essential because gambling is far more acceptable and easy to access than ever before. These days, you do not even need to go to casinos to gamble, your data-enabled devices will launch into any online casino.

Gambling vs drugs

The recent studies in psychology, neuroscience and genetics had revealed that gambling and drug addiction are close behavioural disorder than ever thought. The improved research works carried out common misnomer had shown how addictive habits grow in human. In the middle of our skull, there are different route regarded as the reward system that extends to various parts of the brain regions like; motivation, feelings, memory, movement, pleasure, etc.

Addictions are formed in our brain just like having a favourite drink or food, and that brand is sought for even when other similar brands or close substitutes are available. Continuous patronage of a particular product could be termed an addiction. It is just an uncontrollable urge to consume a specific substance or an action even when not necessary to do. It is very common in drugs, and it deprives a victim of the ability to act rationally.

Researchers have confirmed that addictive gamblers and drug abusers have similar brain disorder; their genetic inclinations are both impulsive and reward-seeking. It is just the same way an addict requires a substance to influence his actions; habitual gamblers engage in more irrational things to ease his tension. He looks for money any means to gamble, even if it is stealing and selling a valuable. Also, both drug addicts and compulsive gamblers have similar symptoms of withdrawal when denied access to the substances and games they desire. Some studies suggest that most people with gambling and drug addiction are because of disorder in their brain circuitry, which controls the reward and satisfaction system. This knowledge comes from studies flow of blood and some other activities going on in people's brains as they engage in various tasks.

The recent successful experiments helped the caregivers to understand the ailments of compulsive gamblers and the drug addicts. Experts used to believe that addiction is all about a substance taking, but they know that it could be in the form of an uncontrollable action. Addiction is just an act of repeatedly performing a rewarding operation despite the negative consequences. The experience could be the taking of drugs or excitement of money tripling at the casino. Psychotherapists are now aware that impulsive gamblers could respond to medication and therapy typically used for addictions rather than the conventional approach of taming habitual actions.

It must be stated here that irrational gambling has defied some conventional procedures used to control or alleviate depression. It remains unclear why some Antidepressants alleviate the symptoms of some impulse-control disorders, and they have never worked well for pathological gamblers, but medications used to treat substance addictions have worked well. Some schools of thought had also confirmed that another potent treatment for addiction is cognitive-behaviour therapy, which educates people on how to resist negative thoughts and habits.

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