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What are the types of gambling-addicted people?

Types of addicted people
I have read that laziness is one of the reasons for gambling addiction. But why and how? — Who knows, no one is talking about it, you will find just contacts of doctors and hospital addresses, in other words, fix your brains. I will try to explain it. Before you read my thought, think about the link between laziness and gambling addiction or at least find more info on this).

What is laziness? Let us not get too deeper into it. Laziness is when your brain continually postpones the unnecessary activities, to accumulate the energy for more important activity. For all the comfort that surrounds us, we should thank the lazy people. Note: laziness + intelligence = genius, laziness + dunce = lazy dunce. I often hear that addicted people are quite dedicated and hardworking people. What about laziness? Everyone has a comfort zone. It consists of food, TV, internet. Thus, you can spend your time how you like, your wife will feed you, and I beg you to find a job and so on. And nothing changes. It is enough to disable the internet and stop feeding you then you will wake up. Do you probably know that devouring does not require much effort?! Getting out of your comfort zone is not easy.

Let us imagine that you are a fat dude and want to pick up a chick. Your goal is to work out and become more attractive while following a regimen. You have not to let her go while developing a healthy relationship and earning enough money to live a decent life, and after all, it is not guaranteed that it should work. Some of you still remember how bad the last relationship went, and that is why you are doing well in your comfort zone, and that shit should stay out of it. Fuck those problems, you would think). Find more information about the types of gambling-addicted people below in our article.

Laziness and idleness

Family gambler
There are also pests of society. They had a perfect childhood, then they went to the University on the advice of parents and then to another one, stupidly the following something out of interest and goal. They are so accustomed to money that no job will wake them up. The money will run out — and they are gradually degrading without changing anything. There is a lack of physical and emotional load. They need to start practising sport; it keeps their body and spirit toned, thus saving their health — also they will finally be able to defend themselves. Emotions rather than play some football or anything like this, they spend lots of time watching the TV. Do you think they are cretins? Well, they seem to be, but the most important fact is that they are lazy; they better get their dose of emotions while doing nothing than spending the time working.

Here come the slots are not good enough for you to get a dozen emotions? No physical loads, all you have to do is to launch the application—no intellectual load in the modern world. But there are too many things that distract our attention and give a good idea. Sometimes your brain will even limit yourself to reading only the posts in the VC.

Well, the comfort zone of the addicted people

Family man

He has a job, a wife, kids, a dog and other family things. Dude spends some money on the game, sometimes he even takes some from the family budget, and wife is fucking him up for that, eventually, by time, the wife is letting him spend a fixed amount per month. He got his lifestyle, and he is happy having it this way. You may see him as a Soviet slave, zombie, working dude. All he got is a family, job, house and a tummy. That is all! He must live with it. He has no interest to change anything. Why getting out of the comfort zone if there is a probability that it might go wrong? He will spend money on games for the rest of his life. There is no worse thing than stability.

Free addicted man

Damn, he is a free man; he spends his time as he likes. Stability is about me.  The man managed to spend ten years of his life in the same job: the salary is excellent and is five times the average salary in Russia. There is almost nothing to do, easy money. No wife, no whores. You always know what you have got at the end of the month. You seem to be blessed by God Himself. And you as a stupid bitch will start gambling, knowing that there is no responsibility on you, you may do anything you want, be it sports or a hobby. You have got a high comfort zone, my man. You have an excellent opportunity to explore something, but you are lazy to do so. You cannot wait for the end of the month to spend everything on gambling or drinks. And you are sane enough to understand your fault, but your brain acts like infected and postpones everything;) And it lasts for years. Why changing anything if it is good as it goes?

Young dick head

It represents the most inexperienced people at the very beginning of their life. They work just for money, which is spent on the actual job — the game. A paradox, right? All his work is done only for getting that money and wastes them in the game, or how they say: to earn money. Their goal is to get rich. Are they lazy? Yes, definitely. They are lazy enough to be patient, to save the money for a thing. They do not want to be full of credits to get a thing. They are sane enough to understand that it will take those years to pay all the debts. You see what the best choice is. The addicted people are stimulated to earn more, thus they spend more, and in other words, addicted people are quite hard-working.

Young addicted
Does the game get you out of laziness? We should admit it and say yes as if there was no need to pay all the bills and debts, no need to eat and drink, you would probably continue wasting your life, but damn, you cannot live without money. You are highly stressed when you spent a decent amount, and all you have got is: collectors, credits, an angry wife who wants some new clothes, damn, you have to spend more. They have stolen your comfort zone. Many of you probably heard of many cases when a bankrupted man was fucked up. He had his business, money — it was all good — once he lost anything, he cannot fight that fucked up moral state. This feeling may be experienced in gambling as well.

Why the loss makes you so lazy regarding the job?

It depends on the job you do if it is a mental or physical, and sure on how much you lost. Of course, if losing any penny is not scared to spend the amount of 3 monthly salaries will quickly kill all desire to work for a long time. Say hello to the brain and laziness. Your mind is smart and stupid enough to calculate how much you earn per day or an hour and will decide that it is not worth your effort to get just $5 per hour — Damn, you just lost an amount of 1000 hours worked. No way out of this, your brain is infected by the thought of significant amounts, and you need them here and now, a month of patience? Go fuck yourself!

If you work on a contract, where you get the money depending on the job and its size — you will work, and you will have your reasons: take more, spend more. Just imagine you doing the same position at a lower salary. I know myself. Once I jumped from €500 to €125. And what then? I was spending that $125 in 3 days and realised that it is bullshit and I went to Moscow to make a living. I was not lazy, there were times when I was forced to get rid of some things, and I was one of those young dick heads. Just know that gambling big and not so significant amounts is just like jumping from a well-paid job to not so well paid. You will be fucked up, you will have no stimulus, and your brain will see the casino game as a definite point while the everyday job done by the regular workers will be a stupid idea.

You may also get a chick who will fuck your brain up. Anytime and anywhere. Even on those things that are not worth it. If you are a gambler — forget this idea, do not fuck the life of others as you did to yours. Next time I will probably write about fighting the laziness, but it is a different story for a different time.  An interesting fact: I should have written this post yesterday, but I was lazy enough to skip it, even today I just forced myself to write this down, you may find my writing quite edgy, I am sorry for that. I just described my experience, and I hope you have got the point.

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