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Gambling as a way of living

Gambling as a way of living
One of my old acquaintances, whom I never knew, once said:

All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players!

What William Shakespeare meant is that our life is a game, regardless of the age and the field of activity. A game is everywhere: in childhood, in friendship, in love and war, even the job is quite a game. Humans are so busy playing the daily routine, that they have no time left to «live». We will talk about that later, now let us remember the famous quote of a gambler, and a writer — A.S. Pushkin!

Life is but a game!

It is all about gambling. Pushkin knew about his gambling problem and yet he was the one who left not only a great work of literature but also gambling debts worth ten times more than the assets ensuring the repayment. Probably, he would have continued his excellent work if he did not have a gambling problem that brought debts and bad mood, all that making him lose interest in living. The quality of his life was quite poor, with more than 20 duels he participated in. But enough is enough, in one fine poker night, being on tilt, Pushkin tasted the bitter side of luck. He died a painful death after a duel.

Casino games

Every living being knows what a game is. Humans, animals, birds or fish are born helpless, and without experience. All of that comes with time, remember you can master it once you learn it. The educational games are the games which speed the things up, with their help you learn to hunt, love and fight.

Role-playing games are the principal activity of a preschool-age child. (с) S. Rubinstein

Games are a perfect solution for almost anything, starting with the educational field and ending with the medical one. For example, — if the child refuses to obey, you may present it in an entertaining form. Again, this is quite an option for the well-educated parents, the other side will continue doing it through violence, or they may even do not give a f*ck about the education of their kids, leaving them to the streets.

Growing up does not make humans lose interest in games. However, while the child is full of games, the time an adult spends on games is more limited. 80% of the adult time is for sleeping and working; the rest is entertainment. However, you may also want to start a family, learn some new skills, and do other useful things.

Do you know that the shrew spends up to 90% of its time searching for food? And that the dolphins work just 10% of their time, the rest being saved for games? By the way, I cannot figure out why they are the smartest FISH on the whole planet. Though, it could be a different outcome if they had the Internet.

I do not wonder anymore why many do not give a f*ck about work, children and so on. The time is limited, and you will not manage to do everything. That's the source of all the dissatisfactions from different fields, such as personal life, culture, education, etc. Therefore, what they say is that happiness is when you do what you enjoy doing and get paid for that, thus saving some time on your personal needs.

Lacking time is terrible, as well as having it in abundance. The brain is a tricky thing, and it would prefer to do nothing when there is nothing to do. If you do not have to run away from a mammoth, you will probably stand by and save some energy. It's a century of peace; there is no threat at all, surf the internet and eat some delicious food. It's difficult to resist the temptation to become a fat schmuck, and many of them have already proved it. Only the back-breaking and strong-willed labour set the humans above their nature of the reproductive biomass.

Do you know that the shrew spends up to 90% of its time searching for food? And that the dolphins work just 10% of their time, the rest being saved for games? By the way, I cannot figure out why they are the smartest FISH on the whole planet. Though, it could be a different outcome if they had the Internet.

What psychiatrists say

Gambling addicted
The psychiatrists and the uneducated psychos had different views on the role of the games, but no one was able to give a correct interpretation. That's how they see the game:

  • The game is an attempt to escape from reality
  • The game is a way to get what you do not already have
  • Mental disorder
  • Superiority (as a result of inferiority) complex

The theory I liked the most was: the game is a way of getting rid of the unused energy.

It's funny. You were born with the opportunity to enjoy the arts, sports, sciences, and so on, but humans are striving for a different model, the one of virtual reality. Give a man a helmet, plug it into the system, create an exciting virtual world with unique creatures, and I think he would prefer to stay there forever.

However, something similar is already happening — people stupidly spend (or even live) most of their time on the Internet, where everyone is a hero. Women are feminine, men are masculine, and pupils are Rambo's, but once you are outside — dullness is everywhere.

People are indeed reasonable beings who, by growing up, understand how f*cked up life is, and they are trying to get out of here in all possible ways. I show respect to the people searching for escape in outer space, stars and other galaxies, but I do not understand the ones going online. Morons do not realise that the «outer» world should be a result of the inner one, and not of an outer environment. If you want to change something, start with your inner world.

Online games

For the most part, I would like to talk about such online plagues as WoT, Dota and other RPGs; even the casino is one of them. The whole business industry is built on primitive human needs. I see it's cool to be the pilot of the tank or aircraft, but then what? Even the educational games like checkers, chess, fast disassembly or assembly of the dildo, but what could a PC game teach or give?

Gambling problem and games

Let us put the greed aside. To a larger extent, you are responsible for the fact that you have a gambling problem, or rather your laziness, your reluctance to change your life and learn new skills. Humans continue playing the game full of the gamble because that's how you usually have fun; it is simple. Your life becomes a quest known under different names — how to survive until the wage pay-check, what to eat, how to pay back, how to win back your money. I want to mention that there are people who keep torturing themselves — they are the masochists; others are just boring and start it over and over again.
You may choose masturbation — everyday access to sex right at your hand, or a standard option — give some shape to your brain and body, earn some money, and get a chick. The same outcome, but at a different cost. The same applies to gamble, one wants to have fun, and one chooses the easiest way. I speak from experience when there is no money left — you can deal with many things, but once you got some money, there is nothing more entertaining than slots, oh yeah, a whole bunch of adrenaline.

Here it is my advice, if you want to quit gambling, find an essential and fundamental occupation in your life, and let the work turn into a hobby.

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