Gambling as meaning of the life

Gamblingas Meaning of LifeWhat is the meaning of the life? What a man should live for? For give birth to a new generation quite similar to yours? It is not so relevant, given the current overcrowding. Some devote their life to science and/or medicine, while others to military craft. You have what to choose from: religion, music, family and so on. Want to live by the concepts of the Criminal Code? It is easy to waste half a life in camps. All people are quite different, and they just want to live their life differently. Let them do so. That is how I see it. What if the game chooses us? We are not going to talk about the poor people who have a gambling problem we would rather talk about those who see the gambling as meaning of the life.

Leave apart the PC gamers and other small addicted people. The Poker players are out as well. They play hundreds of thousands hands a month and earn just some pennies. They are rather robots than humans, they cannot feel the emotions. In other words, what they do is bullshit, but they still think it is a game strategy. You have probably heard of Stu Ungar. Find his biography, and then watch the movie The Player. Pay attention to his friend, a grey-haired old man. There are two players, but they are so different! That is what we are going to talk about.

Any man in his 30s has a midlife crisis, and the lesser you have at that moment, the stronger the apathy. That is the moment you start realizing how much time and opportunities were wasted. Regardless of your actual life status, you will face this problem sooner or later. And what about the player? He should be shocked when he will clearly understand that 10 years of the work were wasted by giving away the hard-earned money and actually getting nothing. The face is palm, right? In this scenario you understand that this should stop now. You either stop it or continue doing the bullshit time by time, this would not work.

The neighbour keeps caring about your marital status. You see him laughing, but deeply he knows who got the freedom. You destroy yourself by just seeing how the things go. And you marry the credit line with all her credits. You are another slave who works for government. You just earn, spend and get rid of credits. I am done with it. I want the freedom. I would not try guessing the outcome, but the most possible one has no happy ending. And you will find the homeless people quite free. You may learn from them the meaning of life, even if no one cares about it. Who are you to judge what is good and what is bad?! Everyone takes what deserves and that is all, you have no right to judge anyone. I have been playing for more than 10 years and writing about this would be rather a topic for a more experienced man. However, you get what you get there is no time to wait. Let me be that newcomer in my 30s who is quite confused.

Gamblers for life

Players for lifeThe main purpose of such players is to get enough money in order to spend the rest of their life as they want. I managed to get those unbelievable amounts. Want to know how I spent them? I just lived the way I wanted to drink, clubbing, and getting the breakfast in bed, getting a whore and so on. Even the poker client was next to me, what could be better? My breakfasts were taken in restaurants, anyone would love to have the tips I left there. No more walking! Call a taxi even to buy a pack of cigarettes. Yeah, you are the boss of your life. Wasting money is kind of art as well, especially when you waste the amounts you got from nothing. You should be afraid of such a life.

I Am the Boss

I am a BossThen I managed to win $70 000. I do not remember that feeling of getting such a win, but I clearly remember that the game did not stop there, and I even had no time to actually buy a thing. However, I learned a lot about friendship. We live in a world full of parasites, and it was so from the very beginning, you probably know the Jewish commandment — lie to your close people. Everybody lives by the concept of interest, let it be at a marriage event or just your close friends, people are there, where is interest.

Some are interested more, others — less. If you share something, you are a good man. If you live for yourself, you are an egoist. You start realizing it just before you are ready to die. Your wife is quite mercantile, and your friends are ready to do anything just for money and so on. The game is seen as a catalyst, it speeds up your experience. Look back. When there is a plenty of money — you got the friends, you are happy to share; your generosity knows no bounds. When you have no money, the friends nearby either. Damn, and who is ready to help? Ready to help the strangers who do not even know who you are. It is a paradox.

How to spend the easy money

How to spend moneySo, here comes the story of the deposited $70 000. For many of you it is so much that you have to work half a life to get it, even for me it was 2 years of work. How would you spend this amount? Probably you want to buy a nice apartment, car and jewellery. So good luck, earn and spend! I am done with those of you who pretend being smarter, you better take care of your money. For a player the money has no value, all you got is numbers which are multiplied or lost. Just numbers, no value. I lost everything quite fast, it took me a week. I paid my debts and back to the casino. Some of you, who are more experienced, would have delayed that loss by 3 months or by maximum half a year. Choosing a game as meaning of the life is stupid enough. You have to be organized and ready for anything, you better have a bank account configured to limit the money you may take in a timeframe.

The game is a way, a kind of Zen. It is not a hobby, nor a way of making money. Stay away from it if you have a family. A seasoned player will eventually become a philosopher; otherwise he has no chance to survive. Today you get thousands, tomorrow you have nothing — fuck it, you are always calm and in good mood. The game takes control over you; it becomes a part of your life, even the meaning of your life. You have to live with it and there is no way back to the world you came from. You get what you get and deserve. The entire world is a stage, said Shakespeare, and I would add — all the world is a stage, where you either win or lose.

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