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How does the gambling problem look like?

How does the gambling problem looks like
The society is ill-disposed towards drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals and gamblers. If you are a gambler, you most probably are an unreliable man. This is partly true, but no one considers that a player is a time bomb and who knows when he will explode. It is usually within ten years when he finds himself full of credits and problems, and even that could not be convincing enough unlike for a drug addict, who always search a way to get a dose. There is another joke spreading around that a sane man has nothing to do with the gambling. The newcomers are afraid to deposit at an online casino, relying on the judgement that it is all about the internet, and you will be scammed in the end.

There is even a myth - you cannot win in a casino! No way have you done it! And no one fucking cares about many aspects and nuances. The casino will not let you be the winner for a long time, but you will be quite happy to have that short moment. It is all about a negative profit, different from the way others describe it. Read more about how the gambling problem looks like in this article below.

The dialogues with non-gambling people

When I tell someone how much I have won, I quite often get such replies:

- Is it real money?

- Can it be withdrawn?

I tell them that it is all right, ready money for today, but damn, the morons will not stop:

- How much have you lost? I ask back - During a session or overall?

- During a session.

- I am in plus. All right, okay.

And they, morons, do not believe me. =)

It is impossible to describe how stupid they are on an electronic paper. But when they see with their own eyes that you have just withdrawn their yearly income, they are surprised and even could hate you a bit. Such envy, LOL! A newcomer is full of phobias. The first withdrawal is like the first sex: some agonising waits to get the payment, the fear that you will get nothing, and so on. But when you see the money in your account, you will probably leave the job apart and will start your pursuit of that easy money! Fuck it, the time flies and the monthly salary spent at slots is already a habit.

You get used to it. The gambler cannot afford some new clothes, cigarettes, drinks, but he will find the money to spend on gambling! Then you act like a sane person and start counting how much you could buy using that money. Next, you are greedy, you want the easy money, and that is why you lose millions in a couple of years. And it is all about a thing you wanted to buy off the easy money gotten at slots.

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