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Oracle Casino in Azov City in 2017

Oracle casino in Russia 2017
In 2009 a ban on all gambling activities on the entire territory of Russia was introduced. All gambling is going to be located in four gambling zones namely "Azov-City" in Krasnodar Territory, "Primorje" in the Primorsky Territory, "Siberian Coin" in the Altai Territory and "Amber" in the Kaliningrad area. Nowadays the most popular casino is Casino Oracle in the "Azov-City".

  • The hot telephone line is 8 800 1006 106 in Oracles Casino
  • The official website of Oracle casino in the Azov-City
  • The telephone information about tournament poker +79298502754

The first legal casino in Russia - Oracle in the Azov-City

Grand opening of Oracle
"Azov-City" is the southernmost gambling area, located on the coast of the Azov Sea. The casino is visited by thousands of connoisseurs as well as by people who want to have a good rest. It should also be noted that in this gaming zone everyone can find their favourite games appealing to their budgets, desires and preferences.

The casino "Oracle" has 18 gaming tables for European and American roulette, a restaurant and lounge, which houses 300 slot machines. However, this refers to the first stage of the construction. In future, Oracle Casino in Azov City plans to extend not only the area but also to diversify the gaming industry. For example, there will be more intellectual games such as chess and backgammon.

At present, the "Royal Time Group" completed the construction of the third stage of the Oracle complex. The total investment according to experts amounted to more than 1 billion rubles.  According to some sources, the total playing area of the complex will be 11,800 m2, which is several times greater than the area of the infrastructure built in the first stage in 2010. Oracle has also undergone significant changes in its development and was extended. The "Royal Time Group" plans to start the construction of the 4th stage of the gambling zone.

Gambling in Oracle

Virtual model of a casino
As of May 2015, visitors in Oracle can enjoy absolutely any game of chance. Both pros and amateurs can show their knowledge, skills and proficiency in many worldwide favourites and recognised games like poker, blackjack and roulette including a large number of slot machines.

In the first year since the casino opened its doors, the gambling complex was visited by thirty-five thousand people. As for this year, the expected influx of tourists will be several times higher than the number of visitors last year.

If you cannot visit the casino for some reason but want to feel the atmosphere of the gaming floor, you can sign up with an online casino. Thanks to this solution, absolutely everyone can play not only for the soul but also for real money. The only drawback is that you will not be able to see the vast number of customers who are also seeking to try their luck and win.

Reviews of the Oracle Casino

After analysing the feedback of the players, we can point to a few disadvantages of Oracle Casino: challenging to reach, no place to sleep, slots have 15% - 20% return and the poor attitude of the management to the employees.

Player's comments

  • Players agree that no one should play slot machines in this institution. According to the players, these games eat your money. The typical 80% RTP is out of the question. The maximum return on bets in slots is 10-15%.
  • According to many people, the casino is mistreating its employees. Namely, it promises much higher salaries than the amount people receive in the end.
  • Many players say that they find it difficult to reach the casino. This is how one player describes it:

"There are two ways to get to the casino. One from Krasnodar and the journey takes about 350 kilometres, and the second - From Rostov-on-Don but first it is important to find the station called "Glafirovka". Afterwards, you will find the lonely ranger in the open field. This is Casino Oracle.

  • The lack of hotels in the vicinity of the casino brings players into a light shock. That is, after sleepless nights near the gaming tables, there is a choice in front of the player: go back 350 kilometres or shut down in the car and sleep there. Perhaps this is the major drawback of the first legal casino in the "Azov City". According to the statements by the management, the hotel will be opened shortly and will make your stay truly royal. However, Oracle recently signed an agreement with a nearby hotel. Just about 15-20 minutes of travel by car and you can sleep in the provincial hotel.

What has changed in the gambling house for the year 2014-2015

The gambling institution develops. This process is slow, but still moving. The construction of the hotel started so that visitors will be able to spend the night. In the show program nothing h, as changed. The “Comedy” event is still on it. Look at the calendar of events at Casino Oracle for the second half of 2014. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Poker tournaments

If you want to be part in poker tournaments, check out the program from December 2014. The following rules apply in respect of poker tournaments:

  • Guaranteed prize funds on poker tournaments in the "Oracle" are valid for the participation of 20 (or more) people. If the required number of players is not reached, the organiser is not responsible for the guaranteed portion of the prize pool.
  • There are monthly tournaments with guaranteed prizes of 250,000 rubles, 600,000 rubles and 1 million rubles.
  • For more information on the poker tournaments in the casino call on +79298502754

Schedule for free buses

There are free buses that provide transportation for guests to the gaming halls. Visitors must reach only to the cities of Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar and Yeisk. From there they will be transported to Casino Oracle.

Free buses to Azov-City

  • From the city of Rostov-on-Don, buses depart from the train station "Rostov chief." There are daily buses at 19-00.
  • From Krasnodar, city buses depart from the "Red Square" shopping centre. Departure at 19:00 on weekdays; for Saturday and Sunday: at 18-00.
  • There are buses every day at 19:30 from the city of Yeisk (TC "Meotida").
  • Bus schedules can be changed. Make sure to ask about changes in the schedule, if you are planning a trip. There is toll-free technical support for customers, so call on 88001006106.

Where to play online

If you decide not to go to the gambling zone Azov-City but still want to play casino games, you can do it online. We recommend you to play only in safe and fair casinos. On this website, you will find a list of our online casino partners that use software from Net Entertainment. We have also prepared a comparative rating of our partners for you (learn more about the best casinos list).

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