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Why are casinos banned in Russia?

Today we can say with confidence that the Internet has ceased to be a free zone where everyone can communicate and work without any restrictions. More and more countries are unhappy that the information and financial flows in the network are so difficult to control. The financial part is closely connected with the world of gambling and is highly supervised especially in the Russian Federation. According to the law № 244-FZ (the regulation of gambling in the territory of the Russian Federation), online casinos in Russia are banned. After reading this article, you will know the answer to the question "why casinos are prohibited in Russia?"

Causes and consequences of the casino ban in the Russian Federation

Banned domain of online casino
Earlier it was enough for an off-shore online casino to be licensed and regulated by well-known gambling jurisdictions such as Malta and Cyprus to be able to offer its products and services to Russian residents. However, nowadays this is not enough. If a gambling website tries to provide games in Russia, it will be blocked by the Russian Roskomnadzor. This gambling regulatory body has the right to prevent gaming and betting sites because according to the laws, online casino sites and gambling are prohibited in Russia. We believe that in ten years the Internet will be entirely controlled by each of the countries. Why is this happening? What are the real reasons for imposing restrictions and what are the consequences caused but this?


Why casinos are prohibited in Russia?
Under Russian law, gambling in the country is banned everywhere except in specially created gambling zones. Why were these areas chosen? After all, the infrastructure of these areas is poor. This is not Vegas. Of course, very few people will go to the Oracle casino in Azov City or Altai Palace in the Siberian coin, if they are allowed to play casino games online. This fact was the main reason for the ban on online casinos in Russia.

Furthermore, the government is collecting taxes from the gambling facilities, but online casinos hinder the implementation of this plan. It is not clear why the Ministry of Finance did not "evolve" to the standards of the European countries and didn’t introduce a protocol to license online institutions and collect taxes from the operators. Perhaps, we are talking about Russia. And in Russia, as we know, laws are made very quickly but carried out very slowly and reluctantly. We have recently conducted our investigation of the situation with the collection of taxes on winnings in Russia.


After the official ban on casinos in Russia, many large operators moved their activities to the Internet. So, did a lot of players. But this didn’t last long. The fact that some people are making money on the Internet and could afford to live better than others did not give rest to the tax authorities, which did not receive any benefits from their activities. In general, we think that the fight against gambling on the Internet is a kind of testing ground for Roskomnadzor. Will they be able to find an efficient tool for blocking gambling sites? Is it technically possible? Shortly we are waiting for very tough censorship on the net. After the adoption of the resolution on the opening of the gambling facilities in Sochi and Crimea, we hope that the protocol will be established to have legal online casinos in Russia.

Where to play

Now you know why casinos are banned in Russia. In the meantime, you can play in safe casinos which give bonuses to players from Russia and don’t send data on cash transactions to the Russian tax authorities. We have chosen the most reliable casinos and put them in the section "Best Netent casinos list." In it, you will find comparative information for each of the operators as well as be able to read detailed reviews of each of them.

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