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Will the gambling area and a casino in Sochi?

Casino in Sochi
After the end of Olympic Games, in which Russia was ranked first by the number of medals, let's return to the question - will be a gambling area and a casino in Sochi? In this section, we will try to analyse the situation in the region and to answer this question.

The first legal casino to open in the city of Sochi

In the spring of 2015 in the capital of the Olympic Games in Sochi is scheduled to open the casino, which will be the first gambling entertainment complex, working on legal terms. At the moment, there is a debate where to locate a gambling site. Served as vice president of the union tourism industry Yuri Barzykin the most appropriate place for a casino considers Krasnaya Polyana, citing the fact that the existing infrastructure will help the development of this direction.

However, a recognised expert in the gambling business, which is part-time, and the consultant believes that it is necessary to consider alternative solutions. According to him, the resort of Krasnaya Polyana is popular only in a specific season and also is located away from the city centre. Also, there is a likelihood that the casino Georgia and Armenia can compete with him. The adoption of the State Duma amendments to existing legislation made possible the construction of gambling zones in the Crimea and Sochi, although it was previously permitted only in several regions of Russia. Head of Public Relations Olga Khalitova noted that the opening of a casino in Sochi will not only provide residents with jobs but will also increase tax deductions.

Russian Gaming Week was held in Sochi

Russian Gaming week in Sochi
The largest in recent years and the exhibition of the development of the gambling industry was held in Sochi on 5-6 November. Exhibition and Conference, namely, the organisers insisted that format, organised under the name of Russian Gaming Week (RGW) and implemented an extensive business program. For two days, experts and participants discussed a wide range of issues related to the development of gambling zones in Russia, the betting sector, online gambling. Of course, the central issue of the summit was the imminent opening of a gambling zone in Sochi, including the reconstruction of the Olympic facilities and overcoming logistical problems. However, participants did not hear the answer to the central question: where will be located the gaming zone? According to the representative of the Sochi administration, the issue is resolved.

Exhibitors at RGW began leading domestic and foreign manufacturers of gaming hardware and software, such as Belatra, Octavian, Casexe and others. They were very pleased with the organisation and effectiveness of the event: a massive interest in their products by the visitors of the exhibition shows the great potential of the Russian gambling industry. The impetus for the development of the gaming industry began to change in the law, opens up entirely new opportunities for gambling entertainment, primarily related to gambling zones.

Exhibition RGW developed as a standard of professional platform specialises in organising exhibitions gambling operators. Scheduled seminars and discussions, which had been planned in excess, to clarify many positions and were useful to anyone who is planning to run a business in the vast Russian market.

Nuances of Sochi gambling zone

RGW in Sochi
Another important theme of the event is to discuss the nuances of the functioning of the Sochi playing area:

  • Problems of investment.
  • Attractiveness to foreign operators.
  • The impact of a gambling zone in the tourism industry.
  • Competition with other gambling zones in Russia.

The exhibition will also be showcased presentation materials for more than thirty participants from European countries and the CIS. Co-founder of the event - the company Smile Expo, one of the largest organisers of international exhibitions and scientific conferences.

The value of the Olympic Games and Gambling in Russia

Gambling zones in Russia
Before the start of the Olympic Games, we post information that Medvedev spoke at the opening of a gambling zone in Sochi. After that, was published a refutation that these words do not belong to Medvedev and the representative of the Commission of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Now, after the Winter Games, it's time to take stock and to answer the question: will open a casino in Sochi?

Fortunately, Olympiad justified. Russian athletes have shown fantastic results and, to everyone's surprise, won the Olympics. Money spent on the construction of Olympic venues and associated buildings were partially returned to the ticketing and guest accommodation. But, the necessary number of investors, were issued to their credit in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Naturally, the state is interested in the fact that the business plans of investors, under which they took the money has been translated into life.

In July 2014, the State Duma allowed the placement of gambling at the Olympic sites, making it easier for investor’s solution of the problem on opening casinos: they no longer need to build from scratch; it is enough to reconstruct existing facilities. And the problems with the placement of the guests are not expected, around full of hotels and inns for every taste and budget.

The development of gambling zones in Russia

Meeting regarding gambling zones in Russia
Now let's look at the gaming zones that were allocated by the State for the construction of gambling business: casinos, slot machine halls, sports betting and so on. Important also be noted that the pioneers were already licensed casinos in Russia. Investors have built several buildings in the gambling zone Azov City. I think that they regretted their decision to be first.

Let's get back to the casino Sochi. The region's infrastructure can receive a lot of international competitions in various sports. As repeatedly stated by Vladimir Putin - we are ready and will be happy to take various steps of the international competitions in sports venues in the city of Sochi.

Foreign tourists and fans will gain hotels, restaurants and sports grounds. A representative of the Commission proposes to add to this list of casinos. According to them, if adopted in Sochi one of the gambling zones and the opening of formal legal casinos, revenues should increase by several times. Also, it will affect the tourism sector.

Drawing an analogy with recent years, after the prohibition of gambling in Russia that we can identify a reason for such action right now:

  • Recent developments in Ukraine. After the unrest in the country go there to play in a casino is simply dangerous.
  • For the same reasons, it becomes difficult to play in Minsk.
  • Prohibition of online gambling providers and systematic blocking access to sites casino gamblers stirs interest to the official gambling zones and the opportunity to play in them.
  • Entering the criminal responsibility for organising gambling.

Analysing all the above, we can conclude that the gaming zone in Sochi will be useful to the decision, which would give the region a special piquancy, increase the popularity of the resort and will provide additional income to investors.

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