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Casino MD5 integrity control

Casino MD5 integrity control
The advent of technology and the growing usage of the internet towards the end of the 20th century is what breed the first online casinos. However, after the initial success of the new business, the players began to lose massively, giving rise to a very well-founded distrust of the integrity of the house. The situation had to be saved, and in early 2000, the casinos started implementing the MD5 integrity control.

What is the casino integrity control and how it works

MD5 integrity control protocol was implemented at table games (usually Roulette, rarely Blackjack) to increase the gameplay "transparency" and as an evidence of not prejudicial dropping numbers or cards. The operation principle of this algorithm is as follows: the casino generates the sequence of numbers dropping at Roulette before the bet is placed and encrypts it with the help of md5.

The player gets a digital signature hash, unique for each text. It is impossible to hack it, as well as decrypt to the original text. After the spins are played, the player receives the source text and can check it on any independent md5 service. If the hash matches the one provided by the casino before the game, then it is honest. A little going forward, we note that the Net Entertainment random number generator has much more impressive arguments in favour of gameplay fairness and lack of software adaptation under the player strategy.

The gaming community breathed with a sigh of relief: finally, the casino integrity may be checked, rather than leaving it to the "conscience" of the owners or the administration of gambling houses. However, after some time, here and there on the forums and articles,  appeared more and more talks about the reliability of the casino using md5 integrity control. We decided to look into this issue and give our assessment of the most common algorithms of the casino integrity control.

Why you should not

Control of Fair Play with MD5
Is it worth to trust the casino with an MD5?  Let's start with the fact that casino md5 integrity control of its players is a purely Russian notion born of despair. The fact of the matter is that all operators of online gambling are illegal; no one issues licenses or controls them.

Therefore, they have to prove their honesty, not to a supervisory body, but their players, that is why a tricky way to verify and generate spins was implemented. At first glance, the casino md5 integrity control is secure because it is entirely resistant to hacking. Without questioning the postulate on the impossibility to decrypt the hash code, many thoughtful players began to doubt the casinos that use it. There are several reasons for this:

MD5 Collisions

The MD5 hashing algorithm is not perfect, and occasionally it happens that it encrypts the different texts in the same hash. Theoretically, it is possible that the casino has in different stock files with the same hash and gives the player a profitable one for the casino. For example, a player received a hash and made a massive bet on colour/dozen/number. Suppose the sequence generated before the game contains the winning spins.

In this case, the casino uses a fallback option, where there are no such spins that are time-consuming. The ball flies past the required holes, and the upset player receives another file that has the same hash as the first, but completely different spins. We do understand that this is quite a tricky and time-consuming way to bypass the MD5 integrity control, but theoretically quite working if you hire a smart programmer that, by iterating through different options, will create such collisions.


You should be alerted if the casino encrypts every spin, rather than the whole sequence. How to avoid such scams? Some casinos allow its players to add any word or phrase in the source text, which contains a sequence of spins, and only then the hash is generated, and the player receives the digital signature. This ensures that the casino has no "fallback sequences" with the same hash because adding extra white space in the source text, the digital signature is changed beyond recognition. Also, some casinos use different cryptographic protocols  - SHA-256 or 512, which have longer hashes and do not give random collisions.

Software adaption under the game strategy

MD5 integrity control itself must ensure that spins are generated truly randomly, and not against the player's strategies, thus using the Martingale he will not receive a series of 25 black spins in a row. But let us ask ourselves: what prevents the program to analyse the player's bets in the previous spins and generate the sequence, based on the results of the analysis? The player will get a hash file, after playing the stakes, he will decrypt it and will be surprised to find out the dropping, for example, of the third dozens for 24 consecutive times - this is the oddity of the random number generator. And what a pity that his/her bets the player had been playing there.

How do you deal with such scams? Some operators offer the player to specify the offset of the sequence in the md5 integrity control protocol. For example, the generator dropped 2, 7, 19, the player, of course, does not know that, but specifies an offset of 5 numbers. Then it is dropped 7, 12, 24. In this case, the software cannot adopt under the player, because, first of all, the RNG generates a sequence, hashes it, and then the player sets an arbitrary offset.

Here is the sequence:

Examble of MD5 report

Better safe than sorry

The third way to get around the MD5 integrity control is the easiest and the most obvious one: based on the player's laziness and trustfulness. Let's say you've decided to check out how the RNG works at the selected casino, you requested the hash, and the casino honestly generated it, you get the sequence - everything is perfect. You repeated those steps a couple of times, made sure of the casino trustworthiness and started the game.

Let us ask ourselves: what could prevent the casino from adapting the generation of spins under your game strategy, whenever you do not request a hash? Agree, it's hard to imagine a gambler suffering from paranoia, who will request the hash before each game. Moreover, some players, hypnotised by the banner "online casino with MD5 integrity control" don't even try to test it. The software monitors the MD5 requests stats and cheats the trustful players.

Why do not all use MD5?

World leaders in the production of software for online casinos never implemented into their products the MD5 integrity control. This is because the European countries do not accept the transfer of the quality of the provided services on the consumer. In essence, there are unique monitoring bodies for this. Let's see how a system works on the example of the leader in the software product for the online casino by Net Entertainment. It has a license from the Malta Gaming Authority, and all servers are located in Malta.

Don't be confused by the size of Malta. Firstly, this country is a member of the EU, and secondly, the requirements of the Malta Gaming Authority are considered among the harshest in the world. NetEnt games are implemented in the lobby of the most famous European casinos, including the multi-platform ones. But the company does not provide the software of the slot machines, or of roulette and card tables, the casinos get access to their servers.

Casino partners cannot interfere in the work of the RNG, because they do not have access to it. This means that it does not matter where you play. In essence, you are connected to the NetEnt servers and must accept the Maltese laws and the jurisdiction of the Malta Gaming Authority, as will notify you the inscription in the bottom left corner of the screen. And now the most important thing: NetEnt RNG gets monthly (!) licenses. This is just one of the benefits of playing in European casinos. More information you will find in the article"Where is it better to play".


Do not rush to deposit at an online casino with MD5, SHA-256, 512, etc. integrity control. More often, under the beautiful banner of integrity, control hides the very different forms of RNG scamming. Select the most solid European casinos, the best of which are using the NetEnt software. You won't find any inscriptions of MD5 integrity control. Still, you may get a license number, the physical address of the well-known company and manufacturer, that is a much more reliable guarantee of the casino integrity. We remind you that the motto of Net Entertainment is: "equal conditions to all players." There are no exceptions to this rule. Select a casino from the list below:

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