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Game of Thrones slot by MicrogamingThe Software Company Microgaming has been an unattainable leader for a long time. Nowadays they still lead, but they are one of the several. Although in some aspects the Microgaming is still ahead. For example, in the beginning of 2016 the famous gambling operator has introduced roulette with a virtual reality: the player puts

Oculus Rift points and is completely immersed in a new dimension. In 2015, the same Microgaming project has received a number of awards at prestigious exhibitions, and thus again forced to talk about the technological superiority of the company. This example proves it: the British operator is willing and able to be ahead of its competitors. In some aspects they have succeed.

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The specifications of the Microgaming slots

The range of the Microgaming games is huge: more than 850 pieces. This is one of the main advantages of the software company. Since many years, the existence of some names of the slot machines is very firmly established in the consciousness of the gaming community. For example: Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck 2 and Terminator 2.They are a huge number. And this is very important: only one story, only one "brand" and slots makes you play a lot.

The software includes other important differences:

  • Jurassic Park video slotThe company offers a several dozen progressive games. The main of them are: Mega Moolah in different versions, The Dark Knight, Major Millions etc. Throughout its history, it was paid nearly half a billion Euros in jackpots.
  • In 2009, some lucky person has won the biggest jackpot from Mega Moolah, which for this period was $6,374,434. Not so long ago, the new jackpot record €17,879,645, was won from British guy in 2015 again in Mega Moolah.
  • The classic and new slots. Many of the Microgaming slots are outdated morally or visually. The Mega Moolah looks much more simply compared to the Netent one. The same applies also too many other slots. In the last years, the Microgaming laboratories had created a lot of new and fresh slot machines with 243 lines. This hard working company has produced its products so well that it has brought to the gaming industry with innovation.
  • The average return of the Microgaming slot machines is from 88% to 98.63%. In the cases the player get 88.12% from the money he has invested in the Mega Moolah game. Most Microgaming slots with progressive jackpots have a very low payout percentage.
  • The Microgaming games have long cycles of winnings which mean that the players could expect huge gains for a long period of time. Of course they are “fast” games, but the main accent is on the long cycles.
  • The average value of the dispersion of the slot machines of the British producer cannot be considered as high. This means that the symbol scatter of wins is not maximal. In this regard Netent leads. Of course this does not apply for machines such as Mega Moolah, where the potential gains could be tens of millions Euros.
  • The Microgaming Company has hundreds of elite online casinos around the world. This is due to their various platforms and successful system games of integration with the products from the other companies. For example, a significant difference from the individual producer Playtech, whose games cannot be found in their competitors?
  • Based on the facts above, it may seem that the Microgaming is worse than other world leaders gambling. But this is not true. The British operator faithfully serves as gambling in all the players. And the latest news (in particular - about the game of virtual reality) still glad demonstrates how the company is strong and far superior to many of their opponents in the business.

Where you can play at the Microgaming

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