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All American video poker

All American poker

The variation of video poker All American by Net Entertainment has become something average between the classic version of Jacks or Better (99.56%) and aggressive Deuces Wild (97.97%). Payout percentages are in the middle and up 98.11% that provides a significant advantage over Netent casinos which allow to win back the bonuses in video poker. Payments in this variant are beginning form pair of jacks, but the cost of "middle combinations" is greatly changed. This slot fundamentally differs from other variations of Netent video poker by payout ratio. If you like to "pull" straights and flushes, then this slot is for you. On this page, you can play free video poker All American.

Description of All American video poker

The standard game lobby allows the player to choose between playing, on the one hand, five, ten and twenty-five. It has a function of doubling the overall prize, and the payout table is substantially modified. Even though two pair and straight flush are decreased by coefficients, flush and straight in All American are now paid higher.


  • Winning percentage in All American is set at 98.11%.
  • You can choose the number of active hands for the game: 1, 5, 10 and 25.
  • The entire winning amount double up function is implemented. The player has to guess the colour of the following card, which will be released from the deck.
  • The minimum / maximum bets: from € 0.1 to € 50. When playing 25 active hands, the player has the opportunity to increase the bet up to € 62.5.
  • The main differences from other types of video poker: considerable cost reduction of two pairs and straight combinations, and cost rise of straight and flush.

Rules and gameplay

  • After setting the bets and the number of active hands, the round is started by pressing the centre button on the control panel.
  • Five cards are dealt on the main hand.
  • Depending on their order and connection between them the player decides which cards to keep and which should be exchanged. If the game is played on a few active hands, all cards that the player chooses to leave will be kept on them. To leave the card in the exchange, it is necessary to click on it. Cards that won’t be exchanged are marked red with HELD inscription which passes through the middle of the card.
  • The exchange is made using the central button.
  • When the exchange is completed the combinations are compared with the payments scheme and payment is carried out.
  • The game round is finished. To include the winning in-game balance, press the centre button. To activate Double Up function and try to double the winnings, click on the Gamble button.
  • To start a new round, press the centre button.

Combinations and payouts

  • Payment is started with a pair of jacks or higher. Payment of this combination in All American video poker is carried out with a ratio of 1 to 1. That means the player returns his bet without winning anything.
  • Two pairs are also paid 1 to 1. This position has a significant cost reduction in All American variation.
  • Three cards of the same order are paid 3 to 1.
  • Street (all the cars one after another) has significant cost rise and is paid as 8 to 1.
  • Flush (all cards of the same suit) is also paid as 8 to 1. This position has also become much more expensive.
  • Full House (two plus three) paid as 8 to 1.
  • Four cards (quads) are paid as 35 to 1.
  • Straight Flush (all cards one after another of the same suit) is paid as 90 to 1.
  • Royal Flush (all cards of the same suit from ten to ace) is paid as 250 to 1. When you play the maximum number of coins (5), the payment for royal will rise to 4000 bets (at a linear increase of 5x250=1250).

How to win

Due to a significant payments balance change in All American video poker, the winning strategy is also significantly changed:

  • It is not necessary to keep the pair below Jacks.
  • Always hold our attempts to the straight and flush. Due to significant cost rise of straight, there is a sense to delay the cards even for "leaky" Straight.
  • Always delay of one suit attempts (even with three cards) in the empty hands, (when there are no paid combinations) on the straight flush and royal flush.

Tester review

I didn’t like this variation. The payout ratio in this variant is significantly lower (98.11%) than in Jacks or Better (99.56%), and the payout table is slightly unfair. Two pairs simply return the bet. Be sure to test All American video poker for free before playing for real money.

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