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Joker Wild video poker

Joker Wild

Another variation of video poker from Netent called Joker Wild. At this time there is only one Joker (unlike Deuces Wild where are four ones) in the game, but the payout table is significantly more generous. Payout percentage in Joker Wild video poker is fixed at 97.95%, slightly lower than the classical Jack or Better slot (99.56%), but allows you to use this slot for positive winning expectation in the casinos, where the video poker bets count towards wager requirements on bonuses. On this page, you can play free Joker Wild video poker.

Description of Joker Wild video poker

At this time, the total number of cards in the deck is 53. The standard 52-card deck and one joker, which can replace any card in the combinations. But it is to be paid, so the payout table is also changed. Payment in Joker Wild video poker is carried out from a pair of kings, and the payment for two pairs is only one bet. The game can be played on 1,5,10 and 25 hands simultaneously.


  • Winnings percentage set by Netent in Joker Wild video poker is 97.95%.
  • You can play 1 hand, 5, 10 and 25 hands simultaneously.
  • The possibility of doubling the winnings is obtained by the next card (red/black) colour guessing.
  • The minimum bet is 10 cents.
  • The maximum bet is € 50 (while playing 25 hands you can bet € 62.5).

Gameplay and rules

The gameplay and payment in Joker Wild video poker are as follows:

  • The player receives 5 cards.
  • Analysing the given cards and the payout table, the player decides which cards to keep and which to draw. Those cards which he wants to leave, he should select by clicking on them. On the held cards the red HELD mark appears. Please note that the Joker card is the most valuable in this game. It is always necessary to be held. The software holds those combinations that are guaranteed to be paid.
  • The cards draw carried out by pressing the centre button.
  • The assembled combinations are paid, and the current round is ended.
  • A new round of the game needs to be started by pressing the centre button.

Payout table and combinations

The payment in Joker Wild video poker is started from a pair of kings. In other words, you will be paid a pair of kings and a pair of aces. The remaining pairs are not paid by a single. The payout is 1 to 1. That means that the player returns his bet.

  • Two pairs are paid 1 to 1. For example, two deuces and two fours.
  • Three cards of the same type in Joker Wild are paid 2 to 1.
  • Straight (all the cards in order) are paid 3 to 1.
  • Flush (all cards of the same suit) is paid 5 to 1.
  • Full House (three plus two) is paid 8 to 1. For example, three deuces and a pair of queens.
  • Four of a kind (quads) will bring the player 15 total bets.
  • For a straight flush, the player will get 50 bets.
  • For Royal flush with the joker, the player gets 100 total bets.
  • 200 bets pay five cards of the same type (for example, four deuces and joker).
  • Royal flush without a joker will be paid 250 to 1. But when you play 5 coins, the payout for Royal will amount 4000 bets.

How to win

Since the payout table in Joker Wild variant is significantly changed, the players also need to change their card holding tactics.

  • It makes no sense to hold the pairs below kings. Since the payout for two pairs is equal to the bet, and you will receive quads rarely 1 of 15 times.
  • Always hold joker and a pair of kings.
  • Catch the flush instead of straight. Firstly, it is statistically easier to catch, and secondly, the payment for a flush is 5 to 1, verses 3 to 1 for the straight.
  • Do not catch the "Inside Straight ", but only Open-ended straight. That is, in the variant of 5,7,8,9, K, we do not hold the entry in the Straight (catching six), and in the variant of 7,8,9,10, it makes sense to catch Six and Jack.
  • Hold the ace and king of the same suit. We will have a chance not only to collect Royal, flush or straight but to get the king or ace, returning our bet.

Personal testers opinion about Joker Wild Slot

Although I liked the game, I recommend playing Jacks or better version. Joker certainly gives some spice to the game, but it is too much to pay for. Be sure to test Joker Wild video poker in free mode and do not use the doubling function. Most of all I liked to play one hand at a large bet.

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