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Putty Theory or repeated deposits at the online casino

Putty Theory or repeated deposits at the Netent casino
We have recently come across a theory called "Putty". According to this theory, after repeated deposits in one session, software "believe" that you are in the "rage" and allow you to hit huge winning. We are going to consider this theory deeper, based on the feedback from our testing team. We will take into consideration the history of deposits, pay-out and the quantity of winning, and we will try to establish a link between them.

Is there a connection between the number of deposits and winning?

Let's try to understand the root cause of this theory. We believe that the creators have thought about this:

"The provider's software must necessarily give a player one or more big win to motivate him to return to a casino again and again. If the player doesn't hit a big win for an extended period, he will change the software and go to another casino powered by the different software provider and lose his money there.

The software would like to see the opposite. Therefore, occasionally a player must win big and it is highly desirable that these huge winning are not withdrawn from the casino but lost in the same place. So, the manufacturer kills several birds with one stone:

  • Firstly, the player gets a picture of big (regarding the bet) win, and he becomes more addicted to gambling.
  • Secondly, the money is not withdrawn; this meaning that the software does not lose it.

Triggering a big win

It seems logical that the fourth or fifth deposits are the maximum for the Putty theory, and it is likely that this is a good time to trigger a big win and stimulate the player to continue playing. But let's look at the statistics.

Winning statistics depending on the number of deposits

Below is a list of statistics of wins for real money mode we managed to trigger at different online casinos and the number of deposits in one session:

Number of deposits
in a session
8000 1 NextCasino
72000 2 CasinoLuck
8200 4 NextCasino
520 1 NextCasino
2300 1 Guts

As you can see, there is no clear relationship between the number of deposits in one session and winning there. We have chosen the most significant amount of winning from the statistical series. Turning to the smaller amounts, we must note that the picture does not change fundamentally.

How to increase the chances?

In our opinion, the essential data in the calculation of a big win depends on the following factors:

Where to play?

  • If you want to try the Putty theory or test aby strategy, Fastpay casino is the best place for you. You will receive your withdrawals within a few minutes (up to 5).

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