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How to win at online casino poker

How to win at online casino poker
Online casino's poker is quite different from online poker (as PokerStars). The first one is playing against the casino; the second one is playing against other players. In the first case, the mathematical expectation of winning for the casino is always positive. However, the player can use the strategy of progressive betting to increase the volatility of winning and stop the game when after reaching the goal. Poker in casinos (you can play all types of poker at Fastpay casino) has simple rules, and even with the initial negative expectation, the player can win. On this page, we shall share the strategy, that will allow you to win at online casino poker. If you're not familiar with rules, please click on the following link: 

Poker at an online casino

Software developer offers three versions of their online casino poker. RTP (return to player percentage) of each is shown below:

The strategy of winning in online poker

This strategy comes from one of our players. He was "surviving" with this strategy for years, playing in online poker daily and stopping after winning €100 - €200. We put his story as it is: 

"I used to play different card games in an online casino for a long period, and I succeed most of the time. My strategy was: to be a cool man in the losing moment and to have a limited amount to lose (stop loss). When you reach your goal, - quit the game and don’t continue to play until the next day.

The most important thing is to choose the dealer that you can beat. For example, you are playing with the dealer, and you see, (if 5 players are on the table) the dealer wins from 4 players and lose to 1. The player that wins is playing the smallest stakes. You should avoid playing with such a dealer. In an online casino, you can connect yourself to the table and look at the results of the next deal (without betting). If you choose a lucky dealer you can put yourself in the losing streak: you have good cards, - dealer not qualified or if you have bad cards, the dealer always has a combination to win.

Now an example for Texas Hold'em online casino poker. First of all, I never play for the bonus bet. When I start with some chips, I continue it until the end with the same chip denomination. It doesn’t change my mind how many hands I lose, but if I have a 30% chance of winning, I am going to win at some point. The most important thing here is to stop when you're in plus and not to increase stakes or add money when you're losing. In shorts words, my winning strategy is to stop whenever I reach the goal."

Examples of probability in Texas Hold'em (7 cards are used in total)

  • The player wins with a Royal Flush is – 0.0026%;
  • The player wins with straight flush – 0.0216%;
  • The player wins with flush – 1,8%;
  • The player wins with a combination of street and below – 23%;
  • Draw (same combinations) – 2,4%.

You should call in 82% of cases, and fold in obviously losing situations (with two unsuited low cards on the flop with “pictures” without any chance of getting a flush or straight). The dealer must collect at least a pair of fours to be qualified. 

Caribbean Stud

In Caribbean Stud poker the player gets five cards to face up; the dealer gets the same number of cards but shows only one. To call, the player puts 2 additional antes (starting bet). If fold, the player loses the ante. The dealer must collect at least A-K (Ace-King) to have "game".  If the dealer is not qualified for the game, the player gets ante as winning, despite his combination. If qualified and player wins, he is getting ante and bet (according to the pay-table).


The advantage of the casino in the Caribbean Stud is close to 5%. To get closer to the optimal strategy, we recommend that you perform the following actions:

  • Always call with any pair or over if the dealer showing Ace or King. 
  • Always call with a pair of sevens and higher, despite which card dealer is showing. 

Oasis Poker

As a kind of Caribbean Stud, Oasis Poker has the same rules. The only difference is that the player has the opportunity to exchange cards for ante (rules may differ at different casinos):

  • One card – one ante.
  • Two cards – two ante.
  • Five cards – one ante (apply in some casinos).

To change a card, you need good draw hands

  • One card missing for Straight Flush and Royal Flush;
  • One card for a flush with no pair.
  • You have one card missing for a straight (two ways: example: with no pair.
  • Do not split a pair of sevens and higher.

Information about cards and expectation of winning

In live games, players often turn a blind eye to the exchange of information about their cards among players. It seems strange only at first glance: Peter Griffin and John Gwynn Jr. made exciting calculations:

  • In the maximum level of collusion (7 players know cards of all players and one dealer’s card) player's advantage over the casino is 2.3%.
  • But when one player is eliminated from the system (twenty-one unknown cards), the advantage goes on the side of the casino (0.4%).
  • However, if you have the opportunity to exchange information with your neighbours while playing poker in a casino, then do it. Information on available cards on hand greatly improves your chances to win (especially in the decisions of exchanging cards and if a dealer can have the pair of the shown card).

Where to play?

  • Play all types of poker and live games as well as over 5000 games at Fastpay casino. We trust them 100%!

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