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Is it worth changing the online casino after a big win?

Is it worth changing online casino after a big win?
A famous proverb says: "Do not count your chickens before they are hatched". Same with the imagining that you will hit an online casino big win and cash-out it. What should you do next? Is it worth changing the online casino after a big win? Many players believe that after a big win casino online, it is worth leaving this online casino forever because slots will try to return the winning amount and to return to the original RTP (return to player percentage). Let's try to find it out the truth.

How are the winnings paid at an online casino?

First of all, let us try to understand the technical process of selecting the players who will hit a big win online casino. The software chooses who will hit a big win casino online and who will get an "empty" bonus feature, even when playing at a high bet. Nobody can interfere with the work of the random number generator, and the prize pool of winning (the amount to be paid to the lucky one) is formed from all bets of all players in the selected slot during a period (cycle length). Let us take an example to make it clear.

The winner

Suppose that you play at our favourite, Piggy Riches. There are nine other players are playing at this slot too. It is essential to understand that all casinos that have Netent software are considered. Assume that all ten players are betting €10 per spin. So, at each spin, players are adding to the prize pool €100.

  • According to public RTP (return to player percentage) at Piggy Riches slot is 96.4%. So, 96.4% of the total prize pool will be paid back as winning. When players don't win anything, €96.4 are adding to the pool. Reaching a certain (critical) amount, one (or more) players are lucky to win the complete pool (or a part of it).
  • Playing slots is similar to the instant lottery, in which all participants (players) adding money to the pool (when betting in) and the lucky one gets it. The policy priority of the provider is to create equal conditions for all players and to guarantee fair play. So, players shouldn't lose or win a lot in a row if the machine has RTP of 96%, at the very end (after millions of spins) it should be precisely 96%.

Different casinos - same slots - do online slots remember you?

Evolution Free Spins
Now let's explore the technical part. Suppose that we have launched the South Park 2 slot at Fastpay casino. What happens next?

  • Once we start any game at the casino, it connects to the servers and shows the "answer" (the sequence of symbols). No matter where you launch South Park 2 — at Fastpay or BitStarz — you are connected to same Netent servers.
  • In other words, there is no point to change the casino after a big win online casino. Especially if the operator cash-out money quickly without any problems (like Fastpay does). Firstly, this means that the selected online casino is trusted, and secondly, that your account is verified already.

Is it worth changing the slot after a big win, and do online slots remember you?

If you carefully read the previous paragraphs, it is clear enough that after an online casino big win the slot is going to collect the money of each bet, it would be added in the pool. It makes sense not to play at this slot within a month. Choose trusted and reliable casinos. Sometimes it is not enough to just win at casino, and it is more important to get your money.

Where to play?

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