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Lovely Lady pokie

The offer to receive large winnings will become real if you start Lovely Lady pokie. This pokie will immerse each punter in the atmosphere of magic and total luck. The player will have to learn in detail each symbol in the game, and the combinations are generously paid.

lovely lady slot

Moreover, Lovely Lady pokie can give out 9000 coins for a combination of five symbols of Girl. If you catch free spins, the payment is increased by 3 times. Thanks to the wild symbol, additional rewards are given. The percentage of return is 96%.

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Feedback and recommendations from the testers` team about Lovely Lady pokie

Lovely Lady has a certain similarity in functionality with Blue dolphin and Lucky coin pokies from Amatic company. The maximum winning per one spin is x2700 (five symbols "Lady" in the free spins feature).

  • Lovely Lady pokie has a low dispersion in the usual spins and a great potential during free spins features with re-triggers. In the usual spins, this pokie allows a small series of spins without winning, and it often gives out pay lines from 0.5x to 10x total bets. Also, the machine periodically compensates for the loss of your balance by giving more expensive combinations that cost 25x - 75x total bets, and it keeps the potential of combinations of 500x and even 900x total bets, which is rare.
  • I must admit that this wait can be very long and can reach several hundred spins in most sessions, although the potential of triggering the free spins feature on the first spins exists and this happens in some sessions. This pokie is very generous of re-triggering, and the free spins feature can exceed 150 spins from 15 initial spins in some features.
  • The winning is usually formed by giving small combinations and vary in a range from 100x to 250x total bets in the free spins feature. The winning is less than 100x total bets only in rare cases in the free spins feature and without re-triggering. At the same time, this potential reward may exceed up to 500x and make up more than 2 700x total bets, considering a multiplier during the bonus free spins.
  • The risk game in this pokie is not common, here you can double only the half of the winning you got. Many people do not like this feature, but as for me, I can suggest you use it because you are not risking a lot of cash. Also risking the half winning is available more than once, unlike for example Novomatic, where you must risk the whole winning. I often manage to multiply my rewards up to 128 times or more. First of all, you will need to try to control the regularity of the cards, which the pokie is showing. And do not forget, the Amatic loves the risky punters.

I will give neutral recommendations to complete the bonus requirements at this pokie despite the low dispersion and the frequent combinations of the pay lines in the usual spins. While playing for the real money, we recommend the short game sessions in an attempt to get free spins from the beginning. In our opinion, the long game sessions will be possible here only if your reserve of bet balance is at least 300 bets.

Free spins feature

  • The symbol on which Magic sphere is depicted became the scatter symbol at this pokie.
  • From 3 to 5 symbols start 15 free spins.
  • Each payment which is received in the bonus will be automatically multiplied by x3 additionally.
  • When you get 3 or 5 more scatter symbols, your bonus will be extended and replenished by 15 spins.

Round for risk

  • After receiving the winning, you will have a chance to increase the prize by 2 or 4 times.
  • To do this, you need to guess the colour of the closed card (multiplies the prize x2) or choose one of the four suits (x4 will multiply the payout).
  • Only the right choice will bring an increase in reward, and the wrong decision will lead to the loss of the last winning.
  • You can make a bet the total reward or only half.
  • In the second case, it will be possible to save at least part of the reward.

Symbols and payments

For each spin, the pokie will offer you to choose from this range of bets – from 1 to 500 coins. So, the punter can activate from 1 to 10 pay lines. If you want to get a winning, you will need to get a combination of at least three symbols, but some pictures will give payouts when two images fall out. Below there are available all the symbols and coefficients for pay combinations in the game.

  • Nine will bring from 2 to 100 coins if you collect two or more symbols on the pay line.
  • Ten, Jack and Quen offer a payout of 5-100 coins for 3 to 5 symbols.
  • King and Ace allow you to get no more than 125 coins.
  • Horseshoe and Clover give their player from 15 to 250 coins.
  • Pig gives out from 20 to 400 coins.
  • Ladybug and Amanita can give no more than 750 coins. But the payment is made even for 2 identical symbols.
  • The Girl returns to the account from 10 to 9000 coins, when at least 2 symbols fell out on the pay line. Moreover, this picture acts as a wild symbol. It will complete any pay combination, but it will not influence the scatter symbol. And all the payments, formed with its participation, will be doubled.
  • Magic ball gives each player from 2 to 500 coins. This is the scatter symbol, so it plays in scatter, and it is not tied to pay lines. As well the ball is responsible for activating bonus spins.

Settings of the pokie

  • Recommendations. Do not ignore the control of bankroll; otherwise, you will risk losing more than you have already won. The pokie rarely gives out a bonus, so you should be ready to wait for a long time.
  • The percentage of payout is 96%.
  • Pay lines - from 1 to 10. Everything depends on your choice.
  • The maximum winning per one spin is x2700 (five symbols "Lady" in the free spins feature).
  • Free spins - yes. There are available 15 free spins with a multiplier x3.
  • Advice. It is not worth using the mode of the game for the odds. Risks are spending your money.

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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