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Cuckoo pokie

Cuckoo pokieThe well known in Russia and abroad, the porcelain and ceramic painting technique, Gzhel, became the main theme of Cuckoo pokie. Endorphina company placed beautiful porcelain eggs on 5 reels, which give out winning on 10 pay lines. All symbols by including playing cards are drawn as stylishly as possible, and moreover, they perfectly fit into the theme of the pokie. By the way, even different symbols can bring rewards in this pokie. Also, the developer took care of large payments.

You can receive up to 5 000 coins for a combination of 5 symbols. The bonus game is available here. It differs from original rules. Therefore, you need to learn them before you start the game process. Moreover, the risk game is also available here. The theoretical RTP (return to player percentage) is equal to 96%. The machine is made in a beautiful artistic style, has excellent technical settings, easy interface and simple rules. In this regard, Cuckoo pokie is worthy of the maximum attention of punters. This pokie will appeal not only to lovers of the solid cash payments but also to fans of art. You can win a lot of rewards and enjoy its luxurious design.

Review and recommendations from the testers team

Cuckoo pokie has quite familiar graphics from Endorphina, and a very high-quality sound, in my opinion. Despite the quite standard gameplay in the main game, the pokie has a quite interesting bonus game feature. This pokie stands out with extremely high variance and quite peculiar "return".

  • In the main game, the pokie makes quite a long series of spins without winning combinations, and only periodically gives out winnings in the amount of 0.5 - 10 bets. Despite the potential of the pokie to give out a winning combination worth 100x-250x or even 500x bets in the main game, the pokie practically does not realize it, and rarely gives out winnings of 20x-50x bets. During testing, with thousands of spins, only once was it possible to get a combination worth 250x bets.
  • The pokie usually issues bonus games in several series, with an interval of a small number of spins, and a very long wait between series, which can sometimes exceed several hundred spins.
  • During the bonus game, the punter is given the choice of a potential win, by setting the arrow on the clock. The minimum value that you can choose is 10x bets, the maximum - 2400x bets. Accordingly, either you win everything or nothing, i.e. 0, since this pokie does not an issue of any medium or small, but almost guaranteed winnings, like during free spins. This is one of the most difficult pokies to analyze, and it is practically impossible to predict the possible result on it, unlike in many other pokies. During testing in different gaming sessions, the pokie behaved completely differently and unpredictably. In one of the game sessions, we managed to get more than 15 bonus games, in which we set the maximum value of winning at 300x bets, the average at 100x-150x bets, and in some bonus games only 30x-50x bets; no bonus brought any winnings, and the result of this session was the loss of balance of more than 600x bets. During another game session, it was possible to get a win in the amount of 2400x bets in the first bonus game, and in another session - 2 wins in a row of 200x bets from the first bonus games. The developer also recorded winnings in the amount of 600x and 800x bets.
  • Given the peculiarity of the bonus game, I find it difficult to give recommendations on setting the size of a bet that could guarantee a win (again, in some sessions, even setting an arrow on the value of a potential win in the amount of 30x bets did not bring win), and therefore, in such situations I personally prefer (and, therefore, I recommend) to always choose large values (up to the maximum possible in the amount of 2400x bets), and if the pokie is “hot”, then this win will be given, and if “cold”, it will not issue this win or the seemingly guaranteed win of 30x-50x bets. I also recommend not to get involved in long gaming sessions on this pokie while waiting for the bonus game, since unlike other pokies, Cuckoo can issue a large number of bonus games without a win.
  • The risk game in this pokie is a card (classic) game.

Cuckoo pokie is definitely not recommended for games with bonus money, since it almost does not hold the balance in the main game at all, and the wait for the bonus game is sometimes very long and does not guarantee a win. When playing on real money, I would recommend only short game sessions, in an attempt to get a bonus game from the session start, while setting the high values of the potential win during the bonus game, and if the pokie does not give out the win, immediately leave it, since the probability to lose even a large balance on this pokie is very high.

Symbols and rewards

You can trigger up to 10 pay lines at this machine. The maximum stake reaches 100 coins per spin. If you collect 3 and more identical symbols from left to right, then you will get the winning. Also, you will receive the rewards for the combined symbols. Next, we will tell you about multipliers for the pay lines.

  • J and Q symbols will deposit your account by 5, 25 and 100 coins.
  • A and K will offer to earn 10, 40 and 150 coins.
  • Blue egg will bring 20, 200 and 1000 coins.
  • Silver egg will give you 50, 500 and 2500 coins.
  • Golden eggs will pay out 100, 1000 and 5000 coins.
  • The combinations with different egg symbols will return you 10, 20 and 50 coins.
  • Clock has become a scatter symbol. They will trigger the bonus game.

Bonus game from Clock symbol

When 3 and more scatter symbols fall out, then the clock will appear on the screen. They are painted in the Gzhel technique. Your task is to guess at what time this alarm clock is set. The closer to the correct time is your answer, and the bigger reward will be. The most significant winning is 2400x total bets.

Risk game

If you received the payment, then you will have the opportunity to increase it. If you want to do it, you will need to choose 1 of 4 playing cards. The first card belongs to a dealer. At the same time, the value of the card must certainly exceed the dealer's card. If it happens, the punter will receive the double reward. It is important to note that information about the probabilities of falling all cards is available in the paytable.

Standard settings

  • The pay lines are from 1 to 10.
  • A number of the reels - 5.
  • Stakes - 0.01-10 coins per line.
  • The maximum bet is 100 coins.
  • Bonus games - yes (the original rules operate here).
  • Game for the odds - yes (you need to play with the dealer in the cards).
  • The theoretical RTP (return to player percentage) is equal to 96%.

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