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Rules of the casino poker

Rules of the casino poker
The game of poker against the casino's dealer is one of the most famous and popular card games, played by millions of people worldwide. This is a beautiful game that on the one hand is chance and on the other side is a skill. Therefore, to learn how to play very well, it is necessary to step up and start playing, because professionalism is coming with the experience. To get started needs to learn the rules of poker games that are quite simple and clear.

Variations of poker

In this section you can read the rules of casino poker (play against the dealer):

  • Even before the cards are dealt, the punter pays for the forced bets (antes). then click on "Deals" button
  • The player and dealer are dealt 2 cards face down. Click the "Call" button to continuing or " Fold" to give up.
  • If you decide to leave the game, you will lose (ANTE)  forced bet.
  • After that, the dealer deals three cards in the centre of the table, as they are standard, therefore will lie face up.
  • Now it all depends on you. Think and combinate your cards with the cards that you see in the centre of the table, Then you should decide on your hand.
  • After that, the dealer opens two more cards one by one in the centre of the table.
  • The player can choose "Bet" or "Check."
  • Click on  "Bet" costs as ANTE, Click on "Check"  allows the player to continue playing without any additional bet.
  • Now you will see the dealer's cards, which will determine the winner by the strongest hand.
  • Also, you can become a winner automatically if at the stage of opening cards dealer has "no game choose (That's mean not having any combination), the bank goes to you, regardless of the strength of your hand. Paid in this case only bet "ante."

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According to the rules of the game in the casino poker, each new game begins with a bet "Ante". There are two types of mandatory bets: antes and bring-in. As well, the punter can perform the following actions:

  • Fold - this action allows a player to fold and not to continue until the next bet. In this situation, you lose only the initial bet "ante".
  • Accept ''Bet'' equals 2x "ante".
  • Check - allows the player to continue playing without any additional bets.
  • Bet - this action allows you to make an additional stake, or place a bet "the answer."
  • Raise - player raises.
  • Call is the action that pays all the necessary bets.

Cards combinations

The first step that needs to be done in getting familiar with the rules of casino poker - it will examine the combination of cards. In total there are 9 combinations. For each of them, payments are made by different factors. The coefficient increases depending on the combination. Consider all kinds of combinations in their ascending order.

  • Couple (Pair) - is the most simple combination. Two cards must be of the same rank ('2,2', '3,3', 'K, K') ... etc. and three mismatched cards. Higher pair in the position is a winner. However, if the players have the same pair, the highest unmatched cards are the winner. If there are equivalent in rank, then checked the next most important card. For example, ( K-Q-J-8-8 ) beats ( 8-8-2-6-9).  Pair pays BET and ANTE.
  • A combination of two pairs ('A, A' and 'Q, Q'; '8,8' and '2,2 )... etc. - this combination is very similar to the previous one. For this combination, you must have two cards of one rank and two cards of another ("2,2-3,3"." J,J-Q,Q" ) etc... The higher combined cards would be a winner. However, if the pairs of cards are equivalent, then consider the following cards. If still, both pairs are the same, the result is recognised by unpaired cards. For example, (Q-Q-6-6-8) wins (10-10-9-9-K) or (Q-Q-10-10-9) wins (Q-Q-10-10-7) Two Pairs pays ANTE and 2xBET.
  • Triple (Set) - this combination consisting of three same cards and two unmatched cards. The winner is the player with three higher cards in rank. For example, (10-10-10-6-4) wins (K-Q-2-2-2). Pays ANTE and 3xBET
  • Street - it's a combination of five unsuited cards in the row, the winner is higher cards in combination row. For example,(K-Q-J-10-9) beats (7-6-5-4-3). The best combination is straight from ace - that is, Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, and the lowest hand is ace-deuce-three-four-five. Street pays  ANTE and 4xBET.
  • Flush - It is five cards of the same suit not in the row. While comparing flushes higher card will win. However, if the combinations are equivalent, then consider the second card. For example,( Q-10-8-7-3) beats (Q-10-8-5-4). Flush pays ANTE and 5xBET.
  • The combination of Full House - a hand consisting of three equivalent cards and 2 cards of another equivalent cards. If competitors have the same layout, the winner is the one with higher 3 equal cards. As an example, (K-K-K-9-9) over (Q-Q-Q-A-A).  Full house payout is ANTE and 7x BET.
  • Four of a Kind - This combination consists of four identical cards and one unpaired card. For example (2-2-2-2-1). If the dealer has Four of a Kind as well so the winner is best of four. For example (K-K-K-K-2) and (Q-Q-Q-Q-A).  Four of a kind pays ANTE and 40x BET.
  • Straight flush - this combination is the second-best in poker. It consists of five cards in a row and at the same time of the same suit. For example (9-10-J-Q-K) of hearts. Charges for a response bet are 50-100, depending on the type of poker. Straight Flush pays: ANTE and 50x BET
  • Royal Flush is the best hand. Collect this combination is extremely difficult. An example of a royal flush is (10-J-Q-K-A) of hearts. Royal Flush pays ANTE and 100xBET.


Flush draw at casino poker

  • The exchange of cards in Caribbean poker: This feature allows the player to exchange a small number of cards for the next card in the deck behind, the value of changing cards is equal to the bet ANTE.
  • Buying the sixth card in Russian poker: To improve your hand or a combination, the player can buy another card, and after this purchase, use the best combination of five cards. The rate of purchasing a card is equal to the bet\ ANTE.
  • Insurance. This addition allows the player is having a strong hand, her absence from the game to ensure the dealer. If you win, the bet pays 1:1 and immediately. The lose-lose situation occurs if the dealer has a game."


  • In Russian Poker: players can use the insurance of dealer's "no game" from the straight combination and higher. To ensure the bet, players can put up to 50% of the expected win. For example, if player bets A$50 with (Q-Q-Q-Q-8) up to A$1000 can bet insurance. Insurance will pay 1 to 1 if the dealer has no game. After paying the insurance, the player is still able to buy an additional card for the dealer. If this card creates a game for the dealer, then the player will receive payment for his combination as usual. But if the dealer has the game, insurance is loosing, and the player gets the payment according to the standard rules of Russian poker. Using the insurance makes a guaranty for the player 50% winnings despiting if the dealer has a game or not and leaving a small chance to get the payment for the insurance and then buying a card to the dealer.
    Bets on all streets
  • When Dealer's situation is "no game", the player can buy a card for the dealer (to exchange the Dealer's highest card in the following card in the deck). The cost is equal to the rate of ANTE.
  • Bet on bonus. This bet is available before the hand in the B or on any of the playing boxes.
  • Tips for the beginners:
  • First, you need to set a goal and begin to move toward it. See the world easier. Be patient and focused on the goals. Do you want to win? So, go ahead, analyse their actions, and keep calm. Do not stop, even if something does not turn out. Learn the rules of poker casino and start playing at the lowest bets. Everything comes with experience.
  • Not necessarily play the hand. Often, new players are trying to play all hands, and it is their fault. Of the ten best hands, play one, rather than trying to play in each. No need to fear the fold, Fold if you think that you can lose.
  • Get used to the speed of the game. Playing online poker occur faster than in real casinos. The experienced and fastest dealer can distribute 25-30 hands per hour. With a slow dealer, you can get only 15-20 hands per hour. By the time you gain enough experience and practice to tune in to a high tempo game.
  • Remember, poker game should be fun. Sure, every game should be fun. But excellent skills to play poker comes not only from experience but also depends on your actions.

Rules of Texas Holdem by NetEnt

Now I want to show you the basic rules of Texas Hold'em poker. In my opinion, this game is one of the most exciting and profitable table games.

  • So, before the game, we put a forced bet called "ante". To put it, we need to choose the denomination chips in the lower right corner, and then click the box that says "ante". Each click on the field will add one chip of the same value in the initial bet. It is necessary to bear in mind that the rate of response (call) will be twice than the initial bet. Average bets we can do (optional) at the rate of "ante" twice.
  • Once we set the initial bet and press Deal, the program gives us two cards. Also two cards (face down) the dealer deals himself.
  • Afterwards, we need to decide whether we will continue the game or fold. If we fold by pressing Fold, then we lose only the initial bet. If we decide to play, then press the button and call the dealer lays out the "flop" (the first three community cards).
  • After that, we again have to decide - if we make an additional bet of the ante or open the next card for free. After the opening of the fourth community card, we again respond to the same question. After the opening of our fifth card combinations are compared and, in the case of our victory, our bet (ante and the additional response bet) paid 1 to 1, regardless of our combination.
  • In a situation of "no game" dealer pays us 1 to 1 all of our bets.
  • We may make additional bets during the opening of the fourth and fifth cards. These rates will be paid 1 to 1 in the case of our victory.

Where to play?

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